Journal Entry 251 -Weekly Update

Weekly Update

A big snow storm last weekend canceled my trip to Chicago. We tried to rebook the flights 4 times, but all of them were canceled. I watched the airport website periodically through the day to see what time the flights started to take off and it wasn’t til about 7:30 PM before the first flight left from Richmond. Although, even if the flights didn’t get canceled, I still wouldn’t have been able to get to the airport. The Giants ended up getting destroyed by the Packers so I really didn’t miss much. I also didn’t have to freeze to death in Wisconsin as I watched my favorite team’s season came to abrupt end. So there was some positive to the whole situation.

I ended up spending the weekend with Sarah snowed in. We didn’t go anywhere all weekend, except the gym, which we can walk to her from her apartment. I just ended up doing some cardio. Considering we couldn’t really go get food, we basically cooked all of our meals. I think it’s the most cooking we have done in a long time. I didn’t mind at all being snowed in. It was relaxing to just to stay in and not go anywhere. Especially with my favorite person ;).


I did a leg workout for the first time in a long last week. My legs hurt so bad I could barely walk down the steps. Going on a decline hurt worse than going on an incline. I also had a hardtime even standing up from the couch. I was somehow able to do cardio pretty easily though and the cardio actually helped to recover my legs quicker than complete rest.

This week my setup was the same as the previous 3 weeks, but I missed my leg day on Wednesday this week. Sarah and I had to go sign an application for a new apartment, which we will be moving into in a couple of weeks. Really can’t wait for that. I decided to skip leg day though after that brutal aftermath of my last one.

My setup this week was:

  • Monday – Chest / Tris
  • Tuesday – Back / Bis
  • Wednesday – Cardio (Morning)
  • Thursday – Push (Shoulder focus)
  • Friday – Pull
  • Saturday – Cardio / Abs
  • Sunday – Cardio

Strength was good most days, although a couple of workouts I felt gassed out very quick. I have only done cardio 3 days a week too.

Next week I plan on doing 2-3 miles cardio every morning (30 minutes max) and then lifting at lunch. I want to work on increasing my speed (MPH) when running, so I think I’m going to cap it to a 2 mile run and just slowly increase speed each day.


Still been taking the moderation approach. Calories still in the 2000-2500 calorie range. Protein has been lower recently at around 120-140grams. I used to average in the 180-200gram range. Carbs have been in the moderate range of 150-250grams. Fat is usually around 50-70 grams, but usually in the mid 60’s. Nothing has really been off limits. Panda Express and Chipotle are probably my two new favorite places to eat.

Journal Entry 244 – Getting Organized

First week of the regular schedule. The first two days I went to the gym after work and hit the gym around 6:15. Monday wasn’t bad at all and I was shocked. Then I realized it was Halloween and lot of people were with their kids. Tuesday night came and it was PACKED. My workout was still good though because all I did was cardio that day anyway. On Wednesday, I had dinner plans at 730 PM so the gym wasn’t really an option because I had to shower after and I wouldn’t have time. So I got up at 645 AM and there was like 10 people in the entire gym. So I think I found the time I plan on going. My strength was fine early in the morning, but I did do some cardio to heat up my body temperature and loosen up the joints.

I plan the schedule to look like this:

  • Monday – Cardio
  • Tuesday –  Push
  • Wednesday – Pull
  • Thursday – Cardio
  • Friday – Cardio
  • Saturday – Push
  • Sunday – Pull

As for my lifts, Barbell Bench is up to 195lbs already from 185lbs. I’m touching the bar all the way to my chest for better form and range of motion. I got 5, 5, 4, 4 reps with 195lbs last Push workout. Pull workout I got the 115lb Db’s for 5, 5, 4, 3. I dont remember ever breaking the 115lbs with this exercise so looking forward to the 120s.

Cardio is a steady state jog for 40-50 minutes. On days I know I’m going to eat a ton and those days happen to fall on non-lifting days, I will also throw in some high rep (20 reps) depletion work on the machines. I also do 10-15 minutes of running before each lifting day.

