Journal Entry 211 – New Diet and Workout Approach

Being unemployed has give me a lot of time to research questions and topics I never quite fully understood before. For example, if low carb is so effective then why do you need a minimum of 1-2 refeeds a week to prevent your metabolism from crashing? Do refeeds actually work? Is keto a good approach and how do you do it? Can you build muscle and burn fat simultaneously and if you can how exactly do you pull it off? Is full body or split training more effective? Why do some people get better results with the same program and others don’t? What plan will take my body my to the next level and end this plateau? How do I prevent the weekends from destroying my progress?

Luckily I found answers to most of those questions and have planned a new approach to encompass all of them.

After doing a 5 day split last week with one body part each day, I came to a realization. Almost no one needs to spend that much time on one body part. Sure people do it and get results, but it takes an enormous amount of time and isn’t necessary in the least. When I go to the gym, I want to feel like I worked out. When I go in and do one body part, I end up doing way too much volume per body part, because I feel like I’m just not working hard enough. It’s like this feeling on dissatisfaction. With Fullbody workouts its quite the opposite. Usually towards the end I’m struggling to finish and after I feel really satisfied after putting in a lot work. With fullbody you only lift 3 times a week, but each session is incredible. With a 5 day split, demotivation starts to set in and going to the gym feels like a chore. Especially when I get there and have been lifting for an hour and feel like I just wasted my time because there’s only so many lateral raises you can do on shoulder day. I was reading a workout that Chad Waterbury came out with and modified it to my liking. I did this past week and it was the best thing I have done in years of lifting. It also pushed me harder than I’ve been pushed in a long time.

The Workout routine and details:

This plan is a fullbody workout done 3 times a week. There are two moderate rep days and one heavy day.

The instructions are as follows:

  • Each workout has a Push, Pull and Legs exercise to start the workout and is the core focus. These change each day of the week.
  • Each day has either a heavy rep day or a moderate rep day. The heavy rep day is one day a week and consists of finding your 6 rep max on each exercise. The moderate days (2 a week) consist of finding your 8-9 Rep Max on each exercise.
  • On the heavy day your have a rep goal of 24 reps. This means you take as many sets as necessary to reach 24 reps. You also rest a max of one minute between sets. This means it could take you ten sets to hit 24, but you can’t move to the next exercise without hitting that number. Heavy weights and short rest times are not easy, but it pushes you to do more work in less time.
  • The moderate day is set up the exact same way, except your rep goal is 40 reps, since the weight is lighter.
  • Progression is reached once you are able to hit your rep goals within 4 sets on heavy day and 5 sets on moderate day. Once you are able to complete all reps within 4-5 sets, then increase the weight, following the same instructions.
    • Example – Moderate Day Chinups – 8 reps, 7, 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 (41 reps hit, but it took 10 sets)
    • Example 2 – DB Inc Bench Press – 65lbs each – 10 reps, 8, 8, 7, 7 (40 reps hit within 5 sets, increase the weight next time)
      • Also if you hit like 38-39 reps within 5 sets then likely an increase in weight next time is necessary.

I have never worked out in fashion such as this, but it was awesome. My abs have never been this sore and the workout selection is very minimalist style. Here is the workout below, modified to my liking:

  • Day 1 – Heavy 6 RM
    • BB Squats
    • Bench Press
    • Chinups
    • Cable Crunch
    • Rear Delt machine
  • Day 2 – Moderate 8-9RM
    • DB Lunge
    • Barbell Shoulder Press (seated)
    • Barbell Row
    • Barbell Curl
    • Reverse Crunch
  • Day 3 – Moderate 8-9 RM
    • Trap-Bar Deadlift
    • DB Incline Press
    • Chinups
    • Dips
    • DB Lateral Raises

Very, very simple exercise selection. The last two exercises are what I consider to be optional, but very valuable isolation movements to include. Chinups are very difficult to do after deadlifts on day 3. It took me awhile to finish those haha. I haven’t been this sore in awhile to be honest. This workout as simple as it looks is not easy though. The volume can get pretty high and if you’re not sore the next day then you picked the wrong weight or didn’t follow the rest period of one minute max. My rest days include some bodyweight exercises, stretching and walking, but nothing overly taxing.

Total weekly volume is right around 100 reps or so for each body part, maybe slightly more for certain body parts. This seems to be enough for hypertrophy to occur without overkill on the volume.

I wrote a post this morning that kind of went over where my diet is headed. Calories will be around 1800 a day with protein and carbs totaling at least 1300 calories a day and fat at around 40-50grams. Carbs and Protein will be around 165 grams a piece. I would like to be leaner than I am now because for a couple of months I haven’t been as on “top of my game” as I would have liked. Not that I got out of shape or anything, but not as lean I as I like to be. My cheat days were becoming more common and it would set me back a few days. I will probably keep protein slightly higher and carbs slightly lower out of personal preference.

On an unrelated note, Creed may have been the best movie I have seen in a long time. Incredible acting and storyline. Also found it to be incredibly motivation personally.

Also Giants decided to lose to the Redskins this week. They could have literally walked into the playoffs, but decided to lose instead and will likely miss the playoffs, because their remaining schedule is very difficult. Good job Giants. 😉

Some pics from the week:


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