Journal Entry 226 – New Plan

Training: 7 days of Fullbody Workouts

Diet: 2400 calories – 145g protein / 145g of fat / 155g of carbs (90g postworkout) / 38g of fiber

Goal: Fat loss / Body Recomposition

There are no planned rest days at the moment. If one does come up then I will do a PSMF and hit around 1200 calories total. If I go out and drink then I sit aside 5-700 cals to allow for some drinks out of my 2400 calories. I will also lift early in the day, since drinking will take place at night. This keeps the negative effects of alcohol away from the recovery of the post workout meal.

Not sure I will do 7 days a week all the time however, but who knows. Likely I will do 5 workouts and do 2 rest days. Cardio will be zero, not even walking is a concern.

Supplements – Creatine Mono – 5g, Vitamin D – 5000IU, Magnesium Citrate 400mg (taken with biggest meal of day), 3g of EPA/DHA a day

I may cut back on quest bars and just buy real chocolate bars instead. These are loaded with fat, which I will need to hit 145g. If I eat chicken it will have a lot of avocado with it. Eggs will be a good meal to eat. I plan to eat Salmon 3 times a week to hit my Omega 3s. Apparently most fish oil is complete crap and a waste of money (but not all). Magnesium oxide is crap and I will switch to magnesium citrate and take a much lower dose.

Main Foods:

Protein – Salmon, Red Meat, Eggs, Chicken, Organ Meats, Protein Powder

Fats – Natural Fats in Meat, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Avocado, Dairy Fat (cheese, sour cream)

Carbs – Incidentals, starch source after training (this will vary), low sugar berries and fruit, vegetables, beans, hummus

Current Weight: 171lbs

Honestly can’t wait to get started. Some pics from the week:

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