Diet is as follows:

  • Supplements before work with a can of spinach
  • Meal 1 – Coffee > Protein Pudding/ Berries >Lenny and Larry Cookie (small size)
    • (400 cals – 30 grams of protein)
  • Meal 2 – Bag of Rice Cakes or Pop Chips (usually change the flavors up)> Protein Bar
    • (550 calories and – 25 grams of protein)
  • Totals around 1000 calories and 55 grams of protein at this point
  • Meal 3 – Lifting Days
    • Pretty much anything I want for around 1000-1300 calories
      • Chipotle helps a lot with this. So much customization options to hit the amount you want. It also tastes phenomenal and it really affordable for the food you get.
  • Meal 3 – Cardio Day
    • Pretty much anything for around 800-1000 calories
  • Meal 4 – Usually protein pudding, cottage cheese or ice cream
    • 100-200 calories
  • Totals – Lifting Days – 2500+ calories / Cardio Days – 2000 calories

So my diet is structured during the day because I find it keeps my hunger at bay nicely. Then very flexible at night, because I can pretty much eat anything I want. I usually go to Chipotle, but I may start throwing in small pizzas and subs as well. These tend to be loaded with protein, carbs and fat, which is what I want at that point. Macros are very balanced at the moment. Protein is around 120-140 grams, carbs is close to double that and fat is around 60-70 grams most days.

Journal Entry 243 -Push/Pull

So this was the first week, I finally got back to a normal routine. I’m doing a 4 day Push / Pull split with two heavy benching sessions each day. DB rows are my heavy move for Pull. Here is the routine:

  • Day 1 – Push
    • BB bench 4x 4-6 reps
    • Inc DB Bench 45 degrees 4x 6-8 reps
    • DB Shoulder Press 3×8-10 reps
    • Ez Skull Crushers 3×8-12
  • Day 2 – Pull
    • DB Rows 4×4-6 reps
    • Chinups 4xMAX (with bodyweight)
    • Cable Rows 3×8-10 reps
    • Db Curl 3×10 reps
  • Day 3 – Push
    • BB bench 4x 4-6 reps
    • Inc DB Bench 30 degrees 4x 6-8 reps
    • Dips 3×8-10 reps
    • Ez Skull Crushers 3×8-12
  • Day 4 – Pull
    • Db Rows 4×4-6 reps
    • Netural grip chinups 4xMax with bodyweight
    • Smith Machine Shrugs 3×10
    • EZ curls 3×10

That is it. Very simple on paper, but very demanding in the gym. I also allow myself one move at the end of the workout to do whatever I want. This is usually abs, lateral raises, rear delt raises or flys. It just kind of depends on what I’m feeling. I already got my bench up to 190lbs after stagnating on 185lbs. I really want to increase this a lot over the coming months. I also really enjoy heavy benching twice a week. Once just isn’t enough and more than two is overkill. Its time I moved back into what has been shown to work for gains in strength in size for intermediate lifters like myself. I was also very sore after every one of these workouts. I also do cardio on the other days, which is usually just an easy jog on the treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour. I also run 1-2 miles before each lifting day to fire me up.

I’m moving back to a 9-6 shift Monday through Friday. I’m not sure of the exact days I will do this routine, but it will be done at some point during the week. Either way I will go to the gym everyday. I will more than likely go after work though and battle the crowds. This way I can feast at night and take advantage of nutrient partitioning. I will probably lift 3-4 days during the week and maybe once on the weekend. I actually like running on the weekends, because I can just sit there and watch football while I’m doing it. Makes time go by a lot faster.

Been taking my creatine and I already notice a very positive difference. Food is (and will be) structured during the week with the post I wrote about last week. Dinner will be a very large meal that I will probably buy out. Chipotle will be a main stay and I will probably just buy less groceries to counteract the cost, which is very fairly priced based on the food you get. I will also probably get some steak and cheese subs, which have about 1000 calories and good balanced between carbs, fats and protein. I’ve been eating a lot of Halo Top, which tastes amazing, but its also pretty expensive, so I will probably switch to more normal ice cream.


