Journal Entry 369 – Cobra Kai / Attack on Titan

Been a while since my last entry. Virginia has finally lifted its “Stay At Home” Order, but not much has really changed as a result. We are both still working remotely, restaurants are still really limited and most stores require a mask. However, Sarah and I did travel to South Carolina to head to the beach during Memorial Day weekend. Basically went from driving zero times in 2 months, to driving 6 hours one way haha. Not going to lie, it feels a little strange to drive when you have not done it in awhile. It was good to get out of the house though.

Work has kept me busy recently. That is for sure. I have not been reading much this month, since I’m a little exhausted mentally after work, but I did buy another book on Kindle. It’s called No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up to Buddhism. It’s about a neuroscientist who lost his father and became very depressed. He wanted a way to escape his negative thoughts and this prompted him to become a brain expert. However, he also took an interest in meditation and Eastern Religion/Philosophy during this time and noticed that there were several parallels between the two. Almost as if Science is catching up to what was already known from Eastern schools of thought. I have only just begun reading it, but it certainly sounded interesting to me.

I’ve also finished two more shows. Cobra Kai and Attack on Titan. Both of them immediately became integrated into my favorites. Cobra Kai is about the Karate Kid characters, but 34 years after the movies. The show focuses on Johnny Lawrence (the bad guy in the movies) and shows things from his perspective. He has fallen on hard times and decides to open a dojo named Cobra Kai to teach kids karate. His rival and the hero of the movies, Daniel LaRusso, is very successful and has a family. He becomes inspired to open his own dojo after he sees that Johnny opened one though. The two then re-open their rivalry and the kids they teach frequently get into fights. The character interactions are great and it was highly enjoyable. 9 out of 10

Attack on Titan is an anime that was very well done. Great animation, soundtrack and characters. It was a much more serious anime than most, which I like a lot. However, it was also pretty brutal as well haha. Essentially, humans are on the verge of extinction as they are being hunted by massive humanoid looking titans. Humans are forced to live behind huge walls as the outside world is too dangerous to explore. However, humans have a military unit called the Scouts, which is what the story focuses on. Scouts are incredibly good fighters and are able to fight back against titans very effectively. This show is very action-oriented and has some of the best fight scenes I have ever seen. Levi is hands-down the best character in the show. 9.5 out of 10.

In terms of working out, I do pushups one day and chin-ups the next and then repeat. I’m able to get 40 pushups / 15 chin-ups in a row without a lot of effort. Definitely seeing improvement. I also throw in some squats and stretching every day as well. Sarah and I also still try to walk with Luke at least once a day as long as the weather holds out. Weight is around 175-176 lbs, which is right where I want to be.


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