Journal Entry 240 – Remotivated

After watching some old documentaries of old school bodybuilding and reading some more simply shredded IFBB pro model workouts, I have become remotivated to pursue more bodybuilder style of workouts. I noticed a few things all these guys have in common and that is high volume (sometimes very high), moderate weight (heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth but not so heavy that your CNS gets wrecked after every workout), daily workouts with a couple of rest days and pretty high calorie and high protein diets. These are common points though. Almost everyone had a different workout, exercises, diet, but these points held true.

I have in the past few months been almost lost in deciding what I want to do, mainly because I’m just not enjoying lifting the way I have been anymore. I have rediscovered a love for cardio and I have decided that 20 minutes before every lifting workout is probably a good idea. It’s just long enough to get the benefits without becoming bored and worn out for the workout. During my lifting session I easily walk another mile just by walking around the gym lifting. On my two rest days each week I plan to either do a 30 minutes or longer run or just walk. I want to start getting results again though from a muscle growth standpoint. I don’t think that strength is enough, because it has been my main focus for a while and I have looked about the same. Higher volume is different than what I have done in the past and I think its what I need to bust out of my rut.

My diet has been roughly 1800-2600 calories a day. I eat based on hunger and what I feel like I need. Very balanced overall in terms of macros. These workouts are pretty demanding and I don’t want to underdo it in terms of food. Also my diet recently has been nothing special. I eat a lot of food I enjoy, but I wouldn’t say its organized and probably wont get that way. I just eat based on what I feel like I need and its been working so far. I will say I have been craving protein bars big time recently. Maybe a craving for more fat, but I feel I could eat 2-3 a day at least.

I have been around 170lbs consistently and my waist size (paint size has dipped under 32 inches.) I have been losing fat, but not weight and I can easily tell this by the way my clothes fit. Good feeling though because at 6ft – 6ft 1 inches tall I really dont want to go below 170lbs, but I would like to keep dropping fat.

As for my strength goals I plan to leave one heavy set of bench and one heavy set of squats and that is it. The rest is going to be 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps on everything. Strength is not my priority at the moment but pumping and feeling each muscle is. Anecdotal evidence shows it seems to work better.

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