Journal Entry 214 – Starting New Job and Future Routine

It was a good couple of weeks for the Holidays. My diet was derailed, because of family coming in town and eating out almost constantly and drinking a decent amount each night, but I tried to do the best I could. If I had to wager I may have put on 4 pounds of bloat (not fat), but not much. I’m going to tighten it up a little now that things are getting back to normal.

My new job starts on the 4th. The first two weeks is a typical 9-6 Monday through Friday for training. After this period my work schedule will be Sunday – Thursday from 6am – 3pm, which I’m looking forward to working. My mornings will be earlier than I’m used to, but I also get off right before rush hour and get in and out of the gym before it gets crowded.

My first two weeks I will hit the gym early. Probably wake up 6:30am go directly to gym and be done around 8:30. I will switch between lifting and walking daily. I will likely do Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday for lifting and the rest of the days I will walk. After this two week period, I plan on keeping the same setup, but I will do it at 3pm instead of the morning and also move the days to Saturday, Monday, Wednesday. The place I work is located very close to my gym. It’s in a solo office building away from the main business parks, so while everyone is heading in the same direction to work and stuck in traffic, I’ll be heading in the opposite direction. 😉 I’m also moving to an apartment about 2 minutes away from my job and my gym, so really looking forward to that.

I also changed my workout slightly, so that instead of having a heavy day and two moderate days, I moved one heavy move to the beginning of each workout, followed by two moderate moves. I then follow this with two more random isolations of my choice for the day. These isolations are up in the air and I usually just do what I feel like on these days. For example, if I want to do chest flys and rear delts I will do that, but I could do a bicep/tricep superset. I feel like these isolations will keep the workout somewhat fresh and allow me a good degree of flexibility each workout.  The only thing set in stone is the 3 main push/pull/leg movements that begins each workout with their allotted rep and set goal.

Sample Workout:

  • BB Squats – Heavy: 3-4 sets of 23-24 rep goal
  • Inc DB press – Moderate 4-5 sets of 37-40 rep goal
  • DB Row – Moderate 4-5 sets of 37-40 rep goal
  • Two Random Isolation Movements 3-4 sets of 40-48 rep goal
    • Seated DB Curls
    • Lateral Raises

Diet wise after another 2 week holiday break is going to be back to normal. High protein with lower carbs and moderate fat. I do plan on throwing in some carb cycling though. Keeping fats around 50 grams on average, protein around 180-200grams and will play around with carb intake. I estimate my total activity to go down a bit though, now that I have a job, which isn’t really a big deal. My plan is to do one day during the week and one weekend day as high carb days and always on a lifting day. Trying to keep it roughly every 2-3 days as this is when your metabolism cant start to down regulate a little.

I got a pretty awesome blender for Christmas, along with a thermal protein container that keeps it cold for 5-6 hours. I plan on making a protein shake every morning and just drinking it after I lift. I used to make lunch, but not sure what I’m doing for that yet. Going have to see it how it fits in my day. I’ve been flirting with the idea of Intermittent Fasting to be honest just to make it easier on myself from a meal prep standpoint. Well not exactly fasting, but just keeping it low calorie for the first half of the day and then feasting at night. If I do a protein shake, coffee and quest bar during the day, this allows me to straight up feast at night regardless of how many calories I’m shooting for.

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