Journal Entry 238 – Everyday

First week on the new schedule wasn’t bad. I get to sleep in later, eat breakfast and then hit the gym in the morning when it is far less crowded. I usually shower right after and the head in to work. I cook lunch before I go and eat around 3pm or so. Then take a dinner break at 8pm, cook dinner and make protein pudding for dessert and then return to work til 12.

The morning allows me to go to the gym when it is far less crowded. I also dont have to worry about changing clothes at the gym which is nice. This week I alternated cardio with upper body workouts. Hit a 6 mile run on Sunday, 35 minute run on Monday, lifted upper body on Tuesday, took Wednesday off because I woke up later than planned and hit the weights on Thursday.

I think I may try to lift everyday with lighter weights and moderate rep range going forward though. I noticed I can become drained after Upperbody days because of the taxing nature of heavy weights in full body style workouts. There are two main lifts I care about for strength: Bench Press and Barbell Squats. I want to hit these lifts once a week and everything else “strength wise” I dont care too much about. However I really like the idea of hitting muscles as frequently as possible. It just makes sense. I’ve been doing at least 50 pullups a day for the past month (probably closer to 100) and I have once again been able to do over 20 pullups in a row without stopping. This was after a very long period of time without being able to do more than 12 on a good day. The only reason I think it worked is because of hitting it everyday. So when I say lift everyday I mean hit the whole body everyday. I also rediscovered my love for running, so I plan to keep a mile run on everyday before I lift. Just enough to get the rush without burning out or making myself tired for weights.

So the plan is a daily workout of a 1 mile run and then hit the whole body with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Aiming more for the higher and lighter end of about 12 reps. This type of training does not burn me out or drain my CNS. Its also very enjoyably from a pump standpoint. It also allows me variation and not worrying about lifting very heavy every time I go to the gym. I still plan to keep two heavy lifting exercises (not workouts) twice a week in my plan, but most of the time will be lighter. I’ve only been using bodyweight with pullups and have had zero issues in getting way more reps with those, so I dont think lifting super heavy all the time is needed for progressive overload.

That being said I’m used to writing down everything I do in the gym. I dont plan on that anymore. I just want to include as much variation as possible and only keep track of Bench Press and Squats.

My weight is down 170lbs as of today. I have been eating slightly lower carb recently and sticking to mainly vegetables and berries. I’ve noticed by doing this my appetite has been much less than it usually is. My weight also has an easier time dropping and my workouts and energy have actually been better. As I have dropped carbs/starches, I have increased protein by 20-30 grams and fat by 10 grams.

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