Journal Entry 227 – Menno Review

This past week I hit 7 days in a row of full body workouts. It was enjoyable for the first few workouts, but towards the end of the week I was ready for a rest day. I didn’t take one because I only had a week with Menno and didn’t want to skew from his guidelines. However I think training 7 days a week at least for me and my friends who were training with me thought as well.

I had a long week at work and my schedule shifted to 9am to 8pm. I hit the gym after work and each workout took about an hour. I finished at 9:20, cooked dinner and ate around 10PM. Took a shower had some protein pudding with peanut butter at 11:30PM and went to bed around 12:30AM. I felt like I had zero time at all and as soon as I left work at night I felt like it was a matter of minutes before I was back again. A couple of rest days during the week would have probably helped me feel like I had more time and not dread going to the gym so much.

The workout design was very interesting however. Full body everyday is a really nice setup and is doable for the long term, but would be better with rest days thrown in. It probably wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have a job, but 1-2 of those 4 10 hour workout days, needs a period of rest.

Diet was around 2400 calories. Some days had higher carbs of around 200grams, which is higher than I wanted, but I felt like I needed it. Fat was much higher and hit at least 90-100 grams a day. A couple things to note with diet; One food volume goes out the window with higher fat diets. I felt like I was eating more food when I was hitting 1600 calories haha. Two is that controlling calories is MUCH easier when you eat relatively unbalanced. Meaning focusing on protein and fat or protein and veggies or carbs and proteins with little fat is a lot easier to control calories then when you have carbs, fat and protein in the same meal. I noticed my meals were hitting 6-800 calories very quickly with all of the macros present and honestly after I ate I was still hungry (Think pizza – balanced overall but 3 slices has about 900 calories). Considering my food selections were whole foods I think the food reward pathway was kicking in with some of these meals and again volume was an issue. I’m a huge fan of volume and getting too many calories with very little density didn’t bode well with me.

Overall review, Menno sent me very good information and a very detailed plan. He answered my questions within the same day although some of the answers were pretty sparse. I disagree with some of the things he mentioned and could tell that some things that probably worked well with him, didn’t really work well with me. I dont think training everyday is a good idea unless the only thing you have going on during the day is sitting on the couch. Working out 4-5 days a week is much better for most people to prevent burnout and enjoy the process. Some of this guidelines were not very realistic diet wise either. Much more rigid than I thought he would be, but he’s also a model so this level of dedication is probably required. I have my own techniques that I have built up over time and I can tell Menno has done the same. Overall rating would probably be 7 out of 10.


10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 227 – Menno Review

  1. Carson


    Well thank you very much for trying this out and sending me the info. I knew right away with all i have todo on a daily basis it would be unrealistic. Thank you for being the test run lol.
    I could see Menno’s stuff working if your job was related to all this and thats all you had to worry about, but im sure if menno had a wife and kids or something he couldnt do that stuff either.

    I think you have to find the training and diet that you can fit in your lifestyle and stick/adhere too for the long run while still seeing some good results. May not be the shooting for the stars mentality but if you want to have a successful life in other places outside they gym and kitchen its viable. (im kinna copying eric helms with some of that context ha)

    Agreed Maybe?



    1. Carson,

      Yeah man not going to lie I’m sitting here on my day off and I have zero interest in lifting. I’m sore all over and even though I have tons of time to lift today I have zero desire to do so. This was after working 4 11 hour days in a row and going to the gym an hour after each day. To me this makes no sense. Why force myself to workout when I have no time when I have 3 days in a row on the weekends when I could spend 2 hours a day in the gym at my lesiure. His full body workouts were cool, but repeating this over and over again for months would get very tiresome very fast ESPECIALLY with no rest days.

      Did I enjoy it? – At first, but overall not really haha. Like I said if I was a couch potato and did nothing all day this would be every doable. But I’m not. The meal time rigidness and “postworkout meal” may have slight advantage, but I really dont feel like adjusting my life around eating a meal. Nor do I feel like undereating at times when I’m hungry to overeat at a time when I actually have very little appetite “postworkout.'”

      But absolutely agreed. I think hitting 3-4 legit workouts a week would actually work better than 7 days anyway. Probably why the majority of people do it like that.

      As for diet, I have really enjoyed going with the flow on that recently. Meaning if its the weekend and I know that I’m going out later, I like saving calories for it and not having a good time because I have a postworkout meal to hit. There seems to be a big emphasis on fat in his diet. Not the worst thing in the world, but I like to focus on protein and veggies and let the fat and carbs naturally fall into place.

      His knowledge was very good, but overall application is a not realistic.


  2. Carson

    Hi Michael,

    I was goin to ask you but never did what kinda of macro split did menno reccomend for that leavel of training. You mention higher fats.
    I heard someone say he keeps it around 40% roughly and usually and protein like 1g lb…..


    1. Carson,

      Hey man, it’s been awhile. He basically recommended 145 grams of protein about 150 grams of carbs (total including fiber) and the rest of my calories were fat. Workout days (which under him was every day) were 2400 calories and rest days were like 145 grams of protein and like 1100 calories. It was supposed to be psmf style. He recommended a lot of organ meats and higher fat meats in general. He is definitely much more skewed towards the fat and protein side vs the carb side. I kind of got the vibe he found carbs almost useless, but he obviously knows what he is doing.


  3. Carson

    Oh thats interesting, almost like a perfect health diet or Ben greenfield style.
    Just another example of a guy that keeps it in check year round and with either high carb or high fat. (they both work).
    Glad to see he preaches the .82 grams lb protein like in his article. Still wonder if he practices that himself.


  4. Carson

    Did he go into detail on sodium/potassium stuff considering he has that shrink wrapped look most of the time…or no.

    P.S. Congrats on the engagement btw!


    1. Carson,

      Thanks man. Not really, other than to say that sodium should be eaten to taste and not stressed about. Don’t remember anything about potassium. He was really big on fish oil, but from really quality sources. I should probably start taking it again though, cause my diet hasn’t been the best recently.

      I do remember a lot of the foods he requested were very expensive to not only buy initially, but to buy on a regular basis.


      1. Anonymous


        Yes probably my biggest issue with a lot of trainers….they don’t have practicality & sustainability in mind a lot of time.
        Especially from a financial standpoint.

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      2. Yeah, one of the biggest issues I had was he said to make sure to do a PSMF on all rest days. So if I workout extremely hard all week, I’m supposed to eat nothing but lean protein and take in about 1000 calories on the weekend, when I’m supposed to be relaxing, socializing and always eating out? Sounds like a good lifestyle plan right there. 😉


  5. Carson

    Haha no shit.
    I can just imagine telling my girl. “were staying in this weekend and eating nothing but beef fucking jerky and club sodas”…..LOL be sleeping on the couch.

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