Journal Entry 242 – New Shift

Starting on the 31st of this month, I have been told my hours are going back to 9-6 Monday – Friday. This has several advantages from a lifestyle standpoint with my girlfriend, because I will get to see her every night. It does prevent an interesting challenge for the gym though. I wrote last weeks post undecided on what I was going to do and I can honestly still tell you I don’t know haha. I will either have to go early in the morning waking up about 7 or after I get off work at 6 PM. I prefer the night approach as of right now because after making a list of pros and cons, the night shift has more positives. The only huge negative of the night shift is the amount of people that will be in the gym at that time. This makes certain exercises very hard to do. The main problem with the morning shift though is I hate the feeling of being rushed in the gym and the only way to avoid this is to wake up really early. Then I feel like I’m forcing myself to get up, when I don’t want to. I also feel the night before I have to go to bed super early, so that I don’t wake up extremely tired. With the night shift I can avoid this by simply getting up at 8 AM or so and just go to bed by 12 AM. This still gives 8 hours of sleep and I can just hit the gym later in the day when I’m more awake. I can also schedule my dinner to be the postworkout period, which I plan on having a huge feast at this time.

Since I will be doing this schedule 5 times a week, I actually have figured out an eating plan that I plan to do with this setup. Basically a modified intermittent fasting plan, that I think will work very well. It’s also very simple:

  • Wake up – 8AM – Coffee
  • Meal 1 –  10 AM – Protein Pudding with berries – 200 calories
  • Meal 2 – 12 AM – Coffee and Quest Bar – 200 calories
  • Meal 3 – 2 PM – 1 bag of Popchips Ridges and Diet Coke – 350 calories
  • Totals 750 calories
  • Workout 6:20 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Meal 4 – 8 PM – 12 AM – Dinner / Postworkout Feast (Mixed Carbs, Fats and Protein) 1000-2000 calories

So no matter what I’m doing in the gym (workout wise) this will likely be the way I eat during the day. As for the feast at night, it will vary probably every day. This is what I call having structure, but also a lot of flexibility. I tend to snack during the day, so that bag of Popchips can last me awhile and kind of fuels me while I work. I also really like having something salty around lunch and I’m trying to avoid meal prep and preparing food during the day, so this is a really good alternative. Also I’m getting about 50 grams of protein during the day, so if there is any advantage of “stoking protein synthesis” then it will be taken care of. The only days this layout wont be in place is on Saturday and Sunday, but that calories will be similar.

As for workout, I have some ideas running through my head, but I don’t want to update the blog until I know for sure that’s what I’m doing. It will include a lot of barbell benching though ;).

Also I want to do a supplement update that I haven’t done in awhile:

  • 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate
  • 5000 IU of Vitamin D
  • 1 Digestive Enzyme
  • Food Staples daily:
    • 1 can of leaf spinach (for magnesium and many other micros)
    • 3 eggs a day (eaten at anytime during day – for micros)
    • 1 bag of broccoli (micros)


Journal Entry 241 – Reevaluating

This week as pretty mediocre in terms of lifting and I actually realized why my strength has been somewhat stagnant here recently. One huge reason is a lack of creatine. I stopped taking it and I realized it was negatively impacting my lifts and volume. I noticed the biggest effect on the bench press. I also have been kind of slacking on cardio and trying to lift too often. In addition to my bro split setup, I have been going in to doing a lot of pump work and bodyweight work in addition to light running. I think this fluff is just extra noise that I really don’t need to be doing. It seems to be taking away from what really matters. Days of cardio only I feel are actually really effective to keep in for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they help shuttle recovery, prevent CNS burnout from lifting too often and also keep motivation high. Lifting everyday sounds good, but after awhile you start to extremely bored of the same repetitive workouts over and over. I plan on keeping the same split I have been doing for almost a month now and just do cardio only on my off days. I was also considering doing a split where I hit the same muscles every 4th day. For example, Workout A / Cardio / Workout B / Cardio/ Workout A. This would allow me to hit chest far more frequently which is ideal and also keep it somewhat minimalist in terms of exercises so I can really see what is affecting my strength and size progression.

