Journal Entry 183


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Week 27

4/18 – 174.8lbs – 2650 calories – 9300 steps – 4.5 miles

4/19 – 176.8lbs – 2250 calories – 6200 steps – 3.2 miles

4/20 – 175.8lbs – 2200 calories – 11500 steps – 5.5 miles

4/21 – 176.6lbs – 2100 calories – 18500 steps – 8.7 miles

4/22 – 175.4lbs – 2100 calories – 12600 steps – 6 miles

4/23 – 175.8lbs – 2050 calories – 11200 steps – 5.33 miles

4/24 – 175.2 lbs – 2100 calories – 14000 steps – 6.7miles

Average Weight – 175.7 lbs – Average Calorie Intake – 2200 calories


  • Saturday – Chest/Tris
  • Sunday – Back/Bis
  • Monday – Legs
  • Tuesday – Cardio
  • Wednesday – Chest/Back
  • Thursday – Shoulders/Arms
  • Friday – Cardio / Abs

Did more of split based workouts this week. I havent done chest/back and shoulders/arms in a while, but actually really enjoyed it. I was able to superset every move and got the workout done in relatively quick period of time. I was worried after doing chest/back that my shoulders and arms would be sore, but they weren’t really at all. I stuck to about 3 exercises of 3 sets each for each body part with roughly 6-8 reps on the first move and 8-12 on the rest. My goal was to hit roughly 10 reps though since that’s is the perfect middle ground. Next week I plan to have 2 chest/back days and 2 shoulders/arms days spaced about 3 days apart. I will also have one legs day and 2 cardio only days.

I actually really liked supersetting moves though, because I got a pump that I havent gotten in a long time. It kind of made me miss the “bodybuilding” style workouts vs the strength oriented power workouts. I was also able to move through each move much faster without so much waiting around. Also I feel its important to control the weight and not let the weight control you. Powerlifting is good for strength, but I have seen very small and strong powerlifters that displayed pretty small amounts of muscle size. For example, they were around 180lbs and could deadlift over 600lbs. On paper you would assume this person would be extremely muscle with a big back and traps. In reality, they looked like an average lifter at best and with clothes on you probably couldnt even tell they lifted.  If you want to look like a bodybuilder, then you should probably train like one.

What’s funny is until recently (last few years or so) most bodybuilders didn’t really stray out of the 8-12 rep range for 3 sets. The lines became crossed between strength and athletic training and bodybuilding. Also bodybuilders use a lot more variation with training, which can trigger overall more muscle because it hits angles that get ignored by compound only movements. There was an interview from Jay Cutler who basically said exactly this. He said I never really changed my training, because it never stopped working. He also never really trained for strength, which many people make seem like its a requirement now. Dont get me wrong increasing strength is very important, because progressive overload is a requirement, but you may not need to do this with brutally heavy weights that drain your CNS and energy levels. For example, your form and control of the weight is much better with a weight you can get at least 6-8 times or more. If you try to do 4-5 reps the form usually gets sloppy and its takes a long time to recover from, while also pounding joints and increasing your chance for injury. Not too mention it hardly builds muscle size.

I didnt realize how long its been since I did an old school bodybuilding style workout. I’ve been so focused on strength and heavy weights that training for the pump and variation took a backseat. Again progressive overload is still the goal, but just in a higher rep range.


Averaged about 2200 calories this week overall. Nothing special in terms of meals.

Been listening to my weekly podcasts and had a good laugh over one comment I heard. The speaker basically said his high fat and very low carb diet led to superior digestion and energy levels. He also states that he eats very low vegetables, because veggies aren’t that healthy and are unnecessary (in his words). Right after he said this, he said he went to dinner at a friends house and had a salmon salad that of course had tons of raw vegetables in it. He said that salad wrecked his digestion for days. Think about that for a minute. If you have really good digestion, then you should be able to eat veggies and digest them just fine. If you cant digest them, then your digestion sucks. I would have love to know what would have happened if he introduced starches and fruit back into his diet. It probably would have sent him into a diabetic coma. Real healthy pal. In my view, a healthly digestive track is one that can tolerate just about everything with no trouble at all. Bowels should be large and regular. If your constipated or barely going then its usually a sign that your metabolism is slowing down or your not eating enough. Also restrictive diets only help your digestion if you never eat certain foods again. If you plan to ever have a piece of fruit or go for pizza with your friends and family again, then be prepared for a lot of bloating and discomfort. You can heal your digestion, by regularly consuming these foods again, but it will take a few months to adjust.

Also for people on high fat very low carb diets, I just dont see it being a good idea long term. Not unless you do them correctly, by cycling in carb refeeds. Again leptin is very important and its released in response to HIGH INSULIN. This is bad if your fat, but if your lean then you cant ignore this hormone or a lot things are going to shut down for you. So you can have a high carb dinner or have high carb days or whatever, but at some point your going to need that upregulation. Also carbs have been shown to increase digestive health as well due to certain bactertia it provides. I’d say every 3rd day would be good for cycling if your lean.

I’ve been enjoying the high carb dinners. It allows for more variation in the diet. I’ve been keeping fat around 70 grams or so, protein around bodyweight and the rest have been carbs. Sometimes I do find the carbs can increase my appetite, more so than if I didnt have any, but that’s why I keep them to one meal a day and not all throughout the day. Trust me I tried this in the past and it got me brutally hungry.

