Who am I?


My name is Michael Cocchiola. I started this blog when I was 23 years old after having a huge personal interest in nutrition and exercise. I write journal entry’s weekly and occasionally articles when something strikes my interest enough. My goal is not sway people from their beliefs, but to simply state what I believe to be effective and to show you some of my life through pictures, workouts and physique progress.

A little nutritional history…

I have a huge interest in health and nutrition and have done a ton of reading over the past few years on which foods are good and bad.  Through my researching on nutrition, I never seen one topic with so much contradictory information.  People even form cult like belonging to certain diets, claiming it to be the “end all be all” diet for everyone.  I’ve seen followers of low carb diets saying that its impossible to look good and be healthy on high carb diets, yet I’ve seen diets where people eat over 400 carbs a day and look like greek statues (huge muscles and low body fat).  I’ve followed a variety of different diets and have honestly done some really dumb things in the past (extreme fad or restriction diets) that I wish I could take back.  These diets worked really well for awhile and then backfired with a vengeance.  Mainly because the diets restrict something the body needs to function properly and if you go too long without it, the body literally shuts down.

After all my reading, I’ve finally figured out the only diet that works in the long term is one that is balanced.  The point is if you need all of the macronutrients on a daily basis, then why would you restrict any of them?  If you did a little research on what happens in the body after restriction of any three of the macronutrients, you would see that over time problems always arise and sometimes these problems can become very serious.  In fact, if you restrict any of the macronutrients too much, the body naturally makes what it needs from the other sources of food you eat.  For example, if you eat too much protein and not enough carbs, the extra protein gets converted to carbs through gluconeogenesis.  This process is hard on the liver and overtime, if you don’t start eating enough carbs it can lead to problems.  Excess carbs also get converted into saturated fats, if you don’t eat enough fat.  Instead of restricting these things (that your body needs), why not just eat them directly instead of forcing your body to make it from an excess of a macronutrient it doesn’t need any more of.

My Current Views

I workout for strength gains and eat a balanced diet with lower calories during the weekdays and more calories on the weekends. I eat a lot of healthy foods, but definitely some junk in moderation. Currently my interest in working out (everyday) is not as strong as it used to be with a busier work schedule. That being said I still love working out and make sure to pump iron at least 2-3 days a week.




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  2. I’m not sure what to make of “mytrendingstories.com”. I got an email from them that’s pretty much identical to the comment above. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

    Regarding your article above: “In fact, if I read a diet plan or article restricting any sort of macronutrient I usually just stop reading it immediately and move on.”

    It’s my understanding that the average US diet is far too high in carbs, especially carbs with a high glycemic index and high insulin index. Check out Jason Fung, MD. He’s ahead of the curve on the science of calorie metabolism, in my opinion. https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/


    1. Honestly, I’m not sure either. I replied to their emails, but when it came time for account information I got nothing. So it still remains to be seen.

      Yeah he looks like a ketogenic kind of guy. There is some interesting science behind it, but eventually to lose fat you need to cut calories. Two big problems with Keto: one is you become overly sensitive to carbs; two is that dietary adherence over the long term is very difficult to follow for most. Trying never eating pizza again with your family and see what I mean. Eating out also becomes a nightmare as you stress about anything with small amounts of carbs. Not a healthy way to live in my opinion. When you cut calories insulin gets reduced and this burns fat. Eat enough protein and you spare lean muscle mass. I do think cheat days are beneficial and I plan to start implementing those again. I dont think there is a lot of research behind it in textbooks, but anecdotally a lot of people tend to break homeostatsis with periodic overfeeding than they do with trying to cut all the time.

      I’ll keep you posted on My Trending Stories though haha.

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