Journal Entry 237 – Schedule Change

I finished training this Friday and went out on top as the jeopardy champion. I got to leave half a day early and feel like I learned a lot in the last 5 weeks. Since they need to replace my position before I can move up, I can’t move yet, so I must return back to my old position. Hours are going to be Sunday 9am – 8pm; Monday – Wednesday 1pm – 12am. 4 10 hour shifts, which isn’t bad to be honest. I’m taking Sunday off this week or I would have a one day weekend, which ain’t going to happen.

Training since my last post went very well. I got a huge pump in the gym and didn’t PR or anything but felt really good. I did run before hand for a mile or so, which I’ve noticed can really help your lifts by heating up your body temperature and muscles before lifting. Squats are at 255lbs and Bench is 200lbs for roughly 4-5 reps. I also did slightly lower reps of about 10 reps for everything else, which likely facilitated my pump.

Scale weight has been higher here recently. Had a cheat day on Sunday, which was around 3000 calories and weight was up to 176.8lbs. It then was stuck at this weight for two days and had a big dinner out with my girlfriend and her father on Wednesday. We had drinks, dinner with an appetizer and Sweet frog after. Weight was still the same and has recently dropped about 4lbs down to around 172lbs today.

I also added in some cardio this week. My plan for cardio is basically to only do when I have time and when I plan on eating more on a certain day. If I know I can get a perfect day of eating in, then I really dont worry about it.

Diet has been very inconsistent recently due to eating out, social reasons, work functions, etc. I expect some of these to be solved soon so I can consistently hit what I need to hit, but recently calories have much higher than I would like. Even though I track what I eat every day I know that some days are very “loose” approximations because sometimes restaurants have a way of sneaking in calories that are way higher than you would think. Usually when I dont eat out for long periods of time, fat just seems to fall off, likely due to increased accuracy and consistency.

Journal Entry 236 – Busy Week

Next week is my final week of training at work and I will move back to my old schedule soon. I will likely only be here for a month before returning to the 9-6 schedule but unfortunately going to have to transition back once again to a different schedule. My workout split will stay the same though.

Last week I was able to squat 250lbs for 6 reps and then 225lbs for 9 8 6 reps. Bench press was 200lbs for 4 reps and then 185lbs for 8 6 reps. Bench is slowly going up, but still slower than I would like. I actually went to the gym Wednesday morning instead of after work and it was empty for the most part. Since I only go one day a week I may have to make this a routine thing once my schedule changes back.

I may have to reduce the volume from 4 sets to 3 sets on my main moves though. Leg day destroyed me to be honest and on paper it was not a whole lot of volume but was very intense. Also from Sunday to Tuesday afternoon this week, I feel like I had chronic fatigue syndrome. I have no clue why. Nothing really changed, except a high calorie day with a decent amount of alcohol on Saturday night. But it almost didn’t make sense how bad I felt. I was also holding extra water of around 5-8lbs and weighing in at 177lbs. Not sure what the problem was, but it quickly dropped back down to 172lbs where it stands now.

Diet this week was 180 grams of carbs 160 grams of protein and 45 grams of fat; Calories were around 1890 calories. Pretty status quo to be honest haha.

Journal Entry 235 – Upper/Lower/Upper

I decided to once again modify my routine. I’m really having a hard time finding something I enjoy enough to get motivated to do each time I go. After finding some time in my now very busy schedule I decided that a 3 day Upper/Lower Split would be best. There a few reasons for this:

  • 2 workout days take place on the weekend; 1 on workweek
  • More rest time
  • Higher frequency for upperbody muscles and less for legs
  • Barbell Bench twice a week
  • These sessions burn more calories than split routines
  • Less f*ckarounditis
  • Lifting for 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps is where I like to stay most of the time

Pretty basic routine, but it leaves me feeling awesome after and really doesn’t take that long. I’ve also been doing 50 chinups everyday. My biceps and upper traps have been pretty sore as a result. Usually do 20 in the morning, 20 at lunch and 10 at night. Still been doing no cardio, but may do 30 minutes a couple times a week on my rest days.

I just honestly can’t get into standard bodybuilding training anymore. I just don’t like it. A workout of changing it up is cool every now and then, but to consistently do it just isn’t my style anymore. I mean spending an hour on one body part just seems to be a huge waste of time and at the moment, I dont have a whole lot of spare time.

My weight is still hanging around the low 170’s. I dont burn a lot of calories at the moment, because most of my day consists of sitting. Kind of annoying from a scale weight perspective. I do eat a lot of salt though, because I tend to eat lower carbs. Never a good idea to both low sodium and low carb unless you want to feel like your on the verge of death. Trust me its not fun. Picture how massive dehydration would feel and very low blood pressure and you would have a pretty good idea haha.

I may do some cardio of a max of about 30-40 minutes after work just to get in some more calorie burning, while leaving calories about the same as they are now.

Strength in the gym is good though. Squats are up to 250lbs for 5 reps and Bench is about 200lbs for 5 reps. I plan on benching twice a week and really starting to get strong on it. Since my weekend is straight lifting, I do plan on eating much more than I usually do on Saturday and Sunday.

Journal Entry 234 – Modified Bro Split

Decided to keep my 4 day split and modify it slightly so its higher volume and more of a bro split. Going to be doing straight sets and move my heavy set from 3 sets of 4-6 reps to 3 sets of 6-8 reps. Everything else will be 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps and maybe up to 15 reps on the very last set. My friend at work convinced me to train this way, since I haven’t done it in awhile. I also haven’t had a workout partner in awhile, so I have someone to lift with during the week after work. Working out with someone else makes the gym bearable when its slammed packed at 6pm.

  • Split
  • Mon – ¬†Off
  • Tues – Chest
  • Wed – Back
  • Thurs – Off
  • Fri – Off
  • Sat – Shoulder/Triceps
  • Sun – Legs/ Biceps

So just dropping off the heavy sets slightly, but still aiming for progressive overload as the main goal. I dropped bench down from 195 – 185 and was able to rep that very easily for 3 sets of 8 reps. Felt really good. Training this way also allows me to get out of the gym pretty quick since you are working two muscles max per workout.

Diet has been roughly 10 times body weight in calories during the week. Had a big eating weekend last weekend and just dropped off 6lbs of water weight in about 4 days. My weekends are always around maintenance in calories or about 15 x bodyweight in calories. Alcohol and eating out makes this very easy to hit. This usually averages out to a weekly total of about 1800-2000 calories. Also usually dont eat lunch during the day anymore due to time constraints with training at work. When I eat a meal I want to enjoy it, so dinner is my big meal. Been snacking on jerky, protein bars and protein pudding during the day and this allows me a large meal at night. A few nights a week I drink some wine as well.

Favorite foods here recently:

  • Laughing cow cheese wedge reduced fat
  • Firehook baked sourdough crackers (dear god these are good)
  • Bodytech Pro Pudding
  • Jack Links Jerky (one of the best snacks there is)
  • Quest Bars (noticed when I buy these at grocery stores they taste way better than at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe)
  • Reduced sugar ketchup