Journal Entry 224 – 20/15 Vision – Lasik

I can now see 20/15, both near and far away for the first time in about 10 years. I feel like I was a blind man that can now see. It’s really strange to be able to see this well all the time without glasses. Even looking in the mirror from far away, I can see myself without getting 5 feet away from the mirror. I can see people from far away in a store and I drive and see very far distance’s without any glasses on. It’s awesome. I feel like someone installed HD vision into my eyeballs after seeing in black and white for a long time.

I went to LasikPlus here in Richmond and have nothing, but positive things to say about the place. Very organized, knowledgeable, friendly staff and very  fast. The whole surgery took about 7 minutes. I was in the office for about an hour and 20 minutes. The price was very affordable considering you get perfect vision after and the surgery is for guaranteed for lifetime. Meaning if for whatever reason my vision reverted to what it was, I would get another surgery for free. Most likely not going to be an issue, but still a nice guarantee. The only negative thing I can say is just some pretty bad eye irritation post surgery. Basically just burning, uncomfortable feeling that took awhile to go away. There was also some uncomfortable pressure place on the eye during surgery, which caused no pain, but the sensation of eye pressure was uncomfortable. Tear drops help immensely with the burning sensation though and I would use them as needed until you feel your eyes are adequately hydrated.

They recommend a week off from the gym, so no training for me until next Thursday.  I’ll just get some walking in and continue to burn fat before Menno’s consultation begins.

Diet and Training this week was 3 days full body and still hitting 10 x LBM in calories. I notice as I eat less calories, fasting or skipping breakfast is a bad idea. The less calories I eat the more often I need to eat. I try to snack on something all day long usually protein powder or jerky. Most of my meals are meat and veggies and sometimes for dinner I’ll make something else. If I skip breakfast until 11 or so (after waking up at 5:30AM) then I tend to be very hungry for the rest of the day and my energy tanks. If I eat often, starting at 8am or so and just snacking all day long my energy is fine even on the same calories.

Weighing in today at 169.6lbs. Strength is on par, but has not gone up. I’m not too worried about taking a week off, but mentally going without lifting for a week is hard for some reason. Probably because it’s my favorite hobby to do in my free time. Walking and music will hopefully replace the dopamine boost I get from lifting.

Really looking forward to Menno’s coaching though. The timing was actually perfect with the eye surgery and all, so I’ll be extra motivated to hit the gym when our week starts. The diet plan should also be interesting. Menno’s views on diet are one of the main reasons why I think he was the best one to hire for me.


Journal Entry 223 – Cutting Fat and Lasik

As per recommendations from Menno Henselmans, he recommended that based on the initial pictures I sent him, we start with some fat loss. I figured since we start on April 8th, I would go ahead and get started on the fat loss early. I estimate to get down to a low enough body fat range for optimal muscle growth (8-10%) I will likely have to get down to at least 160-165lbs. I weighed in at 170.0 lbs on Wednesday and will hopefully be down to my goal by the start.

The initial pictures I sent him I was around 175lbs. If I cut 5-10lbs of pure fat I should hit my goals. In my opinion there are 3 very important things to hit for fat loss without losing muscle:

  1. Reduce calories (big shocker here)
  2. Eat enough protein and overall glucose (at least .64 grams of protein per pound of LBM) (Lyle Mcdonald states that eating 50g of carbs severely limits the need for the body to break down protein) – Applied to my bodyweight this is roughly 620 calories or 155grams of protein and carbs combined
  3. Maintain strength on heavy lifts in the gym and cut back excess volume

The rest is basically not important enough to worry about. I started this process a couple of weeks ago and have already dropped about 5lbs. I’m sure a max of about 2-3lbs of it is fat, as I’m shooting for 1.5lbs of fat loss per week. I’m going pretty aggressive at the moment though. Trying to average about 1600 calories a week, which is my LBM x 10. I can’t imagine going lower than that would bring about favorable changes. Not going to lie though I usually go lower than that during the week and hit about 1300 calories. This allows me to increase my calories on Friday and Saturday without worrying about going over my average. Been interesting eating this much though. My hunger is not an issue and I’m getting pretty quick results. My waist size/pant size is decreasing and my abs and lower back have increased definition. Also I don’t get bloated nearly as easily. Due to my reduced activity for my job going this low in calories is necessary at the moment. It’s interesting to see the difference between lean and “pretty lean”. I’m always “pretty lean”, but to get very lean requires some diligence and unfortunately some pretty strict calorie cutting. I definitely want to stay this lean though once I reach it. Menno recommends it for optimal muscle growth anyway. He himself stays this low year round, so hoping he can show me how to effortlessly do it while making gains in the gym.

Diet consists of protein powder, coffee, lean meats, low sugar fruit, veggies and low calorie sauces/seasonings, beef jerky (awesome snack) and a  1/2 – 1 quest bar at the moment. No added fats or starches. Pretty effortless fat loss and again my hunger is null. Spinach helps tremendously to eat before a meal to fill the stomach. Also keeping sodium at least 3 grams per day, but this is mainly eaten too taste. I also drink a lot of diet drinks, always have and always will. 😉

My split this week is Push/Pull/Off/Push/Off/Legs/Pull. Strength is still on par, but some day it does feel pretty heavy. Also try to hit at least 6000 steps a day, which is almost always hit without effort.

