Journal Entry 239 -Cardio Time

This past week I have been doing cardio for 30 mins a day at least and have really enjoyed the benefits. In the past I have typically stayed away from all forms of cardio except walking because I just didnt see the point. My diet was has been much cleaner in the past than it is now, but currently my diet is still good, but not what it used to be. I want to be able to eat more food and eat more relaxed without it negatively impacting my physique. So if you can’t control calories as easily through diet, the only other method is to do more work in the gym. Since lifting is very beneficial, but doing it too often leads to burnout, boredom and f*ckarounditis, the only solution is cardio.

Cardio has been a very welcome surprise though. It takes way less time than lifting, you can do it anywhere, if you feel bloated running gets rid of the feeling almost instantly, allows me to eat more food without getting fat, actually increased my strength levels (eating more and burning more calories), has improved my relationship with certain foods, increased my energy levels, sleep has improved and also decreased my anxiety I get from time to time. I love the sweat you get only with cardio as well as it makes a huge visual impact on your definition all over your body.

My squats felt amazing this week and got 255×6 and then 235×8 8 reps. Bench was 200lbs for 5 reps and 190x 8 7. I’m going to get back into the heavier lifting with a minimalist style template. I plan on doing 3 days a week but may do 4. As long as I can get in 30 minutes of cardio a day I’m happy. Not going to lie though I have been very disorganized in terms of what I’ve been doing recently. Thing is though my strength has been going up so its not all bad.

Certain things I always seem to like doing though is to workout everyday, lift heavy (5-8 reps seems to be what suits me best), eat a lot of food while getting results. If I can put all those variables together and get results then I’m happy. I should also mention that I have been doing 50-100 pullups everyday for the past month and have really enjoyed those as well.

Diet has been around 2100 calories with protein and carbs around 180 grams more or less and fats around 50-60 grams. Scale weight is right around 170lbs.

New Routine for lifting:

A – Thursday

BB Bench 3×5-7 reps

DB Rows 3×5-7 reps

DB Lateral Raise 3×8-10 reps

DB Curl 3×5-7 reps

Planks / stretch / hip ex


B – Friday

BB Squats

INC DB Bench

Rear Delts 3×8-10

Skullcrusher 3×5-7 reps

Planks / stretch / hip ex


C – Monday or Tuesday

INC BB Bench 3×5-7 reps

BB Rows 3×5-7 reps with shrugs

DB Lateral Raise 3×8-10 reps

EZ bar curl 3×5-7 reps

Planks / stretch / hip ex


D – Optional – Monday or Tuesday

Trap Bar Deadlift

DB Press

Rear Delts 3×8-10 reps

Dips 3×5-7 reps

Planks / stretch / hip ex


Every Day 30 mins of cardio (3 miles)  minimum

50-100 chinups

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