Journal Entry 215 – First Week at New Job

First week back at a full time job after 3 months off. This week was a typical 9-6 shift and next week will be the same. I woke up at 6:20 am every morning and either walked for an hour or lifted for an hour. The gym is wide open at this time and I love it. Waking up that early definitely takes getting used to though and wasn’t easy every day. I will soon have to wake up at 5:20 every day, so 6:20 is a good warm-up to prepare for that. 😉

My typical day looks like this:

  • Wake up at 6:20am
  • Make coffee and protein shake
  • Get to gym by 7:00-:7:10
  • Workout and finish by 8:20-8:30
  • Drive to work (3 mins away from gym)
  • Work til 12pm
  • Lunch Break
  • Work til 6pm
  • Drive home and take shower
  • 6:50pm – Make Dinner
  • 9:00pm Protein dessert
  • Bed by 10:30-11
  • Repeat

Again my actual schedule will be different and I will have to be at work by 6am and off at 3pm. So I will obviously workout at 3pm instead of the early morning. Beside a tremendous drop off in free time, it hasn’t been too bad. Work is straight training at the moment, which can be stressful because I’m trying to pack in a lot of knowledge (finance) all at once. I had a decent understanding of finance, but nothing this heavy in it.


Increased my 45 deg leg press up to 360lbs this week, squats are at 225lbs, but wasn’t able to increase. Bench at 190lbs and I’m very close to increasing that up. Chinups about the same. DB rows at 110s for heavy and 100s for moderate.

This week I subbed in DB Bench press for BB seated press, but I may change that back. I also really like DB rows more than Barbell rows for a lot of reasons, but the main one is I just feel it much better in my back and I can use heavier weight.


Been drinking a protein shake every morning for breakfast after I workout and drinking lots of coffee throughout the morning/day. Lunch was variable this week and I ate out every day, but most of what I ate was pretty low calorie and easy to track. In the afternoon I usually have a quest bar, beef jerky and some pop chips. My office provides a lot of free good and drinks for the employees. Then dinner is usually very high in protein, followed by protein pudding for dessert. I did a higher carb day on Tuesday and ate 4 servings of gluten free pasta for dinner. I plan on making the weekend higher in calories, since I have more time to eat and a bigger appetite in general.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 215 – First Week at New Job

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Michael,

    Really enjoying the Chad Waterbury inspired total body training 🙂
    I came across an article that basically advises same thing with the exception of throwing in a dropset at the end for a little extra volume.

    Whats your thoughts on that? I like the idea.

    I was also wondering if you do your push and pull in superset fashion (bench then chinup back and forth)
    or Straight sets (bench x 3 than onto chin-ups)

    I prefer the supersets little better recovery.


    • Michael Cocchiola

      That’s awesome man.

      Yeah the dropset would likely be fine as long as its not too heavy of a weight.

      Push, pull and legs can all be supersetted if you wish since they all work different muscle groups. Could even do a triset if you wished but that would likely be very difficult at heavier weights.

      I recently switched to 5 day split of push, pull, legs, push, pull, off, off. It keeps the idea of a rep goal but only has one major lift a day and the rest is moderate to higher reps. This is mainly because my new job is very inactive and I wanted to increase the intensity to 5 days vs 3 days.


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