Another interesting point I noticed is that by trying to lift everyday, I can seem to sleep for days. I force myself to get up at 9am after going to be around 12-1am, but if I allowed myself to just sleep, I would probably sleep another 2-3 hours easy. During the work week this really isn’t an option. On the other hand when I just keep it to straight cardio and stay the hell out of the gym in terms of weights on “off” days, I sleep well and then wake up rather spryly.

Diet has been around 2400 calories this week. I was hoping since I was eating more that I could get away with some of this extra “workout volume”, but I guess not. Also my gym is starting to get insanely packed. No matter what time of the day it just feels overcrowded. This really bums me out to be honest. Working out for me is a solo activity where I zone out and get into my “zone.” I can’t do this at all inside of a crowded gym. It really bugs me and if I start back on 9-6 soon then it may only get worse. Unless I workout earlier in the day. This is one reason I really look forward to cardio days though. When I do cardio I can be by myself and just zone out for a good 30 minute to an hour, feel awesome afterward and move on with my day. Sometimes the crowded gym prevents me from getting done what I want to get done in terms of workout and can actually really affect my mood. This makes me think a 3 day split may be better for me now, so I don’t have to deal with it as often. Still playing around with it. 😉

My diet is still far from structured and I did lower my protein this week by a decent margin. I ran 5 miles and accumulated 8 total miles yesterday and noticed my craving for dietary fat increased dramatically. I also sweat like crazy and showered after my workout and the next time I ate something it tasted extremely good. Another benefit of running for long miles. 🙂 My mom actually brought me some cookies from some place she went to for work and I actually had like 7 of them. They were on the smaller side, but I honestly didn’t care. I also woke up this morning with a ravenous appetite and I estimated taking in around 3000 calories yesterday. I think my metabolism may be speeding up a bit. I will say to before I forget that running does have some very distinct benefits over lifting (for me anyway). If you ever felt like you had way too much food just sitting in your stomach, then running is the solution. It literally clears you out and also allows you to pack in much more dirty food then lifting does. I also realized it kind of helps clear your sinuses as well. Although I think running only has benefits if you are eating enough. I think its beyond miserable when calories are too low, but then again so is just about everything else in life.




Journal Entry 240 – Low Protein Challenge

I have been playing around with my diet this week in that I have been purposely eating more carbs and fat and way less protein. I’m trying to keep protein between 110 grams and 140 grams on the high end. I have honestly been shooting for the low end by literally just not eating lean meat. This is very difficult for me due to the way I’m wired, but somewhat fun nevertheless. Carbs have been much higher and I’m trying to keep fat at about 50% of protein intake. So between 60-70 grams. Carbs make up the rest of my diet after protein and fat has been met. Calories have been around 2500 calories this week. Still weighing in around the 170-174lbs.

I noticed that I have been suffering from “protein guilt” a lot of the time. Which simply means that if I don’t eat a high protein meal or a meal with out SOME protein in it, then I have guilt about the meal. This week has been somewhat different and I noticed without even worrying about eating enough protein, I usually get enough in. Basically trying to sub out chicken for fattier chicken or egg whites for whole eggs. Using more starches and cheese to make hitting this easier. I’m not going to lie I haven’t really noticed a lot of benefit from doing so as of yet. It definitely puts more food back on the menu though, which is nice. A lot of the bloating issues I used to get from too many carbs and calories are starting to go away though. Especially from cheat days. It used to take me 2-3 days to clear  that bloat at least. Now I can wake up the next day and look fine. My volume in the gym is pretty high though. I have been adding in A LOT of pullups and pushups everyday. Also I should mention that usually when I go to be with 200+ grams of protein I have a bloated stomach. Lowering it down to this level I have noticed this has gone away.

