Journal Entry 224 – 20/15 Vision – Lasik

I can now see 20/15, both near and far away for the first time in about 10 years. I feel like I was a blind man that can now see. It’s really strange to be able to see this well all the time without glasses. Even looking in the mirror from far away, I can see myself without getting 5 feet away from the mirror. I can see people from far away in a store and I drive and see very far distance’s without any glasses on. It’s awesome. I feel like someone installed HD vision into my eyeballs after seeing in black and white for a long time.

I went to LasikPlus here in Richmond and have nothing, but positive things to say about the place. Very organized, knowledgeable, friendly staff and very  fast. The whole surgery took about 7 minutes. I was in the office for about an hour and 20 minutes. The price was very affordable considering you get perfect vision after and the surgery is for guaranteed for lifetime. Meaning if for whatever reason my vision reverted to what it was, I would get another surgery for free. Most likely not going to be an issue, but still a nice guarantee. The only negative thing I can say is just some pretty bad eye irritation post surgery. Basically just burning, uncomfortable feeling that took awhile to go away. There was also some uncomfortable pressure place on the eye during surgery, which caused no pain, but the sensation of eye pressure was uncomfortable. Tear drops help immensely with the burning sensation though and I would use them as needed until you feel your eyes are adequately hydrated.

They recommend a week off from the gym, so no training for me until next Thursday.  I’ll just get some walking in and continue to burn fat before Menno’s consultation begins.

Diet and Training this week was 3 days full body and still hitting 10 x LBM in calories. I notice as I eat less calories, fasting or skipping breakfast is a bad idea. The less calories I eat the more often I need to eat. I try to snack on something all day long usually protein powder or jerky. Most of my meals are meat and veggies and sometimes for dinner I’ll make something else. If I skip breakfast until 11 or so (after waking up at 5:30AM) then I tend to be very hungry for the rest of the day and my energy tanks. If I eat often, starting at 8am or so and just snacking all day long my energy is fine even on the same calories.

Weighing in today at 169.6lbs. Strength is on par, but has not gone up. I’m not too worried about taking a week off, but mentally going without lifting for a week is hard for some reason. Probably because it’s my favorite hobby to do in my free time. Walking and music will hopefully replace the dopamine boost I get from lifting.

Really looking forward to Menno’s coaching though. The timing was actually perfect with the eye surgery and all, so I’ll be extra motivated to hit the gym when our week starts. The diet plan should also be interesting. Menno’s views on diet are one of the main reasons why I think he was the best one to hire for me.


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