These are some of my favorite interests.  I feel like these things shape who I am, so I felt it was important to include on my blog.

Sports (to play and watch)

  • New York Giants – Eli Manning is my favorite player and has won two super bowls in 9 years.  He gets way too much criticism that is undeserved.  Especially from people whose teams haven’t won a super bowl in over 20 years.
  • VT Hokies – Football is very big at Virginia Tech, but the 4 years I was there, were very disappointing.  In my opinion, we need to stop searching for the next Michael Vick (because he was one of a kind) and move on.  I think we run to much and need to pass more.  Also, I hate to say it, but 90% of the time we are very boring to watch.
  • Tennis – Rafa Nadal I respect Nadal for his intense play and his awesome talent starting at a very young age.  Nadal has a certain intensity on the court that seperates his from other tennis players.  He is also a muscular beast compared to most other tennis players.
  • Golf Phil Mickelson is my favorite golfer because of his very humble demeanor.  He is very easy to root for and and is very talented.  He also is tied for most runner ups in major tournaments in addition to a good amount of actual major wins.

Superbowl at my college apartment. The Giants won and Eli Manning got MVP.  That’s about as good as it gets.


  • Mute Math – Alternative band that has very relaxing music.  I usually listen to this to relieve stress.
  • John Mayer – Really good voice
  • Josh Groban – Sounds just as good in concert as he does on a cd.  Not many artists can say that.
  • Movie Soundtracks – Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Last Samurai and Gladiator.  Really relaxing and really good to listen to when your trying to focus in on work.
  • Underooath – Save this band for the gym, but really gets you the blood flowing.
  • Ellie Goulding – She’s unique and has some really good techno remixes.
  • Linkin Park – Listened to this band since 5th grade.  Their music never gets old.



  • The Dark Knight Saga – The most realistic superhero movies out of any I’ve seen.  Really good story and characters.
  • Braveheart– enough said.
  • Gladiator – Russel Crowe’s finest.  Still one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.
  • Cast Away – Tom Hank’s acting was so good it made you want to cry after he lost his volleyball.
  • Sideways – really good movie about wine (actually the only good movie about wine). Hilarious and Paul Giammati is awesome in it.
  • The Last Samurai – Very good storyline and action.
  • The Great Gatsby – Good cast and awesome remix of an old novel.
  • Fight Club – Brad Pitt and Ed Norton’s finest.  I’ve watched this movie 20 times and it never gets old.



  • Game of Thrones – addicting show and really like the storyline
  • Entourage – Hilarious characters, good storyline and good plot line.
  • Breaking Bad – Unique and Mr. White and Jesse form an interesting duo
  • Californication – This show was very good at times and weak at others, but Hank Moody played an awesome character.
  • Dragon Ball Z – Intense fighting and training scenes.  Honestly watching this show makes me want to go the gym and lift.
  • Boardwalk Empire – Really good plot and action.  One thing I don’t like is that they let the villians live on, while killing off the good characters.
  • Homeland – Interest plot about a POW that returns home after 8 years.
  • Band of Brothers – Based on a true story of Happy Company and their experiences through WWII.



  • Super Mario 64 – best game on Nintendo 64.  I got obsessed with this game.
  • Madden Series – Very good series that I play a lot, although recently I haven’t bought it.
  • Final Fantasy VIII – Good game, but Squall (main character) was depressed the entire game.
  • Final Fantasy XFirst Final Fantasy with talking characters and awesome graphics (at the time)
  • Final Fantasy VIIIconic game that literally saved the Final Fantasy series.  Without this game there would be no Final Fantasy.  This game also had the best characters.
  • Final Fantasy IX – Favorite game ever.  Played it through 5 times. Characters were strange, but likable and the overall game play was simple and worked really well.
  • (Even with all the new technology games, the old school Final Fantasy games can’t be beat)



  •– a gold mine for nutritional information, constant updates, transformations and have one of the fastest shipping services I have ever seen.
  • – Really good authors and free content.
  • – Lots of good information on all kinds of diets and their impacts.
  • My Personal Wine Blog– Started this ever since taking a class called Geography of Wine in my senior year at VT.  I want to keep it going though, because I actually grew a great interest for wine.  Most likely thanks to my Professor John Boyer, who is one of the funniest and attention grabbing individuals I’ve ever met.

Personal Inspirations

  • Lyle McDonald – He knows more about nutrition than most people ever will and I feel like a lot of “experts” gained a lot of their knowledge through his ideas.  He also posts a lot of free content that I really appreciate.
  • John Meadows – This is my most recent expert that I gain knowledge from.  Posts free articles and workouts and practices what he preaches.
  • Alan Aragon – Really enjoy reading his articles and has very similar views as Lyle McDonald and John Meadows.  Also makes fun of the newest dieting fad, because he’s smart enough to realize that a basic diet is all most people will ever need to get results.
  • Matt Stone – Writes a lot about raising the metabolism and how dieting ultimately makes you fatter than you were in the first place.  He also writes a lot about how some foods are incredible and others are not.  His articles are fun and is overall likable guy.
  • Eli Manning – My own personal hero for a variety of reasons.  The main reason is his personality. Eli gets slammed by so many people for so many reasons, yet he’s a two-time MVP Super Bowl champion and is just reaching the peak of his talent.  In other words, Eli doesn’t care what other people think of him and just stays true to who he is.
  • Christian Bale – My favorite actor and I also have respect for what he does with his body for certain roles.  It takes very strict dedication to do that on a consistent basis.  In the past people say I looked like Christian Bale; only problem is they were talking about the his look in The Fighter.  My goal is to look like Christian in the Dark Knight.
  • The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) – I use to make fun of The Rock when he was a wrestler back in the day.  But here recently he has come out with some really good movies and his diet/workout routine is pretty inspiring to follow.  He’s also a beast.
Pretty amazing transformation. Christian gained over 100 lbs between these two pictures in very short period of time. As you can tell most of it was lean mass. One of my favorite inspirational pictures.

Pretty amazing transformation. Christian gained over 100 lbs between these two pictures in very short period of time. As you can tell most of it was lean mass.
One of my favorite inspirational pictures.


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