Journal Entry 328 – 2018 Recap

This was by far the busiest year of my life. Let me try to make this in a list format in chronological order:

  • Shifted departments at work.
  • Traveled to Greensboro for an epic Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding.
  • Marriage!
  • Honeymoon to St. Lucia.
  • Moved out of the apartment of 1.5 years.
  • Bought a house!
  • Moved into that house. (A lot of work)
  • Bought a Shicon (Shih-tzu and Bichon) and named him Luke! (After Luke Skywalker)
  • Became a Wine Club members at Cooper’s Hawk. (Free bottle of wine each month.)
  • Benched 225lbs for the first time in years.
  • My niece Abby was born!
  • Bought a PS4. My first game system in 5 years.
  • Bachelor Party for my friend David.
  • David gets married in October.
  • Washington DC trip.
  • Coming soon this year:
  • Bachelor Party for a good friend of mine.
  • Another very good friend of mine will be married at years end.

This is a long list. I’m really hoping this year is much more laid back. Now that we are in the house and settled, I think it will be a much less chaotic year. I do have a few personal goals I would like to achieve this year. Again not in any particular order:

  • Learn to play the guitar. Aiming for 30 minutes a day.
  • Bench 250lbs by years end and get 225lbs for 3 sets of 8 reps easily.
  • Drop down to 175lbs again.
  • Stress less and relax more. Should be easier this year.
  • Listen to music more often.
  • Read more books. I like books where I feel like I’m learning something.

There is probably more than I am thinking of here, but this is all that is coming to mind. I have always wanted to know how to play the guitar, especially the electric guitar. It is not an easy instrument to learn, but if I do it every day for 30 minutes to maybe an hour I think I’ll make good progress. Sarah has a list of goals as well. She definitely wants to start eating better more consistently, so that is another goal for 2019.

Journal Entry 201 – More Random Thoughts

Weighing in at roughly 170lbs for the week. My legs and hip flexor have felt almost completely healed, so I decided to add in some some squats this week. Cardio also feels much better and I have no pain at all. I implemented some front squats and abs into my full body routine and it took a little longer than I wanted and planned for. I may have to split it up again soon just to save time, so I dont run over on my lunch break. Not sure how I plan to break it up, but I’m thinking push, pull, legs and shoulders may be in the cards again.

I’ve also been doing higher reps this week and really enjoying it. Doing an exercise for 3 sets of 12 reps with PERFECT FORM is entirely different than doing 4 sets of 6 reps with sloppy form. I’ve been guilty of lifting with my ego instead of my actual muscles here recently and I plan to change that in the coming weeks. I plan to stick to 3 sets of 8-12 reps for everything and aim towards the higher end of the range. It’s kind of hard mentally to drop the amount of weight your doing for the sake of perfect form, but I feel like its very important in order to feel the muscle.

Nutrition wise been sticking to the same ole diet for the most part. The only exception is one day a week I go to town on food. I usually wait for this day to find me, but I think its a very important thing to do when keeping calories reduced most days. There is usually one day during the week (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) when my appetite it absolutely ravenous haha. My body is telling me something on these days, so I usually eat surplus on these days. What’s funny is after this day I actually lost 2lbs down to 168lbs. The whoosh effect at its finest. Do that everyday and it leads to fat gain, but do it once a week on a healthy eating plan and the body responds favorably. Cortisol drops dramatically and leptin goes up. These both help to burn fat quicker.

The reason is hormonal, but overfeeding has a lot of benefits that low calories shut down. I’ve been sticking to 2000 calories most days of the week and 1-2 high calorie days. But again I let these days find me, I dont plan them. Because sometimes when I’m not hungry on Tuesday I dont do an overfeed, because I dont feel like I need one. But lets say Wednesday comes and I’m ravenous I know its time to eat more. ¬†Here recently I’ve been listening to my body more. I’ve been more liberal with my eating plan and it seems to be working very well.

Also I was having a conversation with a resident and they asked me what my favorite foods are. My top 5 chicken, broccoli, protein bars, protein powder and low calorie ranch (Bolthouse). (Weird I know) I must be the only person on the planet, to have protein bars and powder on the list, but I absolutely love them. I tried Muscle Pharm’s Birthday Cake protein bar this week and I would say hands down one of the best bars I ever had. It tastes exactly how it sounds. Quest bars are still the best, but these bars deserve some respect.

On an unrelated¬†note, I highly recommend listening to The Weeknd if your into music. I think he could be the next Michael Jackson in terms of talent. He’s a little older than me at 25 years old, but he’s got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. I think Justin Beiber is due for a good comeback as well. I see some Justin Timberlake potential in him and I think he has a very good voice, especially recently. His early stuff not so much, but his last album was very good. Also for workout music, you can’t go wrong with Eminem while lifting. Cardio I like motivational soundtracks and faster paced music like EDM or Techno and I feel like it enhances my workout.

Some meals from the week:

Outback 6oz sirloin with Fries
Outback 6oz sirloin with Fries
Coffee shake
Coffee shake
Chicken, veggies, whole egg, crab rangoon
Chicken, veggies, whole egg, crab rangoon
BBQ chicken, pasta sauce with veggies and broccoli
BBQ chicken, pasta sauce with veggies and broccoli
Meat and Veggies
Meat and Veggies
Chipotle - Chicken, Pinto and Black beans, double onions and peppers, salsa and lettuce
Chipotle – Chicken, Pinto and Black beans, double onions and peppers, salsa and lettuce
Trader Joes Gnocchi with added chicken and broccoli
Trader Joes Gnocchi with added chicken and broccoli
Chicken and veggies
Chicken and veggies