Journal Entry 229 -Weekly Update

This week I took 4 rest days off essentially of no exercise for 4 days in a row, Sunday – Wednesday. The only exercise I got was standing and walking at work. I also played some ping pong at breaks during work and that can actually boost up energy pretty good. The next 3 days (Thursday – Saturday) I will be doing a push, pull, legs and shoulders workout.

My workouts are relatively minimalist style at the moment, but the goal is not to do too much volume that I can recover from. The goal is strength gains with a moderate volume per workout. A big focus on compounds and some isolations thrown in at the end.

My diet is low calorie during the week of between 1200-1600 calories. These are somewhat based on recommendations from Menno in which he stated that rest days should be somewhat around this amount for favorable nutrient partitioning when the focus is on staying lean. Pretty easy to do when you eat the right foods. Also the key when eating this amount is to rest. If you want to do cardio or lift during the week then bump up the calories on that day by 3-500 calories. Same end effect. My protein has been around 120grams, but I plan on increase this and seeing if they have better effect since my calories are lower.

My diet during the 3 day stretch is roughly 1000 calories more than during the week. So since I’m lifting, I eat more. I typically eat the same foods as during the week (protein powder, leaner meats, fruits and vegetables) I just eat more of those foods. One meal or one day a week usually has some junkier food in it. These days feel awesome though. Feels like your feasting, as long as you eat the same foods you usually eat. If you eat junk then 2500 calories feels like a very small amount.

I picked up a couple of reps on my bench press, skull-crushers and lateral raises, but dropped some on my dumbbell incline bench. Got pretty pumped towards the end of it though. I plan on making DB rows my main back move. As long as I dont go super heavy, these feel very good for me. I like these much more than deadlifts and its easier to setup. Chinups will be next. I also plan not to deadlifts because I like squats better and deadlifting too close to squats will royally screw it up.

My weight has hit 168.4 lbs. This is a low weigh-in and the scale has been staying around this amount recently. My goal is to hit around 165lbs (consistently) while keeping or maintaining strength.

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 229 -Weekly Update

  1. Carson


    165 i got a good feeling you wll be quite lean at proabbly like 8-9% should look quite solid eh?
    Im suprised you dont wither away at 1000 calories a day. Thats alomst exclusively protein to hit those calories kinna like Lyle Mcdonalds Rapid Fat Loss diet (good read).
    I can maintain at 2500 easily, sometimes even loose on that lol.

    I recently tore a rib cartliage playing hockey and can only do lower body workouts for the next roughly 3 weeks.(Fuck ! Lol)

    In my research i came across 2 great articles that i knew you would find informative. Just passing along the knowledge.

    Beradi’s i found quite eye opening that during injury BMR increases comapered to regular. He is not BSing either since i fond all sorts of studies to confirm and for an injury like mine its estimated around 15-20% increase.

    I find this funny because usually when people are sick or injured instead of making sure there getting enough calories and protein they instead decide to sleep all day drink tons of water and eat like birds. Counterintuitive.


    • Michael Cocchiola


      Yeah 165 is the goal. I never hit 1000 calories. Much closer to 1500 calories on the low days. Only rarely unless I’m very busy do I get lower than that. Haha damn I bet that rib injury sucks man. I did something similar and it was miserable. Not a huge fan of lower body only workouts either. Yeah that is pretty interesting about injury. I’m sure some of those effects carry over to soreness after a workout.

      Been digging these minimalist style workouts though. Really digging them. Eliminate all the BS and focus on what matters. Strength is just as good or better on certain exercises while losing fat. Dont mind if I do. Jives very well with my schedule too. Last thing I want to do after a 10 hour day is go to the gym. Also noticed my setup is very similar to the Ultimate Diet 2.0 except without the BS glycogen depletion workouts (glycogen gets depleted on low calories anyway) and no massive carbup.


      • Carson


        Soreness after a workout is considered soft tissue damage i suppose, studies suggest anywhere from 1-14% BMR increase for that.

        Yea totally agree, i dont know how the hell Menno’s plan had 7 days. The mere thought made me queasy.

        After this injury it made me think about the heavy balls to the walls concept. Even though progressve overload is necessary.
        I feel that pushing things carefully is important. I Mean perfect example have you seen Ronnie Coleman lately? Hes in a wheelchair and can barely move at 50 years old. So much for his old saying “lift heavy shit or go home”.
        Maybe an extreme example but i think the take away message for young guys is to adapt a long term safe sustainable approach yo can have over the next 20-30 years.
        This article below by Lyle was great because it brought foward some of that thinking.

        Injured Being sucks, its a fucking eye opener.

        You need to post some photos when you hit 165 see some shredded progress.

        Good day


      • Michael Cocchiola

        Yeah dude not sure what the hell that was about. He made it sound like you were lazy if you didn’t lift everyday. Apparently never looked at the history of bodybuilding.

        Yeah I think he was doing heavy singles or like 1-3 reps. 1-5 reps is a dumb range. Its almost impossible to have good form and your CNS will fry in matter of minutes. Not even roids could help him there haha.

        Yeah that article is good. I like 6-8 reps and also 8-10 a lot. I usually dont mess around with higher reps though to be honest. Get a good pump, but feel like I’m entering f*ckarounditis land haha.


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