I hit my chest day on Tuesday and it was horrible. I felt extremely weak in the gym, even with ample amounts of protein. This is why I decided to start this experiment. Fat tends to get too low in my diet and I feel like I was just way to unbalanced with the excessive amount of protein. It didn’t seem to helping too much either. So I wanted to bump up the fat and lower the protein. Obviously need to keep carbs and sodium high though for gym performance. The rest of my week has been really good though in terms of strength in the gym.

So a few simple changes I have made is to replace one of my protein bars (which are expensive anyway) with a Poptart. Poptart is mainly carbs and a little fat. Another change is instead of jerky at lunch, I take a bag of rice cakes or popchips for about 400 calories. This is mainly carbs and a little fat. Dinner is highly variable, but is almost always my biggest meal of the day with a lot of carbs, fats and protein. A lot of my daily protein comes from this meal. Because I’m not trying to go low protein, just cut it down to where it needs to be. Although eating this amount to me feels like super low protein. 😉

Downed about 3000 calories yesterday due to a trip to Mellow Mushroom. Protein actually got high up to 180 grams which is the highest its been since I started the challenge. Not too worried about it though. Mellow Mushroom is hands down my favorite restaurant at the moment. Carbs were around 280grams and fat got up 100grams.

Going to try and keeping working some “funner” foods into my diet for the following week. Only requirement to keep eating this much is to just to exercise for an hour a day. As long as I do that, weight gain doesnt seem to be an issue. 🙂

Journal Entry 239 – Bro Split – Calorie Bump

Pretty good week in terms of lifting. Didn’t have any trips this week so it was a rather normal week in terms of eating and lifting. I have been enjoying my bro split a lot in terms of feeling like I have organization and progressive overload back into my routine. I have also been really sore this week all over my muscles. It doesn’t mean everything but it definitely feels good. I do miss the huge pump I would get all over my body with lifting everyday, but doing pushups and pullups in between sets can help remedy this on a bro split. I notice though that even with bro splits, there is a lot of carry over to other muscles so the frequency is much higher than people think. So yes you hit a muscle directly once a week, but there are a lot of carryover to other days that must people don’t realize. Also its a very nice feeling very fresh when its time to lift. With lifting everyday this feeling kind of goes away.

Current Routine:

  • Sunday – OFF or Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Monday – OFF or Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Tuesday – Chest and light Triceps
    • BB Bench 3 sets of 6-8 reps
    • INC 30 deg bench 3 sets of 6-8 reps
    • Dips bodyweight 3 x max reps
    • Flys 3 x 8-10 reps
    • Skullcrushers 3×8-10 reps
    • Cable Crunch – 3 x 8-10 reps
  • Wednesday – OFF or Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Thursday – Back and light biceps
    • DB Row 3 x 6-8 reps
    • Close-grip pulldowns 3×6-8 reps
    • Chinups bodyweight 3xmax reps
    • Hip Extensions (lower back) 3x 10-15 reps
    • Seated Incline Curls 3 x 8-10 reps
    • Cable Crunch 3 x 8 -10 reps
  • Friday – Shoulders and Traps
    • BB Press 3×6-8 reps
    • DB shoulder press 3×8-10 reps
    • Upright Row 3×8-10
    • DB Laterals 3×8-10
    • DB Rear Laterals 3×8-10 reps
    • Weighted Ab Machine 3 x8-10 reps
  • Saturday – Arms (For some reason this is one of harder more sweat inducing workouts)
    • DB Close-Grip Bench Press 3×6-8
    • Alternating DB Curl 3×6-8 reps
    • EZ Skullcrushers 3×8-10 reps
    • EZ Curls 3×8-10 reps
    • Rope Pushdowns 3×12-15 reps
    • Cable Curls 3×12-15 reps
    • Cable Crunch 3×12-15 reps

Very fun routine. No legs at the moment, but trying to divert most of my muscle growth toward the upper body. Also still doing a decent amount of running mainly as a recovery tool and sore a** legs don’t help with this process. Also to be honest, I never thought overly developed legs looked good at all.

