Journal Entry 218 – Move in Complete / New Routine

Missed my weekly blog post last week due to moving into a new apartment. Really glad to be able to move as I feel like this is my first official “place.” The place I moved from was a townhouse that I shared with 3 other people. We had to share bathrooms and my closet was in the hall and not my room. It was a good idea at the time and I lived there for a year and half, but I’ve been itching to get out of there for at least the last 6 months.

The place I live now I share with one other roommate. We’ve been friends for a long time, but we each have two big rooms with big closets and our own bathroom. This apartment is also located 3 mins away from where I work and 4 mins away from my gym. Jackpot. 😉

I was basically the only “clean” person to live at my other townhouse. I would frequently clean up after my roommates and then within 1-2 days it would be back to normal. I got to the point where I just stopped even trying, but messes tend to bug me for some reason. I’m also mostly a minimalist and having a bunch of crap laying around every where also gets on my nerves. Luckily since I got my own place now, these are not issues anymore. My roommate both agreed to keep this place much cleaner than the other place. Although he wasn’t really the issue to be honest.

Anyway last weekend was pretty draining and the move-in took all day on Saturday. I work Sunday – Thursday 6AM-3PM, so as soon as I was done moving everything in it was time to hit the sack. It was exhausting and was only able to eat one meal besides some jerky and a protein bar. We ended up going to Plaza Azteca around 2:30 and dear god was it good. Feasted on chips and salsa and we also got sour cream and avocado dip. I ordered the Azteca Salad (chicken, shrimp, avocado on bed of lettuce) and it was amazing. I always order this with NO oil because I guarantee the oil they cook in is crap and usually hurts my stomach. I like to get my fats from other sources besides oil, like cheese, avocado and sour cream. You can eat more and in my opinion tastes better than smothering it in oil.

Still trying to get my routine down though. I have the luxury of coming back here for lunch to make something, but waking up at 5:30 am I dont have a huge appetite. Since I get off at 3, I was thinking about starting up a diet similar to the warrior diet. Basically have some protein pudding around 8:30-9:30am, head home and make another protein shake with some beef jerky for lunch then hit the gym after I get off work and eat the vast majority of my calories at 5pm or later. I’ve noticed here recently I get the most hungry at night. It hasn’t always been this way, but that’s the way it is currently. I figured a schedule like this would be ideal. I would also save a massive amount of money by not eating out for lunch everyday. I estimate roughly ($6 for lunch x 5 days a week = $30 a week x 4 = $120 a month or $1440 a year) … not bad.

As for my workout, I’m still really enjoying sticking to the 4 main lifts as the bedrock for my routine. I have always like playing around with my workouts and changing up how frequently I hit muscles and how many days I go to the gym, but as long as I leave these 4 lifts (BB Bench, BB Squats, BB seated shoulder press, DB Rows) then I know how I am progressing. If the strength is going down, then you need to eat more or do less. If your lifts are going up then don’t change anything. This week I lifted 5 days, but I think I may try to do 4 days instead. I was thinking push, pull, legs, upperbody. I also may try doing a one key lift everyday and then hitting fullbody every day. The volume will stay the same just the frequency that changes.

I like to think every muscle with the exception of smaller muscles should have a weekly volume of:

  • Heavy movement 4×6
  • Moderate movement x 2 for 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Light Movement (usually isolation) for 3 sets of 12+-25 reps

So if you do 4 full body workouts a week, using a chest as an example, then Sunday could be heavy bench, Tuesday could be moderate Incline bench, Thursday could be Dips and Friday could be Chest flys. I’ll probably give a test drive this week. By blending in different rep ranges it shouldn’t be too draining on the Central Nervous system.

I wouldn’t mind getting in some more walking either. I like tuning out to music or a podcast and just the relaxing effects walking brings. By lifting 4 days a week, this allows 3 walking days and maybe some walking at my lunch break. I estimate blending a protein shake to take a max of 5 mins and not having to prepare food will save me a lot of time at this hour.

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