Journal Entry 187 – Body Temperature and Metabolic Rate



5/16 – 174.4lbs – 2900 Calories – 7100 steps – 3.6 miles

5/17 – Missed – 1900 calories – 10300 steps – 5.2 miles

5/18 – Missed – 1900 calories – 11700 steps – 5.5 miles

5/19 – 175.4lbs – 1850 calories – 11900 steps – 5.9 miles

5/20 – 175.8lbs – 2160 calories – 11500 steps – 5.5 miles

5/21 – 175lbs – 2300 calories – 11900 steps – 5.6 miles

5/22 – 175lbs – 2400 calories – 13300 steps – 6.3 miles

Average Calories – 2200 calories – Average Weight – 175lbs


So last week I decided I was going to do a modified version of the V-diet. This is a low carb, full body plan. But I’ve feeling off for the past 2-3 weeks and I had no idea why. Been low carbing it pretty much 6 out of 7 days of the week, just due to taste preferences and making sure to keep the fat and protein going strong. After writing my blog post, I stumbled upon an article talking about body temperature and its relation to weight and metabolism. Very interesting research and it seems pretty clear that for every degree below 98.6 degrees you are, there is a good 5-10% reduction in metabolism and this is probably closer to 10%. Basically if your BMR is 1800 calories and then your metabolism is slow by about 180 calories a day. Your BMR is the main thing affected and I’m sure you could make up for the cratering of a metabolism, by walking or jogging a ton. But the point is the dropping of the metabolism shows something is off. Not enough energy is coming in and the thyroid is slowing down along with a host of other negative side effects for energy production. Decided to test mine out and it was 96.6 degrees. Thats a big drop off of about 360 calories a day.360 x 7 is about 2500 calories a week. I also noticed I wasn’t getting nearly as motivated to life anymore. I had a burn out feeling and no matter how many times I changed my workouts, it wasn’t enough to get me into it. Lowered base body temperature is good from a longevity standpoint, but not from a good being in the “present” standpoint and this is something I need to fix.

My plan is to do more of a bodybuilding routine and do a 5 day push/pull/legs routine. I noticed when I workout my body temperature heats up to 98.6 or higher and stays there for a few hours. Hot showers also achieve this and so do bigger meals with lots of carbs. The workout surge in temperature is likely due to adrenaline. This is still good, but you ideally want your temperature to be warm always and not have adrenaline and cortisol keep it elevated at all times. I also plan to increase calories mainly through carbs. My estimated maintenance due to reduced body temps is about 2250 calories a day. Is this number 100% accurate? – Probably not. My body temperature in the morning is right around 96.6-97.2. But this is a fair estimate of how much I’m burning roughly. I plan to eat at least this everyday and slowly increase till I reach higher body temps. I noticed a few weeks back that my estimated maintenance was right around 2500 calories. It didnt make sense to me due to my high activity levels, but now I realize it could have been a lowered body temp. I also noticed body temp can fluctuate a lot during the day. I’d say on average it hits mid 97’s during the day. Again not a huge decrease, but I still want it to be at least 98 where it should be.

I do feel that normal body temp is very important. Not only for general health, but for energy and putting on muscle and strength quickly. So the new plan is to do a new routine with roughly 3 sets of 8-10 reps on everything about 5 days a week, eat more carbs and less fat and protein, eat at least 2300 calories a day and monitor body temperature as I go. Not sure how long it will take to get back to normal, I guess it depends on much I eat. Definitely not going to combine too much food with a lowered metabolism as this will mean fat gain. I really do enjoy low carb diets from a taste and ease standpoint, but if this is one of the side effects, then I may have to wave goodbye to them for now and probably for good.


Saturday – Upper Body

Sunday – Bodyweight Circuit

Tuesday – Chest only

Friday – Pull

Strange split this week. Took most of the week off due to lingering soreness and lack of motivation. I realize now, why I’m sore all the time, due to lowered body temp impacting recovery.

This week I plan to introduce some more variety into my workouts, by not focusing so much on strength and including more overall exercises with reduce number of sets per movement. Haven’t done this in awhile and I think I’ll like the change.


This week I was aiming for roughly 2200 calories 250g of carbs / 165g of protein / 61g of fat. I will bump this up if I noticed no change in body temperature. My main goal was to eat more carbs and less fat and protein while maintaining a calorie deficit. I plan to eat at least maintenance this week though. I noticed I’m actually getting leaner and pushing past plateaus by eating more carbs and less fat. I also eat most of my carbs at night, mainly for energy reasons. I dont like big carby meals during the day at all. Energy sucks and it leads to cravings. By eating all my carbs at night, I really dont care if makes me tired because I’m not doing anything anyway. Plus you get to make a really big meal and it also helps with sleep. I expected the scale to spike, but if anything it has gone down. I have lowered my fat intake a bit though mainly to incidentals, mainly because I’m trying to focus on carbs at the moment due to its effects on body heat. Still trying to figure my go-to meals with carbs and a lot of the time it ends up being random carby foods, mainly because I dont know what to make haha.