Diet is still very unorganized. It contains way more carbs and fats then I have eaten in the past however. Also still backloading most of my calories. Consuming on average over the week 2300 calories 250g carbs / 60-70g fat / 120-180g protein. After reading some more blogs on optimizing testosterone for muscle growth, I may start consuming protein toward the lower range and eat more carbs and fat. I may also replace Quest bars with a Lenny and Larry’s Cookie (taste amazing by the way) to lower protein a bit. I also really like the Combat bars a lot. I have been eating a lot less vegetables here recently and noticed my stomach has been super flat almost all the time. I used to get some pretty bad bloat from veggies. I very rarely get bloated now unless I eat a huge meal and I attribute this to a faster metabolic rate. I must say it is very nice feeling like your body is just using everything you eat for energy. Scale weight is roughly 172-173lbs almost everyday. Occasionally going down to 169lbs and up to 175lbs, but rarely outside of these marks.


Journal Entry 206 – San Diego, Low Calorie Days and Eating More on Rest Days

Under Armor - Getting cold in Virginia
Under Armor – Getting cold in Virginia

I’m heading to San Diego later this week and two things are for certain. One nutrition is going to be pretty bad. Two I’m not going to be able to train. Not a big deal and I’m really looking forward to the trip, but I had to improvise a little this week in preparation for it.

I moved my normal Friday workout to Saturday this week. That way I can hit the weights Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I leave on Thursday, so it’ll be four days in a row with no weights. I’ll try to hit some pushups or something, but that is going to be it for resistance training. Walking should be no issue and our house is on the beach, so that should be the best way to go for exercise.

Workouts have been good and consistent. I plan to implement either 1-2 low calorie days a week though most likely on a workout day. Some days my definition is lacking and I know if I continue to push the calories for weeks at a time then I’m not going to look the way I want to look. However, staying on low calories all the time to keep the definition is a good way to make zero gains at all and you have to constantly monitor calories and only really enjoy yourself a couple days a week. Not a good long term plan. It also lowers your metabolic rate leading to plateaus. The solution to making gains and keeping definition is to have 1-2 days out of the week that your eat at most half of your maintenance level. So if I burn 2700 calories a day, then I will eat a max of about 1350 calories. The beauty behind this is that your eating your maintenance or slightly above 5 days out of the week and burning the majority of your fat 1-2 days of the week. This way you make gains in the gym and maintain your metabolic rate, while experiencing very little plateaus. You’ll also lose bodyfat if you do it twice a week. You’ll likely just maintain (which is fine) by doing it once a week. My recommendation on these days is to do it sometime between Monday – Thursday. I like Monday and Wednesday. The rationale is most people are very busy during the week and cutting calories is much easier. Also not much socially happens on Monday and Wednesday. I even remember in college, those were basically the only two nights that no one went out drinking.

If you can I also recommend doing a low calorie day on a weight training day. The reasoning behind this is because of hormonal interactions. Weight training and cardio (AKA exercise) is similar to fasting in many ways. It burns fat, uses your body’s own resources, heightens insulin sensitivity, blunts appetite, increases adrenaline, increases euphoria, reduces stress and anxiety (this is a short term effect if done correctly), increases growth hormone and many other positive interactions. So by combining the effects of a low calorie day and the effects of exercise, you create this massively beneficial state, where when you eat the next day, your muscles soaks up food like a sponge. You also burn more energy on workout days, which again is beneficial from a fat loss perspective. Quick note however – Staying in a state of deprivation leads no where. Notice these days are done a max of two times a week.

