Journal Entry 293 – Goals for 2018

Another busy weekend that literally flew by. I have a lot of stuff that I have been dealing with recently. Mostly due to the new year, finishing off payments, wedding stuff, travel and so on. Next week I will fly to Chicago with Sarah to see my new niece! I’m really looking forward to it. Once this trip is over though, my schedule should get a lot more relaxing.

I have been more or less still eating kind of whatever recently. I really want to get some organization back into my routine this year though. I’m strongly considering some Keto-ish type of diet to continue shredding some fat and water weight before the wedding. I want my routine to be more consistent as well and to continue making some strength gains in the gym.

Another goal I have is to max out my savings. I literally just finished off my auto payment and besides rent and insurance have zero debt. Considering rent and insurance is something you will always have, I consider that zero debt. I have maxed out my 401k this year to take advantage of the employer match and have continued funding my Roth IRA and Taxable account. The market has been amazing recently, so I already have a lot of earnings on these accounts. Even if the market was horrible though, I will still continue making savings payments. The market always fluctuates, but as long as you don’t withdraw money then you don’t lose anything.

I want to keep my grocery bill more consistent this year as well. Shopping at Aldi has already saved me a ton of money, but I would like to do even better this year.

I plan on making my diet very minimalistic. At least 5-6 days out of 7. Meat, eggs, cheese, berries, protein powder, peanut butter and alcohol will make up the vast majority of my diet. I will skip a lot of the extra carbs, snacks and fruit.

My workouts I plan on keeping pretty similar. I want to keep lifting heavy and until I find something better to change it with I want to keep it about the same. I’m still doing a Push / Pull setup 4 days a week. I also plan to do cardio at least 2-3 times a week.


210 – Back from Cruise, Refocus on Goals, Body Part Split


I plan to get more consistent with my training and diet. Through a variety of factors that have happened recently it hasn’t been as organized as I would have liked. My cruise trip was awesome though and a very fun time. Diet wasn’t terrible during the trip though. Well one day it was, but the other three were pretty good, besides some drinks I had onboard. The eating was buffet style and I had 2 boiled eggs, bacon, veggies and fruit for breakfast. We then went on to the island for the whole day, so skipped lunch. I made up for it by having a pretty huge dinner of tons of different meats, vegetables, cheese and Italian salads. As for alcohol, the first day I tried some different cocktails I had always wanted to try, but the rest of the time I stuck to wine or liquor with a low calorie mixer. I felt tremendously better without all that sugar and fat the cocktails brought. I only worked out once during the cruise and that was at the very beginning. I did get a ton of walking in though every single day. The lowest day was like 13000 steps and the highest way like 22000 steps.

I also want to refocus my training efforts and start to train more like a bodybuilder again. My plan is to do a 5 day split consisting of:

  • Chest/Tris
  • Back/Bis
  • Legs/Abs
  • Shoulders/Traps
  • Arms/Abs
  • Off
  • Off

Either this or a 4 day split without the arms day. In the gym I mainly just want to direct my focus to the individual muscle and hit everything when I’m fresh. Also I’m not really worrying about frequency because a lot of these muscles get hit indirectly twice a week anyway. Like shoulders basically get hit everyday besides leg day, arms getting hit twice and also chest and back get hit on arms day due to close grip bench and chinups.

The big movements will be done for 3 sets of 5-8 reps and the accessory will be hit for 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Probably not going much higher than 10 reps to be honest. I’m also doing this split for the sake of time. I had a good interview recently and will most likely start working again soon. I plan to do this split during my lunch break in which I will need to be done and back in an hour. I see a split like this taking about 35-45 minutes with no cardio being done. This allows me to change and get back across the street to work.

Diet wise I’m upping the protein to at least 1 gram per pound. Lowering calories to drop some fat I put on during the cruise and the couple of weeks leading up to it. Calories were mainly estimated at this time, but I noticed a decrease in leanness and that’s not the way I roll ;). Dietary fat will be around .4-.5 grams per pound and carbs I get mainly from fruits and vegetables and totals around 100-150 grams a day.

I will say after doing this split training, I have had a lot of fun in the gym. I really like doing 3 sets instead of 4-5 as well. It allows me to get more intense on each movement and include more variety. I also really like hitting everything fresh. Shoulders kind of get the shaft on a push/pull split unless you start with that movement, but then chest gets the shaft. I’d rather give it its own day.