Journal Entry 201 – More Random Thoughts

Weighing in at roughly 170lbs for the week. My legs and hip flexor have felt almost completely healed, so I decided to add in some some squats this week. Cardio also feels much better and I have no pain at all. I implemented some front squats and abs into my full body routine and it took a little longer than I wanted and planned for. I may have to split it up again soon just to save time, so I dont run over on my lunch break. Not sure how I plan to break it up, but I’m thinking push, pull, legs and shoulders may be in the cards again.

I’ve also been doing higher reps this week and really enjoying it. Doing an exercise for 3 sets of 12 reps with PERFECT FORM is entirely different than doing 4 sets of 6 reps with sloppy form. I’ve been guilty of lifting with my ego instead of my actual muscles here recently and I plan to change that in the coming weeks. I plan to stick to 3 sets of 8-12 reps for everything and aim towards the higher end of the range. It’s kind of hard mentally to drop the amount of weight your doing for the sake of perfect form, but I feel like its very important in order to feel the muscle.

Nutrition wise been sticking to the same ole diet for the most part. The only exception is one day a week I go to town on food. I usually wait for this day to find me, but I think its a very important thing to do when keeping calories reduced most days. There is usually one day during the week (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) when my appetite it absolutely ravenous haha. My body is telling me something on these days, so I usually eat surplus on these days. What’s funny is after this day I actually lost 2lbs down to 168lbs. The whoosh effect at its finest. Do that everyday and it leads to fat gain, but do it once a week on a healthy eating plan and the body responds favorably. Cortisol drops dramatically and leptin goes up. These both help to burn fat quicker.

The reason is hormonal, but overfeeding has a lot of benefits that low calories shut down. I’ve been sticking to 2000 calories most days of the week and 1-2 high calorie days. But again I let these days find me, I dont plan them. Because sometimes when I’m not hungry on Tuesday I dont do an overfeed, because I dont feel like I need one. But lets say Wednesday comes and I’m ravenous I know its time to eat more.  Here recently I’ve been listening to my body more. I’ve been more liberal with my eating plan and it seems to be working very well.

Also I was having a conversation with a resident and they asked me what my favorite foods are. My top 5 chicken, broccoli, protein bars, protein powder and low calorie ranch (Bolthouse). (Weird I know) I must be the only person on the planet, to have protein bars and powder on the list, but I absolutely love them. I tried Muscle Pharm’s Birthday Cake protein bar this week and I would say hands down one of the best bars I ever had. It tastes exactly how it sounds. Quest bars are still the best, but these bars deserve some respect.

On an unrelated note, I highly recommend listening to The Weeknd if your into music. I think he could be the next Michael Jackson in terms of talent. He’s a little older than me at 25 years old, but he’s got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. I think Justin Beiber is due for a good comeback as well. I see some Justin Timberlake potential in him and I think he has a very good voice, especially recently. His early stuff not so much, but his last album was very good. Also for workout music, you can’t go wrong with Eminem while lifting. Cardio I like motivational soundtracks and faster paced music like EDM or Techno and I feel like it enhances my workout.

Some meals from the week:

Outback 6oz sirloin with Fries
Outback 6oz sirloin with Fries
Coffee shake
Coffee shake
Chicken, veggies, whole egg, crab rangoon
Chicken, veggies, whole egg, crab rangoon
BBQ chicken, pasta sauce with veggies and broccoli
BBQ chicken, pasta sauce with veggies and broccoli
Meat and Veggies
Meat and Veggies
Chipotle - Chicken, Pinto and Black beans, double onions and peppers, salsa and lettuce
Chipotle – Chicken, Pinto and Black beans, double onions and peppers, salsa and lettuce
Trader Joes Gnocchi with added chicken and broccoli
Trader Joes Gnocchi with added chicken and broccoli
Chicken and veggies
Chicken and veggies

7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 201 – More Random Thoughts

  1. Carson


    Good article.
    Well said about the reps and form etc. I think whether your performing strength at 6 reps or even endurance at 15 FORM is KEY, it is not talked about enough. I cant think of one legend that I watched in a video training whether it be coleman, arnold, reg park that didn’t have perfect form….though they did cheat on the Last* rep just to get an extra in.

    Theres so much different opinoion on rep ranges etc its crazy…but if there one thing I think history has told is that they all work! ****But the key is Form/Effort/Progression.****

    Reg Park built it up pon 5 reps heavyyy ass weights
    while at the same time
    Steve Reeves was doing 10 Reps
    ….They have almost identical physiques during that era. I use these examples because Drugs were no exsisitant or for that matter still peanut minimal.

    And Full Body is still the king my book, works well for me don’t know how bout you ….i mean why not elevate protein synthesis 3 times a week instead of 2 or 1??? 🙂

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    • Michael Cocchiola

      Haha yeah that looks brutal man. Especially doing it 3 days a week. I feel like that would take a while to do as well, but seemed to work well for him. But yeah man I’ve really been enjoying full body. 3 days is a nice sweet spot and doesnt lead to burn out like other splits do. As long as you change the exercises each day it keeps it interesting as well. Are you still doing carb cycling?


  2. Carson

    Carb cycling yes.
    But I did learn some things.
    Train mon/wed/fri tue/thur/sat=cardio sunday=fuck it
    I run High carb 5 days a week with a surplus. (high carb)
    1 day low carb and maintenance (50-100 gram)
    1 day low carb (50 gram or less) and big deficit.