My next point is why it’s better to eat more on your rest day. Rest day means recovery day. If you ate a bunch of food on your workout day, when you should of been burning fat, then whats the point of the rest day? Recovery days are meant to reload and rebuild the muscles that were depleted the previous day. Relaxing, eating and not working out leads to bigger muscles. You tend to burn less energy on rest days and if its a true rest day, then you dont workout. The body is primed to absorb food and is in the parasympathetic state. By eating on the rest day your also well stocked for the next workout.

Conventional wisdom says, Load up on Monday after your weight training workout, then eat a massive deficit the next day on your rest day to burn fat. From a common sense standpoint, does that make any sense? By the time Wednesday rolls around, since you didn’t eat enough on your recovery day, you will likely feel flat and have low muscle glycogen. Contrast this to going low on Monday, then loading up on Tuesday (just your normal maintenance or slight surplus diet), then by Wednesday your ready to go from loading up the previous day and not two days ago. I greatly prefer this way and my workouts have been much better by eating on rest days vs workout days.

So basically my plan is 3 full body workouts a week. Two of those are low calorie days and the other 5 days are normal. Monday and Wednesday are currently my low days. Although last week I only did one low day. I also use the low days to create a deficit for the weekend, which is always higher in calories. (especially this coming weekend ;)) The low calorie days are basically protein pudding, vegetables and lean protein only.  Very filling foods that make it easy to stay satisfied. The carbs come in high amounts on the other 5 days. My normal days have been around 2600. If I eat like this every day, I notice I smooth out, but after implementing these low calorie days it has dramatically increased the amount of calories I can eat on normal eating days. I usually don’t get hungry on the low days either and still eat a lot of food, however the food I eat is very low in calories. I try to hit at least 90-100 grams of protein on this day and then a little carbs and fat from incidentals. Again I don’t tend to worry too much since these low days are wedged between normal days of eating with plenty of nutrition and calories. If these low days were done for prolonged periods like most diets, then kiss your muscles and sanity goodbye. The high days tend to be different every day, but I do make sure to bump up the carbs big time. Fats also get a boost. Big stirfys with tons of rice, veggies and protein is always one of my favorite meals. I also really like pasta with chicken and broccoli mixed in.

There are two excellent articles on Tnation talking about using this concept. In my opinion, its very effective for the average recreational exerciser. Brad Pilon also has a similar system except he fasts twice a week. I still eat, its just not very many calories. Similar principals and most likely similar results.

Pics from the week:

Pasta with low calorie cheddar soup, meat and veggies
Pasta with low calorie cheddar soup, meat and veggies
Homemade BBQ chicken Special K Chips Whole Egg Imitation Crab Meat Veggies Butter Bread
Homemade BBQ chicken
Special K Chips
Whole Egg
Imitation Crab Meat
Butter Bread
Eggs and Veggies (Low cal day)
Eggs and Veggies (Low cal day)
I think Bandit likes have me around
I think Bandit likes have me around
Papa Murphys Pizza - Meat Lovers
Papa Murphy’s Pizza – Meat Lovers
Papa Murphy's BBQ Chicken - best flavor This place is amazing
Papa Murphy’s BBQ Chicken – best flavor
This pizza is amazing
Protein Pudding and Pumpkin Quest bar
Protein Pudding and Pumpkin Quest bar
Carabba's Chicken Parmesan with a side of pasta and side salad
Carabba’s Chicken Parmesan with a side of pasta and side salad
Meat, slice of pizza, veggies and auntie annes pretzel bites. Strange meal but good
Meat, slice of pizza, veggies and auntie annes pretzel bites. Strange meal but good
Shrimp, veggies and sweet potato skin
Shrimp, veggies and sweet potato skin


Steady strength gains. Didn’t go up in everything this week, but everything was either the same or slightly better.

