Miscellaneous – there a a few foods that don’t really fit into these categories, but since there always a part of my diet, I felt entitled to include them.

  • Sources- 
  • Alcohol (more specifically wine) I usually consume this every weekend and thanks to this article THE TRUTH ABOUT ALCOHOL FAT LOSS AND MUSCLE GROWTH, I don’t really worry about it effecting me that much
  • Splenda (Stevia also) I consume these almost every morning with coffee and to sweeten protein shakes. They really do enhance the flavor without adding a ton of extra sugar to the diet.
  • Diet Coke – I consume at least one of these every day and don’t plan on stopping now.
  • Sugar-free syrup – spread this over some berries or oatmeal and it greatly enhances flavor.
  • Coffee – usually two or three cups a day in the morning.
  • Chicken Sausage – didn’t know whether to include this in fat or protein, but its a combination of both.  These are extremely good and regularly consume these.
  • Condiments – low sugar ketchup, greek yogurt mayo, Bolthouse low fat ranch, Walden Farms.  These make foods taste a lot better.
  • A lot of these foods aren’t the healthiest, but as long as I stick to my ratio of 80% healthy foods, the other 20% processed foods don’t really bother or effect me that much.



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