Worst Foods

Worst Foods – I don’t like demonizing certain foods, but there are a few out there that truly are terrible and have no benefits and a lot of negatives that can really hurt people in the long run.

  1. Trans Fat – inflammation, heart disease, screws with you healthy fat balance, lowers hormones
  2. Soy – decreased testosterone, increased estrogen (more fat, less muscle), disrupts healthy thyroid output (slows down the metabolism)
  3. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils – basically the same negatives as trans fat, but people consume way too many of these thinking these oils are healthy.  Stop eating these and start eating more monounsaturated and saturated fat; these taste better and are more natural then polyunsaturated anyway.  Here are a few really good sources of information on these types of oils from 180 degree health Omega 6 Content of Common Foods and David Brown on Omega 6 Fats.

Foods that get bashed too much

  1. Sugar – this gets blamed for just about everything, but trust me people are fat for a whole lot more reasons than eating lots of sugar.  Within a balanced diet, sugar can fit it in just fine and may even have a few benefits, especially after a hard lifting workout.  Sugar can decrease stress and fill liver glycogen which helps with hormones that help you build muscle and burn fat.  Moderation is needed, but too much and too little is not good.
  2. Gluten – Unless your a celiac and eating a balanced diet, gluten is not likely to make up a large portion of your diet.  It definitely has some negatives, but gluten is getting blamed for all obesity just as sugar has in the past.  Its pretty annoying to read all of this gluten free bandwagon info, from people who have much bigger problems then too much gluten intake.
  3. Salt – almost made a whole page just for salt, but salt isn’t bad for you at all.  As a matter of fact restricting salt has many negative consequences where too much doesn’t have nearly as many problems. Aldosterone regulates salt intake in the body on a normal basis.  This means if you used to eating 1500 mg a day (not very much) the second you eat some salty food (chinese or pizza) then you’ll bloat like a whale.  (Trust me I have history of restricting just about everything and this would happen to me) On the other hand if you eat around 4500 mg a day, which is actually recommended for thyroid enhancement, then you can eat plenty of salty foods without all the bloating and water retention that comes with too low of a salt intake. This is due to aldosterone making 4500mg the normal amount.  My advice with salt is too just not worry about it. Usually most foods have some type of salt in them, so this basically naturally regulates itself.  Don’t restrict it don’t overdose on it and you have nothing to worry about.  A few quick notes about salt it usually gets blamed for high blood pressure, but recent research shows that this isn’t true. Also, if you have bouts of light headedness, dizzy spells, feel weak, or have adrenal fatigue, then you may want to grab some salt, because it will alleviate your symptoms real quick. Bottom line – eat some salt.

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