Journal Entry 228 – Ending F*ckarounditis

After Menno’s routine gave me a general distaste for lifting, this week was more or less a week off. I really didn’t know what the hell to do and my strength was going down on his routine. The week was also super busy at work and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to lift. Not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I reread the article F*ckarounditis and I’ve never been so happy to read an article. Hands down the best article ever written and it pulled me out of my funk. I mean seriously not only is it hilarious and simplifies everything you need to actually be concerned about.

I’m going back to simple progressive overload with a simple 3 day split. Zero cardio besides natural movement. My goal is to lift 3 days in a row over the weekend and nothing on weekdays. My split will likely be Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Legs/Shoulders. This was my workout earlier today:

  • 10 minute run
  • BB Bench 3×4-6reps
  • INC DB Bench 3×6-8 reps
  • Dips 3xMAX
  • Lateral Raise 3×10 reps
  • Skullcrushers 3×10 reps

Moving back to rep goals which is always something I enjoyed. For example, if the exercise says 3×4-6 reps, you pick a weight that falls in that range and you don’t increase until you get 3 sets of 6 reps. Then bump the weight up by 5lbs. Progressive overload and strength is the main goal.

Diet wise I got some helpful tips from Menno and will adopt some of his advice here, but mainly using my own method. I plan to start simplifying my diet and eat more meat. Chicken thighs and red meat being at the top of the list. Also lots of broccoli, spinach and onions to mix with the meat. Also going to slather my food in garlic, which after doing some research is amazing for immunity and staying healthy.

Weekdays will be lower in calories and the weekends higher. This means Sunday – Wednesday will be mainly meat and veggies with under 120g carbs, moderate fat and high protein. I estimate roughly 1200-1600 calories and this is regardless of workout schedule. The weekend will be higher and the macros wont be nearly as important. It’s essentially a 4 day diet over the workweek and 3 days off to eat more and build muscle on the weekend. Since Lyle Mcdonald shows that within 3-4 days leptin tanks and various hormones start to go down and it also takes more than a day of refeeding to bring these hormones back up (probably closer to 2-3 days), I would say 4 low and 3 high would work pretty well for both fat loss and muscle gain. Especially since with my schedule I would be able to fit 3 workouts into the high calorie weekend phase and nothing into the low calorie phase. This makes the plan very organized in terms of nutrient partitioning and balance. Fat and carbs will vary greatly on the weekend. But pizza is definitely on the menu at least one day. So is alcohol ;). Calories will likely be around 2500 calories or so. I dont too much about macros, but I still dont think super high fat is a good idea. It just seems to be overkill at a certain point.

Also the reason I dont plan on doing any cardio besides a warmup before I lift (feel like it makes me stronger and I enjoy it) is because I stand all day for 10 hours. This might not jack up the step count on a fitbit, but compared to sitting all day it burns 3-400 more every day.

Favorite foods at the moment:

  • Chicken Thighs
  • Avocado
  • Red Meat
  • Broccoli
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Hummus – Roasted Garlic
  • Cheat food – Pizza – any kind


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