Journal Entry 231 – Spreading It Out

My schedule at work is still in flux so trying to arrange my split is still difficult. I really don’t like going to the gym after work because of the sheer volume of people that all work out then. It makes doing certain exercises that you’re trying to get done very difficult. But after playing around with my split, I can see one of two new setups looking very good.

Split 1:

  • Sunday – Off
  • Mon- Push – BB Shoulder main move
  • Tues- Legs – BB Squats
  • Wed-Off
  • Thurs- Push – BB Bench
  • Fri- Pull – DB Rows
  • Sat – Off

Split 2

  • Sunday – Off
  • Mon- Off
  • Tues- Push
  • Wed-Off
  • Thurs- Pull
  • Fri- Push
  • Sat – Legs

I like them both a lot. It allows at least one lifting day during the week to help spread things out. I also really like 2 push days and still have a main focus on my four key movements. I would enjoy split 1 the most, but again at the current moment going to the gym at that hour just becomes hugely frustrating. Either way I’m still really liking this setup. I considered doing fullbody this week, but after thinking about it, I’m really trying to stay consistent with my current workouts.

I will say though, every lift seems to be going up except bench press. Yesterday’s workout was terrible. I felt weak and dropped reps on the bench press. These workouts happen, but it only ever seems to happen on bench recently. I smoked squats last week and did 225lbs for 9 8 7 reps. DB rows and BB shoulder press also went up. I’ve just reached the mother of all plateaus on bench and don’t know how to get it moving again. My friend who is also into working out is stuck on 185lbs. He’s bigger in frame than I am, but we have always had similar builds and strength in terms of lifting weights.

My weight and calories were slightly higher this week at 1950 calories and 172lbs weight.  This morning was 171.4lbs, but still heavier than I would have liked. My fats are getting too low on certain days. Some days are around 35 grams and that’s just too low even if my average is 50 grams. I may bump that up and see if helps with strength any. I’m still a little disorganized in terms of nutrition and meal prep. Some days I’m on point but others not so much. Social obligations and time are big factors that are throwing me off, but these are excuses that can be overcome. The problem is every time I hit a groove something changes again haha.

This is the meal plan I plan on sticking to most of the time:

  • 2 scoops of Elite XT with berries and Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 bag of broccoli with two chicken burgers or one chicken burger and 3 whole eggs mixed into an omelete
  • 1 and 1/2 protein bars – Usually a quest bar and a pure protein bar
  • 1/2 bag of broccoli, cabbage or onion, 8-10oz of chicken thighs, teriyaki sauce
  • 1 scoop of protein powder or pb2 fit powder before bed (If Hungry)
  • * – Usually snack on hummus, egg whites and spinach if hungry

Chicken burgers from Costco or Sams are awesome. They taste amazing, have healthy ingredients and very easy to make for lunch. Mixing one with some eggs is a recipe I have heard about, but haven’t tried yet. Sounds awesome though. I also like having a stir-fry for dinner. Just really easy to make, tons of volume and they taste awesome. Chicken thighs have 40 more calories per 4oz then chicken breast, but have more fat and less protein. I want to bump fat up, so this is very easy way to do it without using oil, which I really dont like doing.

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