Journal Entry 237 – Schedule Change

I finished training this Friday and went out on top as the jeopardy champion. I got to leave half a day early and feel like I learned a lot in the last 5 weeks. Since they need to replace my position before I can move up, I can’t move yet, so I must return back to my old position. Hours are going to be Sunday 9am – 8pm; Monday – Wednesday 1pm – 12am. 4 10 hour shifts, which isn’t bad to be honest. I’m taking Sunday off this week or I would have a one day weekend, which ain’t going to happen.

Training since my last post went very well. I got a huge pump in the gym and didn’t PR or anything but felt really good. I did run before hand for a mile or so, which I’ve noticed can really help your lifts by heating up your body temperature and muscles before lifting. Squats are at 255lbs and Bench is 200lbs for roughly 4-5 reps. I also did slightly lower reps of about 10 reps for everything else, which likely facilitated my pump.

Scale weight has been higher here recently. Had a cheat day on Sunday, which was around 3000 calories and weight was up to 176.8lbs. It then was stuck at this weight for two days and had a big dinner out with my girlfriend and her father on Wednesday. We had drinks, dinner with an appetizer and Sweet frog after. Weight was still the same and has recently dropped about 4lbs down to around 172lbs today.

I also added in some cardio this week. My plan for cardio is basically to only do when I have time and when I plan on eating more on a certain day. If I know I can get a perfect day of eating in, then I really dont worry about it.

Diet has been very inconsistent recently due to eating out, social reasons, work functions, etc. I expect some of these to be solved soon so I can consistently hit what I need to hit, but recently calories have much higher than I would like. Even though I track what I eat every day I know that some days are very “loose” approximations because sometimes restaurants have a way of sneaking in calories that are way higher than you would think. Usually when I dont eat out for long periods of time, fat just seems to fall off, likely due to increased accuracy and consistency.

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