I’m hoping this is the key to getting me out the rut I currently find myself in.


Chicken, black beans, special K chips
Chicken, black beans, special K chips
Kettle Corn made with coconut oil.Low fat though.
Kettle Corn made with coconut oil.Low fat though.
Trader Joes breaded chicken tender and veggies
Trader Joes breaded chicken tender and veggies
Protein powder with a sweet potato
Protein powder with a sweet potato
Huge strify with meat, veggies and potatoes
Huge strify with meat, veggies and potatoes
Lean meat, veggies and pasta with pomodoro sauce
Lean meat, veggies and pasta with pomodoro sauce
Breaded chicken tenders, two potatoes, baked beans, Butter bread and some veggies
Breaded chicken tenders, two potatoes, baked beans, Butter bread and some veggies

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 187 – Body Temperature and Metabolic Rate

  1. Carson


    This is the best page on Thyroid pulse tempature etc.

    Ray Peat is THE guy when it comes to this stuff.
    I have adopted many of his diet suggestions:
    -milk,cheese,eggs,gelatin main protein source
    -Milk&OJ are the Bomb.
    -only fats being added should be coconut oil or butter as a second option

    Theres a lot more but I suggest you do more research on his stuff its amazing.
    My body temp was 98.7 this morning in bed.
    His biggest beef though is fats and anything that is not saturated fat is not meant for human consumption and once you hear him explain it, it totally makes sense.

    Check this reference page out to its all his comments related to exercise too!
    -He basically says cardio is the devil here ha, lifting weights is good sprints are ok, and 1 gram per pound of protein for athletes not just for muscle building effects but to help liver.

    Right now im following 4 day upper/lower- training days high carb low fat
    -off days high fat low carb(low carb but atleast 100-120 grams) once you go below this your prrty much not smart 120 best*
    Good reference advice from david kingsbury Hugh Jackmans trainer. see below


  2. Michael Cocchiola

    Nice links man. I definitely have some reading to do haha.

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of drinking a bunch of calories, but I’ll take a look at some food suggestions. But yeah for me the temperature was kind of eye opening. I do like low carb diets, but apparently they really just have too many negatives. I plan to be more consistent with keeping calories up, so probably not going to be cycling too much.

    Ill have to read these articles and I’ll be sure to comment on them. Thanks for the links.


  3. Carson

    I agree, even on my off days im still at maintenance or in a surplus.
    Everybody downtalks drinking your calories but Ray Peat loves it because of its ease of digesitilibbty and assimilation through cells. Liquids in his mind are better prefered for humans (breast milk? perfect human food reminder ha).

    His diet principles are actually easy to follow and enjoyable.

    Those are 2 good links as far as his diet ideals.

    The only thing I partially disagree with is his sugar ideals. Even though I think sugar is not bad for us and gets undeserved bad reputation I like to balance my sugars and starches out a little more. Glucose is better for leptin reasons of course.
    Whereas Peat would have limited startch and tons of sugar….not sooo sure.

    Peat says sugar,caffiene,dairy are awesome vegtebales overated and gives a 100 refrences to evidence why.

    Where as everywhere you look nowadays people say complete opppiste on all those….deffinetley against the grain!

    *Once I got more milk (1%) in my diet though my temperature went up .5 and stayed. (3-4 glasses a day*)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Michael Cocchiola

    Yeah very interesting reads. Especially his views on exercise. I think the most important thing is to avoid high polyunsatured intakes and eat more protein and carbs. Its something bodybuilders have done for years and only recently have people started to change something that wasn’t broken.

    I defineelty dont agree with all his food choices though and he has some OCD in regards to some foods. I feel like the amount you eat makes a big difference.

    There was one quote about building muscle and burning fat at the same time, due to speeding the of the metabolism and muscles oxdizing fat faster than fat does. Found that very interesting.

    Also protein should always be eaten with carbs, so that it doesnt lower blood sugar and get oxideized as a source of energy and release ammonia into the body.

    This guy definetly seems ahead of his time in regards to his research haha.


  5. Carson

    I know hey it he isn’t bias or preaching any quire for certain money makings. Its simply scientific fact unbiased. You should try listening to one of his podcasts…you wil last 5 min and than be asking yourself “wtf did he just say I don’t understand” lol.


  6. Carson

    That is a good website. The one thing I just don’t get is how peat can claim that starches are bad and make people fat. I think both glucose and fructose have there place don’t get me wrong….but I like around at traditional cultures that lived off of starch and I don’t see too many fat people. (Asians-rice, Scottish/irish-potaotes/oats)


  7. Michael Cocchiola

    Yeah I dont get that either. Menno Henselmanns had a good article talking about how all carbs were basically the exact same in healthy individuals. (at least on body composition) I do agree that sugar is actually absorbed slower than pure glucose, but other than that its pretty much the same. I actually like a decent blend to be honest. Not pure sugar, but not pure starch either. I think the important thing is overall carb intake and making sure to get enough carbs in general.


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