Workout B
Workout B
Workout A
Workout A
Workout B
Workout B

The Massive Benefits of Daily Cardio

The Massive Benefits of Daily Cardio

Doing cardio 4-7 times a week for at least 30 minutes can have the following benefits. It is recommended to get the heart rate up to 60-85% of your maximum heart rate (ideally 70-85% when you’re in good shape). Your max heart rate is 220 – your age. You then count your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to find how many times your heart is beating per minute. If you heart rate is too low you mass miss out on some of the benefits.

An easy way to tell is after 10-15 minutes of so, your breathing should be greatly accelerated and you should be sweating as this is the body’s way of cooling you down due to an increased heart rate.

Cardio can be overdone as well, but anything under an a hour a day has been shown to be positive, where going over an hour a day may not be so wise and can lead to decreased well-being.

  • Cardio Benefits
    • Less stress and anxiety. Cardio acts as an outlet for excess stress in the body. Without the cardio stress can become too internalized and lead to nasty consequences.
    • Deeper more restful sleep due to activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Greater endurance during exercise
    • Improved recovery from exercise
    • Heart efficiency (120-150bpm)
      • Allow max blood flow through left ventricle of heart
    • Extends life span
    • Cardio increase core body temperature and accelerates your metabolism for hours after you do it.
    • Cardio increases insulin sensitivity. One session of 25-60 minutes at (60-95% of VO2 max) has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity for 3-5 days after.
    • Cardio increases digestion and reduces bloating
    • Cardio can prevent some of the side effects of overeating
    • Cardio helps control blood sugar and appetite
    • Reduces mental tension
    • Increases happiness by releasing endorphins and creating euphoria (no drugs necessary ;))
    • Increased sex drive due to better overall blood flow through the body. Testosterone was also shown to be 25% higher compared to people that were sedentary.
    • Increased nutrient absorption to muscles and organs
    • Decreased diseases risk. (Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol)
    • Decreased Inflammation. Reduces free radical damage, increases blood flow and nutrients to skin, increases collagen production which decreases wrinkles.
    • Increased self confidence
    • Can increase Vitamin D levels if done outside, which has been shown to have a plethora of benefits
    • Increase brain capacity and function and prevent Alzheimer’s. It does this by increasing blood flow and neurogenesis (new brain cells) and brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF)
    • Helps control addiction by stimulating dopamine and distracting drug users from their cravings
    • Exercise increases productivity
    • Increases creativity
    • Increased immunity and detox. It does this by creating more white blood cells, which decreases bacteria and viruses. Also helps fuel the lymph systems which decreases metabolic waste products. (you look less puffy and bloated)
    • Increased circulation, which can increase 4-5 times the amount of restful conditions. This again increases lymph drainage and decreases puffiness. The key here is to breathe hard.
    • Less visceral and subcutaneous body fat. Cardio allows you to eat more while losing fat.
    • Cardio increases the metabolism, when losing fat and can help establish a new body weight set point. As long as you don’t cut calories too hard while exercising. (Going below your BMR is too low)
    • Increased lung capacity
    • Increased fat metabolism
    • Increases total number of red blood cells
    • Decreases death rate by 25-33% compared to non exercises
    • Less chronic muscle pain, less stiffness and greater mobility and agility
  • Cardio Increases Looks
    • Cardio can lean out the face. After 15 minutes of an increased heart rate, muscles start to require more oxygen, so blood and oxygen is diverted away from your face and fat starts to burn off. It also reduces excess water weight.
    • Improves skin. Sweating helps pores dilated and release dirt and oil as long as you wash off after doing it.
  • Fasted Cardio
    • Fasted cardio promotes autophagy. Autophagy is a process of cellular cleansing that the body undergoes during fasting. Instead of fasting for long periods, doing a 30-45 minute cardio session in the morning with no food, is just as effective and can greatly increase insulin sensitivity when you do eat.
    • Fasted morning cardio was the only way to prevent the cancerous effects of a hyper caloric high fat diet. (AMPK regulated this)
    • Fasted cardio does not result in more fat burned vs fed cardio to any significant degree

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