Journal Entry 310 – Grinding

Another week in the books. Last week flew by and I continue to still be very busy at work, which makes the days pass very quickly. Sarah and I have also been very busy with the mortgage/house process.

The early part of the week I hit my 3 workouts fullbody style as outlined in last weeks posts. Not going to lie, was not feeling it. My workouts have been pretty weak recently. My bench press is at best stagnant, but I almost feel like I’m getting weaker and I think benching heavyish 3 times a week is not good for the long-term health of my shoulder. I think I’m going to try aĀ  4 day Push / Pull workout. My pull workouts will be light to moderate with no heavy weights. This will give my front deltoids an extra day of rest.

I have also done cardio twice this weekend and it felt very good! I haven’t done much cardio in recent weeks, but I want to add it back in. I may wake up early on Wednesday or go after work, so that I can have 3 days of cardio and 4 days of lifting.

My diet has been pretty low carb during the week. I plan to increase my carbs, especially at night. I think this will help with my workouts. I also plan to lower my fat and increase calories overall.

I tried a new protein called Syntha 6 – Birthday Cake Remix. I had very high hopes after I tried and returned Designer Grassfed Whey Vanilla Cookies and Cream. The later tasted like dirty chalk. 2 out of 10. šŸ˜¦ Syntha 6 was much better, but not great. I would go 7 out of 10. Compared to the other one though it tasted heaven sent. I would still say Elite XT is still probably my favorite even though I haven’t bought it in awhile.

Had a good weekend though. My brother was in town for a friends wedding and then Sarah and I went to a wine festival yesterday, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Journal Entry 248 – Taking a Break

Average Weight

  • 177lbs


  • Sunday – No Cardio – Full Body
  • Monday – Cardio – 5 miles
  • Tuesday – No Cardio – Full Body
  • Wednesday – Off – Nothing
  • Thursday – Cardio – 4 miles running (7 miles total through daily activity)
  • Friday – Cardio 4 miles running (7 miles total through daily activity)


  • Calories 2000 / Protein 160g / Carbs 219g – 38g Fiber / Fat 66g

I think I’m going to a week off from the heavy weights. My main focus next week will be to do cardio every day for 3-4 miles and 30-40 minutes a day. No longer than that. Cardio serves me really well in terms of lowering anxiety and increasing my mood and energy levels. I can not say the same for lifting only. It has to do with the blood flow through the body and the turnover of new cells in the brain and body, but I really want to focus on cardio right now. Cardio also works much better in terms of amount of time doing it. I can get it and out of the gym in 30-40 minutes take a shower and be ready to go. Lifting always takes way longer unless you only lift one muscle a day. But the problem with lifting is it doesn’tĀ give me nearly the mental benefits that cardio does.

Don’t get me wrong, lifting will always be part of my routine, but at the moment I am very tired of lifting weights and the whole crowded gym scene, which will unfortunately only get worse in the next couple of months. I keep trying to think of ways to make me look forwardĀ to pumping iron, but nothing seems to be working and even when I get a good looking routine down, I realize that it takes too much time to do it. This to me means I need a break. I guaranteeĀ in a week from now I will have a renewed motivation to lift again.

My plan is to do 100 pushups and 50 pullups a day everyday for the next week on top of the running. I can easily do cardio in the morning and knock out the calisthenics at night when I get home. I usually just do a little bit every 20 minutes or so until I’m done.

Although now that I think about it, since the Holiday’s are coming up an organized routine is probably not a great idea, because let’s face it, that ain’t going to happen. šŸ˜‰