Journal Entry 195 – WSB part 3


This week I did my 40 minutes of cardio in the morning every day. I enjoyed it at my parents house in Powhatan, because the country road makes it very easy to zone out and enjoy nature with minimal distractions from cars. At my place however it was a different story. Constant construction and traffic coming in and out were not only distracting, but dangerous. This also makes it very hard to focus and “zone out”, which for me is crucial to get a good workout, especially when running. I really did like implementing cardio into the daily routine though and the benefits can’t be ignored. I’m going to try and switch around when I do cardio and probably add it in in the afternoon instead after work. Even the place I work has a long driveway that after a certain hour, no one comes down and would make the running much more enjoyable.

The cardio did start to feel like a chore at my place however. I can’t say I enjoyed waking up an hour early to run in a noisy environment with constant cars zooming by me. And I’m not a huge fan of treadmills either, unless I’m doing incline walking. So I’m either going to do cardio after work or save it for rest days during my lunch break. 3 days a week of 30 minutes of cardio has been shown to achieve most of the benefits of exercise, so even if I save it for just rest days, I still get the benefits.

Another thought was to try and jump rope between sets of my strength workout. I’m become very good at it and its a good way to keep the heart rate elevated during a workout. I’ll most likely try them all out and see which is more enjoyable.

My lifting split this week was:

  • Saturday – Push
  • Sunday – Pull
  • Monday – Legs and Abs
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Push
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Rest

On Friday I put on a weighted vest and walked on an incline for roughly 35 minutes. It was actually really good cardio. It’s amazing what even an extra 10lbs feels like when your walking. Goes to show why its so important for athletes to be low body fat during the season to maintain optimal speed. Body fat isn’t doing you any favors in that department.

I think my plan is to start to doing Westside for Skinny Bastards III (WSB part III). This is a football based workout designed to increase strength, muscle and athleticism. Since I’m implementing more cardio and still want a blend of everything lifting provides I think this will be a good plan. Brian Cushing and JJ Watt both have done this in the past and from what I read of it seems very well designed in regards to implementing all the factors of lifting into one workout.

This is a 4 day upper / lower split with two heavy (Max Effort days) and two lower (Dynamic Effort Days). The Max effort days are when your going for PR’s in the gym on one main lift. I plan to do Barbell Bench Press and Trap Bar Deadlifts. Trap bar deadlifts are one of my favorite moves, because it combines the squat and deadlift into one movement and takes a lot of stress of the lower back. Due to the angle you hold it at, it also allows you to get more weight up. There’s only two Max days though, as lifting too heavy tends to stress out the central nervous system. The other days are dynamic effort, which are rep based days to focus on endurance. This workout also hits your traps pretty hard. The template leaves a lot of variation to the persons liking. Meaning you can replace certain exercises if you don’t like them.

Planned Schedule:

  • Sunday – Cardio
  • Monday – Max Effort Upper Body
  • Tuesday – Dynamic Effort Lower
  • Wednesday – Cardio
  • Thursday – Dynamic Upper Body
  • Friday – Cardio
  • Saturday – Max Effort Lower Body


I plan on doing some calorie cycling with this plan. Going to leave the cardio days in a deficit, the dynamic days at maintenance and the Max Effort days in a surplus.

I think my macros will be higher fat, adequate protein and lower carb. With one carb-up day somewhere. Going to get some ground chuck meat this week (higher fat), avocados, cheese, butter and lots of eggs. Most of my carbs will come from vegetables and some fruit (usually berries and a small apple). One day a week usually Saturday I’ll just eat whatever.

A couple things I noticed personally. Butter is superior to coconut oil and olive oil when it comes to cooking for one main reason: taste. Butter taste so much better than the other two and may have the most benefit in terms of testosterone. I’ve noticed better digestion with it as well.

When eating a lower carb or starch diet, sodium become a non issue and you need almost triple the amount then you do with lots of carbs. This is to keep your electrolytes in balance. Since carbs and insulin production is lowered, the kidneys dumps salt. The solution is to each more salt and make sure to eat enough potassium from vegetables. Also supplementing with magnesium is important as well.

I think progress will be easier to chart with a higher fat diet, due to not only preference in meals, but water retention. Carb ups are tricky, because sometimes I nail them and other times I fail and get bloated. Carb ups also can cause lots of weight fluctuations on the scale and even though I know exactly why they are happening it still is kind of annoying to deal with.

At higher calorie intakes, I also feel like my body does much better with fat, then a bunch of carbs. Whether it be genes or just a nutrient partitioning effect, I’m not sure. Its most likely due to my history with long term low carb diets, making my body more sensitive to glucose. Or should I say more efficient with glucose. The sources of fat are also very important, because just like carbs, the wrong fats can cause lots of inflammation and fat gain if consumed in high amounts. Beef, cheese, avocados and butter will be the main sources and maybe some high fat, low sugar chocolate if I can find it. Beef bacon and not pork bacon should be a good choice. Also have to include at least 1-2 tbs of peanut butter. Not the best source, but since fat is going to be so high, there’s no way I’m not including this in. Should be some good times.

Pics from the week:

Texas Roadhouse side salad and roll.  Pretty much amazing
Texas Roadhouse side salad and roll. Pretty much amazing
New SUV radio
New SUV radio
Meat, two eggs, crab rangoon and veggies
Meat, two eggs, crab rangoon and veggies
Pork tenderloin with veggies
Pork tenderloin with veggies
Chicken cooked in butter, veggies and whole egg.
Chicken cooked in butter, veggies and whole egg.
Higher fat chicken with butter and veggies
Higher fat chicken with butter and veggies
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio

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