    – It doesn’t make sense when trying to build muscle to cycle calories too much because even on non training recovery days you need a calorie surplus of some sort to build tissue, which is why I don’t like a lot of the setups. Your body is building muscle upto 72 hours after you train* not during.
    – The day in a large deficit I got the idea from Christian Thibodeau. He called it a control day. In which you drop the calories and carbs to hoard off fat gain from piling in food all week as well as loose all the water retention you got from eating carbs all week so you can get a good weight reading the day after and feel less bloated.
    – Hitting a surplus on a low carb day I DO NOT advise. Some gurus who advise bulking carb cycling suggest to still eat a surplus on low carb days but get those calories from fat. I say hells NO I found I gained fat immediately doing that. Since im very lean I notice it quickly. But when I eat huge surplus carbs just doesn’t happen as easily. Thank you De Novo Lipogensis! Low carb higher fat days should be a maintannce or below, which is what I do as mentioned above.

    High carb diets while bulking are frowned upon but I think its overdone. If people are worried about insulin problems than make sure you always have protein or fat with your carbs, and if your trying to gain weight you should me relatively lean in the first place and thus should not have Insulin problems in the first damn place(diabetics aside)
    Always keep some cardio in there too, because all training helps with inuslin sensitivity.

    I hear people talk about how they feel like they get fat on high carb diets…Bullshit! Yes you gain a shit ton of water weight and a lot in the stomach area, but that is not fat!. BUT go eat a higher fat diet…sure you wont retain as much water and you will feel light and airy but you will gain some real** fat.

    Im not sure if you agree with all this….but this is my real life experience so far.


    • Michael Cocchiola


      Sounds good man. I remember that control day article as well. Although Christian T. is very erratic when it comes to advice. When your pounding food it can really be a relief to take the day off from eating. Seems to be a very good plan though as long as your strength is going up. I agree that wild swings in calories arent a good idea. But I do think smaller ones are a great idea. I dont think surplus calories are a good idea everyday though. At least not for people like me. Underfeeding and overfeeding balanced each other out and I think both should be used during the week, because they both have benefits. But again no extremes. Meaning zero carbs on day and 800g the next is pretty dumb when you think about it.

      Right now I’m doing 3 days surplus, 3 days fat burning and 1 day of maintenance. I’ve been much more social here recently and that usually requires some drinks, which can throw the macros off a bit. I’ve been doing more of a calorie cycle vs carb cycle though. Meaning everyday is some what balanced. Fat burn days are usually 1800-2000 calories and surplus days are anywhere from 2500-3000 calories depending on how much activity I do. Friday is maintenance at around 23-2500 calories. Protein is always around the same, fat varies from 45-70 grams and carbs get varied frequently as well, although they havent been lower than 150grams here recently.


  3. carson

    Everybody has to adjust accordingly*, no one size fits all and you are breathing example. You high cal days are training days correct? figure better to have low cal days on days off.
    Example- Its funny I was comparing steve reeves and reg parks diets….they were both geared towards 20/20/60 high carb and moderate protein. The big difference was that Park apparently ate like a monster consuming mass amounts of food meals like – 16 oz steak with potatoes soup and a quart of milk……while steve reeves ate a lot too but no where near the same amounts. yet they were of similar size and porportions go figure.

    I was listening to (sorry to refrence the man again lol, hes my hero lol) Arnold was talking about bulking up and the diet. He said unlike a lot of bodybuilders he never believed in consumsing mass amounts of food to gain weight rapidly. He wanted to look as close to contest all year round that way if he had to hit the stage it was not gonna take long. He thought that once you got fat it would simply be easier everytime after that (science has proven this since but the guy knew by instinct…prrty damn smart)****He mentioned he would like to eat controlled great diet 6 days a week and then sundays they all ate whatever they wanted usually a couple pies. Now they never counted calories or anything back in those days, so it was all my eye and results. But I think the message is to eat as best as possible majority of the time and your gonna do fine long term. So They knew back then if wanted to gain they would eat some more good food BUT not go crazy, and when they wanted to cut they would eat less BUT not starve themselves…..I think these rules prrty much are still the way to look at it…we just count shit nowadays lol. Impressive they didn’t at all and made it so far.

    P.s. Check out this bit of knowledge I came across its interesting.


    • Michael Cocchiola


      Yeah I have noticed 95% of bodybuilders eat a diet that is roughly 40-50% carbs 30-40% protein and 20-25% fat. Its like you hear all this info and research about how incredible dietary fat is in high amounts to replace carbs, yet they fall apart pretty quickly in the long term. I admit low carb works very well for fat loss, when calories are reduced, but it seems like once the weight goes so does the strength levels. Also adding a bunch of dietary fat to build muscle wasn’t very effective for me either, even though I wanted it to be. I feel like you HAVE to be Ketogenic AKA >30 grams of carbs a day and be adapted to it for a long period of time to make it work. But who wants to eat under 30 grams of carbs a day all the time? Not many people. Also your diet gets very repetitive very quickly.

      They also found for adequate testosterone production carbs should outnumber protein 2:1 unless your on a ketogenic diet. Muscle loss is also nonexistent on higher carb diets as long as protein is at least .7g per kg of lean body weight and calories dont dip too low. I was reading Nate Miyaki’s new book and he recommends for someone of my size 170lbs and 155lbs of lean body mass, a macro split of 124/45/250 P/F/C and around 1900 calories on low days. That’s a lot of carbs in a deficit. On higher days he recommends going up to maintenance or higher all increases go to carbs so macros would be 124/45/450 P/F/C. To hit those number I may need to bust out some sour patch kids haha.

      But yeah old schoold bodybuilders figured this out years ago through anecdotal evidence and all the current research coming out trying to refute almost always ends up being wrong. Its like what worked 50 years ago still works today haha.

      Also that’s a pretty interesting chart. Pretty much everyone runs on carbs.


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