I had my Lasik appointment this Thursday and my procedure will be next Thursday at 1 pm. Going to be around $3600 total, but I got the money to pay it straight up without loans so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll pay $3600 for 20/15 vision any day of the week. Especially considering how bad my vision is right now haha. Asked the doctor what my vision is on a scale of 1-10 and she said 3-4. Yeah that’s not very good. She also said some people are -15 so it could be worse haha. I can’t lift for a week after surgery unfortunately, but as long as I can get it done before April 8th, then I’m not worried about it. I’ll just walk each day instead.

A few restaurants that have some really good low cal options to eat out are:

  • Panda Express – (get double chicken teriyaki 120z of meat and weigh the amount of grams you want to eat with mixed veggies. A ton of food and you will have leftovers. Also tastes amazing.)
  • Which wich – Any bowlwhich with lean meat and light mayo (tastes awesome)
  • Chipotle – Meat, beans, double veggies, salsa, lettuce
  • Qdoba – Haven’t tried this place yet, but will soon.
  • Moe’s – I usually go to Chipotle though, WAY better

Some pics from the week:



Journal Entry 222 – Post Wedding, Menno Consult

Last weekend was my brother’s wedding in Dallas, so I didn’t get a chance to post. It was an awesome time and probably one of the most expensive weddings I will ever attend. My brother’s wife makes a lot of money and always wanted a big wedding, but I say she pulled it off pretty good. I was the number one best man followed by my brothers best friend Matt as the co best man. I assumed I was number one due to my speech order and the order I walked down the aisle haha. I had to give a speech at the reception in front of close to 100 people. I had some pretty bad anxiety/nerves before, but it turned out very good. Made my brother tear up and apparently some others in the crowd as well. I actually started to cry a little during the co-best man’s speech. They have been very good friends for a long time and my brother (Justin) is moving to Chicago in a couple weeks, so they won’t see each other very often anymore. I don’t cry very often either, but it was a big moment and I really couldn’t help it.

Other than that the food was really good and the alcohol was aplenty. Open bar three days in a row and the food was buffet style. The food after the rehearsal dinner was amazing. Buffet style Tex-Mex. The food at the wedding was average, but I was so nervous for my speech my appetite wasn’t very high. It was good seeing a lot of people there, since we all live in different areas now, it’s pretty rare we all see each other. It may even become more rare now, as there won’t be a whole lot of reasons to gather together now that Justin is leaving.

I admit I may have drink a bit too much though. I felt pretty bad all week, especially yesterday with a sore throat and cough. My strength in the gym was not very good either. I dropped about 5lbs on all my lifts. Squats and bench felt tremendously heavy. Not sure why, but anytime I get out of my groove this tends to happen. Not sure if it is circadian rhythms, bad eating or not eating enough, too much alcohol dehydration, lack of sleep or just a sheer combination of everything that contributes to my lack of energy and gym performance after traveling. This morning I slept in til 9:30 which is 4 hours past when I usually do. It’s the first time I have had the chance to sleep in since I got back, so if that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is.

Anyway I have a few new things coming up. One is I have a new schedule of Sunday – Wednesday 6am – 5pm schedule. 4 10 hour shifts with one one hour lunch break. This means a 3 day weekend of Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Not bad. The main thing I worry about is the lack of time during the week to hit the gym, cook meals and just have enough time to relax, but we will see how it goes. Other advantages of this are you could take one day off and have a 4 day weekend and only a 3 day workweek. OT is more with these hours as well.

Second I plan on getting Lasik eye surgery soon. I estimate after talking to certain people and based on my vision for it to cost around $3000. A very worthy investment in my opinion, because I can’t see anything far away in any detail. I can’t even watch TV or play a game with my friends without wearing glasses. I also cant drive, see movies and barely see myself in a gym mirror without some type of glasses. I hate contacts because they dry my eyes out and I dont like glasses very much. That leaves one option and that is Lasik. Really looking forward to it though to get 20/20 vision or maybe even better. I mean you use your eyes everyday, so if you enjoy seeing then I would say it’s worth the money.

Lastly I’m hiring Menno Henselman’s for a one week consult to move me in the right direction. The consult sheet you had to fill out was very detailed and after reading his articles and listening to his podcasts, I know that he will do a really good job and provide some really good advice for my goals. He is also one of the few people who won’t give you basic generic advice that I could have found by searching on google and pulling up the first page I found. If advice like that worked for everyone then no one would have issues in this field and everyone would look awesome. I enjoy playing around with my own routine, but would love to see what someone of his education level and someone who works with advanced level athletes would recommend for someone like me. My goal is just to listen to everything he says and pretend like I know nothing, so no personal bias or views get in the way. I feel like this will be much more effective then just grilling him amount every topic I can think of. Simple is almost always better.

As for my workouts this week, just did a 3 day strength split with some walking on other days. All I really felt like doing after last weekend. I also didn’t set any PR’s haha.