Journal Entry 190 – 2 on 1 off



Week 35

6/06 – Missed – 3000 calories – 10000 steps – 5 miles

6/07 – 173.4lbs – 2500 calories – 9700 steps – 4.8 miles

6/08 – 174lbs – 1700 calories – 14800 steps – 7 miles

6/09 – 174lbs – 2050 calories – 13100 steps – 6.2 miles

6/10 – 174lbs – 2250 calories – 6300 steps – 3 miles

6/11 – 175lbs – 1800 calories – 13500 steps – 6.4 miles

6/12 – 175lbs – 2050 calories – 12000 steps – 5.7miles

Average Weight – 174lbs /  Average Calories – 2200


My body temperature is still roughly around 97.2 degrees. Still too low in my opinion and it needs to get raised back up. Been doing more research on the topic and some of the information on the internet is comical. There is so much bad information out there its no wonder people get confused. You could type in one topic and get 20 different articles all saying different things. The only way you can separate fact from fiction is to know a decent amount about the topic in the first place or to get it from a really trusted source. A good example of what I’m talking about is an article about foods that raise body temperature and the top two foods were water with lemon and peanuts. Both of these foods do nothing. Cayenne pepper was mentioned, which is true for a very short time, but does nothing long term to bring it up, unless you eat it at every meal.

Since I’m a minimalist, I like to keep things simple. The best foods to raise metabolism are Salt, Saturated Fat, Sugar and Starch or the 4 S’s. I did not make this up, but it was discovered by independent researchers who studied Ray Peat. I have to agree, because I noticed a superfood that encompasses all of these in one: pizza. No one is ever in a bad mood after eating pizza and that’s is mainly because it has 4 of the main stress fighting foods in it. I notice every time I eat pizza, my mood and energy instantly improves. This is only true if its real pizza, not a thin crust, gluten free homemade pizza with no cheese on it. I’m not sure what that is, but its not pizza. I also noticed foods that contain a mix of these usually work better. Meaning the foods have salt, starch and saturated fat vs just one of these in isolation.

Also calories are important but if you eat 2000 calories worth of vegetable oil vs 2000 calories worth of cheese pizza, then these will have two different effects on the body heat. Also when you eat may make a difference. If there is a time during the day where you find yourself very stressed out ,then that would likely be a time for a big stress fighting meal or a least a good sized snack with the 4 S foods included.

As for Sugar Vs Starch being better than the other, I really dont think it matters. There is a lot of research showing that the difference is negligible and starch usually fits better into normal meals. Although fruit would probably be better during the day due to it ease of consumption as a standalone snack.

Another important thing I learned from Charles Poliquin is the interaction of the 4 main neurotransmitters. Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA and Serotonin. The first two are exciatory (promote energy) and the last two are inhibitory (promote relaxation) All these are necessary from proper brain functioning. If you have too much of some of these and not enough of the others, then your brain becomes unbalanced and this leads to mood issues, anxiety, low energy and inadequate recovery. The thing is though these do NOT function in isolation. Meaning you would have to eat nothing but carbs to get the GABA and Serotonin release, but you would miss out own the dopamine and acetylcholine, which would lead to sluggishness and fatigue. The best way to avoid this is to include protein at each meal, with carbs and fat and some fiber to control the release of all these of these hormones. This kind of confirms my belief that balanced meals are usually superior and why these hormones also confirm that including the 4 S’s at a meal would be superior to any of those in isolation. If you only eat protein and fat then you only get a release of the first two hormones, which is good for energy, but bad for relaxation. If this is carried out for a long time then you become unbalanced and can develop anxiety, low mood and low motivation. Vice verse eating like an obese person and only eating a lot of carbs void of protein, healthy fat and fiber than your GABA and serotonin are too high, which leads to sluggishness, laziness, becoming overweight and poor energy levels. Balance is key.


My new workout schedule is 2 on 1 off repeat. My split is Chest/ Tris, Back/Bis, Off, Shoulder/Upper Chest/Traps, Legs and Abs off Repeat. So basically a 5 day split with 2 rest days, although there are no specific days of the week that I do a certain muscle group and they tend to float around. I actually really like it. I noticed upper body and Full Body workouts are very fun to do, but they kill me the next day, especially if its mainly compound movements. I mean I could be out for days after these workouts. I also like to isolate certain muscles like traps and rear delts and by doing full body workouts I just end up either doing way too much or leaving out too many muscle groups I want to hit. I felt the best way to address this, is to give each muscle group its own day and hit it every 6th day like a normal bodybuilder. Tom Venuto said this is his preferred way to training (meaning 2 on 1 off) and he occasionally likes to do (2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off)

Also getting rid of the real heavy weights and focusing on form for anywhere between 6-12 reps. I usually shoot for 8-10 and if the weight is too heavy 6 is usually the least amount of reps I can get. I also can knock these out in around 45 minutes or so and really been enjoying it so far. It’s similar to a Bro Split, but not quite the same. Also ego is taking a hit because the amount of weight I’m using has dropped on most exercises, but this doesnt mean I have gotten weaker, just that I’m focusing more on the muscles and not just about getting the weight up at all costs.


Average of 2200 calories this week. Still playing around with different foods and everything. My breakfast is pretty much always two scoops of protein powder mixed into pudding with fruit, lunch is usually meat, veggies, eggs (hardboiled) and cheese and dinner contains the bulk of calories and carbs with adequate, but not excessive protein eaten at dinner. I always have some type of dessert that is roughly 100-150 calories that is mostly carbs. Body temp is rising, but still needs to be higher. May bump the calories up a little more this week and may play around with different foods to see its effects.

Pics from the Week:


Meat, veggies
Meat, veggies
3/4 cup of black refried beans 1 cup of spanish rice 3oz of chicken 3 corn tortillas fat free sour cream
3/4 cup of black refried beans
1 cup of spanish rice
3oz of chicken
3 corn tortillas
fat free sour cream
Meat, veggies, potatoes and butterbread
Meat, veggies, potatoes and butterbread
Meat and Veggies
Meat and Veggies
Meat. veggies and toast
Meat. veggies and toast
Meat, veggies and toast
Meat, veggies and toast
Meat, veggies and crackers
Meat, veggies and crackers

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 190 – 2 on 1 off

  1. Carson

    Yea ive seen that! that is the main reason I take Creatine!! frakin awesome. I did find it suprising about coconut oil though. That being said ray peat has too much good stuff to state on coconut oil I will still have a tbsp. or 2 a day :).
    *Creatine doses are kinda bullshit though .03 g/kg is all that is needed .05 if you want to be safe almost all else will be pissed out. BUT the supplement companies have got everybody sold on the loading and 5 gram a day bullshit.

    COFFEE WINS AGAIN!! check this study out.
    -57% increase in dht roughly 2-4mg caffeine per kg all it took


    • Michael Cocchiola

      Yeah pretty impressive results from such a low amount. Makes sense though since creatine is the main ingredient in beef.

      Yeah that article was interesting, but the question becomes the amounts needed to trigger those hormones. Also nobody eats just one type of those foods and usually balance them out with foods on both sides of the scale. For example, eggs with broccoli and coconut oil. Most people balance these foods out and this can counteract the negative effects.

      Yeah coffee is awesome. Dont think I would ever give it up haha.


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