Journal Entry 241

So this week has been the most consistent in awhile in terms of hitting workouts. I got in 20-30 minutes of cardio everyday at least. I run at 6 mph so I hit one mile every 10 minutes. Sounds slow, but I get a really good sweat going and this pace feels very comfortable for me. I don’t really breath heavy anymore after I’m done with this run, but its not supposed to be overly exhausting since I still have to lift. The goal is to get the benefits of cardio, enjoy the blood flow and warm-up the body for lifting.

My workouts last week have been structured with cardio first (highly preferable to cardio after) then I lift for 30 minutes after. My split last week was Chest, Back, Biceps, Shoulders (raise) and the second day was Legs, Shoulders (press), Triceps, Abs. I alternated these days for a total of 6 lifting days with 3 for each group of muscles. Reps for the beginning of the week were at 12-15 for 4 sets, the second workout was 4 sets of 8-10 reps and the third was 4 sets of 6-8 reps. I like the heavier workouts on the weekend because I have more time since they take longer. I really liked this way of traning  though since muscles got hit so frequently. I also strongly considered doing a bro split with only one muscle group a day after cardio. My reps for this would have been 4 sets of 6 reps on the first move, 4 sets of 10 reps on the second and 4 reps of 15 on the last which would have been isolation. The main reason I didn’t do this was because 4 sets of 6 reps everyday would likely lead to burnout for me. So I only put two of those heavy days in my current split. I also like the idea of hitting muscles more frequently.

My diet was once again very disorganized this week. Not on purpose to be honest, but I’m trying to adjust my diet to my new training volume. Protein and veggies just aint going to cut it anymore. My body lets me know this because after a meal that used to satisfy me, it just dont seem to satisfy me anymore. I need more fuel. I also sweat a lot now as well, so that increases salt needs as well. Sometimes my protein gets a little too high in my opinion. I have been reaching for protein bars at work because my meals leave me hungry, especially at night and that’s the only thing worth eating that’s around. I dont want to eat 2-3 protein bars a day though. In my opinion, the reason I’m doing that is just a lack of quality food leaving my hungry. So my plan is to eat less protein and increase my starch intake. That or just to eat more food at each meal and less bars. It would be far cheaper and more realistic to eat starches though, because eating too much meat I feel could is kind of waste and gets really expensive. Also 4-5oz of meat satisfies me just fine. I dont need 10oz to feel satisfied and the rest feels like overkill.

I have been eating oatmeal at breakfast before the gym because protein pudding just isn’t enough to hold me over. I will likely save the protein pudding for after dinner. Lunch and dinner are eaten around 3pm and 8pm will likely need to get a least a serving of rice or starch added to it. Rice is by far the easiest starch to make and mix into meals, but I do like potatoes (especially made into fries). The only problem with rice with me is its not my favorite tasting carb. Sometimes it tastes awesome, but other times insanely bland and I wish it wasn’t even in my meal haha. Sometimes when I get lazy (which has been a lot here recently) I will just make protein and vegetables and grab some of those firehook crackers to eat with it. It may not be the healthiest choice, but I do enjoy bread. Especially as roll eaten on the side far more than other carbs, so I may have to throw these in as well. Also as much as I love vegetables, sometimes I feel like they overpower my meals and they just dont have enough calories to fuel me anymore. When I was lifting 3 days a week with walking on the other 4 days, my old diet seemed to work just fine, but the calorie burn and intensity of training 7 days a week doesn’t work too well on that intake.

Calories have been around 2100 this week with 230 carbs (50 fiber), 172 protein and 57g of fat. Other than that, strength is about on the same level, but I have noticed an increased amount of vascularity in my muscles. Especially in my arms and shoulders. I think this has a lot to with cardio. Also been looking up a lot of advice from Alex Viada. Pretty inspiring guy. I myself have placed an emphasis on becoming more fit then I have ever been in the past, which is why my routine is so much more balanced now than in the past.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 241

  1. Carson


    Good article i pretty much agree with all of it 🙂 lol.
    -Sometime using intuition with amount of food your consuming is the right way way to go. Your body is smart and will let you know sometimes you need more calories/energy. Although for some this might lead to bingeing. However, your controlled enough not to do that.
    -The cardio piece is funny because like you for a couple months there i completely cut cardio out, but have now put it back in. 20-30 min about 3 times a week spin bike or jog around that same pace(6mph). I went back to Lyle Mcdonalds article on the benefits of moderate cardio and see the benefits are worth it. Also i think like you said to keep it in check and not go overboard so as to reap the benefits without causing negatives. He echoes this and gives guidelines on what is too much in numerous articles. Overall like you i prefer a little bit of cardio and find it beneficial, but i have to try and tell myself to keep it in check since i can overreach at times.

    Again Great Article


    • Michael Cocchiola


      I think the appetite increase is hands down due to the cardio. The main benefit is I have been eating more and seem to be storing it favorably. Another really nice benefit of cardio is if your waterlogged or puffy/bloated from too much eating the night before, then a nice hour jog while sweating seems to immediately reduce all of those symptoms back to baseline.

      I think with cardio steady state is key though. Go to hard and it can burn you out very quickly. And yeah Lyle seems to have a favorable opinion of it year round as well. Most people that stay lean year round seem to keep cardio in unless their so fit they really just dont need to.

      How’s your routine going? I’m loving cardio, but still having a hard time finding a lifting routine that I really enjoy at the moment. Would like my diet to be more dialed in as well. The rock is a really good example of what I would like to be. Does an hour of cardio a day lifts almost every day, basically a machine haha.


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