Also Quest Bar released a new flavor: Mint Chocolate Chunk. Looks amazing, but probably going to have to order it online, because it will be a few weeks before its in stores.

Pics from the week:

Leftover Bertuccis with mixed veggies and chicken
Leftover Bertuccis with mixed veggies and chicken
Shrimp and Broccli with cheese and a crag rangoon
Shrimp and Broccli with cheese and a crag rangoon
Lean meat, veggies and white rice
Lean meat, veggies and white rice
Gluten free pasta with pomodoro sauce and chicken and broccoli also added some low fat pepperoni
Gluten free pasta with pomodoro sauce and chicken and broccoli also added some low fat pepperoni
Lean meat, veggies and potatoes
Lean meat, veggies and potatoes
Lean meat, imitation crab meat, veggies and low fat vegetable fried rice
Lean meat, imitation crab meat, veggies and low fat vegetable fried rice
Lean meat, veggies and 3 whole eggs that turned into a thick pancake texture with pepperoni on top
Lean meat, veggies and 3 whole eggs that turned into a thick pancake texture with pepperoni on top

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 183

  1. Carson

    Hey Michael,

    Top of the morning to ya.

    Good article as usual. I have also gone back to more of a classic 3×10 lifting regime. I have already started to see some size gains. I hate all the dogma out there that if your not lifting crazy heavy ass weights in the 4-5 rep range that your wasting your time. This just is not true. No matter how much stuff is out there the ol science proven 8-10 range is the best of both worlds, yet its like people keep on trying to re invent the wheel. I watched a recent interview with Arnold, he was mainly blasting the new bodybuilders and Olympia competition saying how todays bodybuilders have ruined bodybuilding with the big bloated look rather than the greek god v-taper look he used to shoot for (which I agree completely with)… my point though the interviewr asked him a training question complicated one – he replied saying that too many average gym goers(not bodybuilders) complicate things mainly do to all the different advice when really the old standard methods prescribed since he was young i.e. 3 sets of ten mainly compound movements would yield the best results. He also said the same thing about cardio saying any cardio that you can stick to and enjoy will work the best for him that is light bicycling and jogging. So what I gather from the ‘OAK’ whos advice I trust as much as anyone I mean how can you not ha, is that the ol steady stade moderate cardio and 3×10 lifting regime would work best for everybody who wants too look good but not necessarily a bodybuilder *as he does mention bodybuilders do have to implement much more.

    In regards to the digestion side of your article, I also thin that vegteables can be overrated, not that there bad for you but certainly overrated….Ray Peat has great advice on this and recommends certain acceptable list which makes sense after his explanation. He also mentions regularly that poor digestion of any kind is usually asymptom of poor thyroid function. Makes total sense with that guy you were talking about, something like raw vegtebales are tough for humans to digest no matter which way you slice it (no second stomach like cows have for it) the average healthy person should have no problems with reasonable amounts, BUT when you are on a low carb diet which is catalyst for turning thyroid function into shit, than yea your gonna have bad digestion especially after raw vegteables.

    Are you still reading? lol good sorry im rambling on too much coffee this morning.

    I Have recently started supplementing with low dose T3 Cytomel, again from research help from Ray Peat and others. I did not really* need to but my TSH was not Perrrfeecct ha so I figured why not, research shows low dose T3 is not risky at all especially in divded doses. It is mainly though of a fat loss agent and a damn good one in the fitness community but also a very good agent in low dose form when trying to make leangains on a bulking/gaining plan. I am currently on a controlled cycle calorie type bulk atm and I was gaining with very minimal fat gains, once I threw the T3 in WOW almost feel like losing fat and gaining same time, its amazing what a little dose of this stuff can do amazing bang for buck I have noticed tons of benefits from it not just aesthetically. Not that im suggesting you try it at all but I know you like to expand your knowledge on this stuff everyday like myself.

    IM DONE. Finally

    PCE Man! keep the good articles coming!

    P.S. Id send a pic on my progress but I don’t know how to include photos on this post. oh well.


  2. Michael Cocchiola


    Yeah 3 sets of 8-12 reps has been proven for years for the best hypertrophy which is what most people want. I have been doing a lot of strength traning recently, because apparently its the Holy Grail, but I plan to start traning like a bodybuilder again. Traning is more fun and less painful this way haha. And just because something is painful doesnt means its effective. Progressive overload is still most important, but you dont have to lift extremely heavy to achieve this. Also if you take a common sense approach 8-12 reps is perfect middle ground between too heavy and too light. This number of reps also allows for perfect form without too much straining and less CNS fatigue. Only doing 3 sets of a certain exercise also allows for more variation per muscle group.

    Yeah raw vegetables can cause issues, but cooked are highly recommended. Eating foods raw vs cooked applies to a lot of other foods as well. The more you cook them the safer they are too consume. And yeah I’ve noticed the more carbs I eat my digestion is wayyyy better. It doesnt take long to shift to a higher metabolism quickly either as soon as carbs are eaten.

    Interesting supplement though. But yeah makes sense. The faster they thyroid usually the better your body processess food and digests it, therefore food gets to your muscles faster and more effeciently vs just sitting in your gut.

    And yeah man let me know how the progress is coming. You can also email me at


  3. Carson

    Yea low fat diets are bad mainly because fat is what releases bile and thus also increases intestinal motility, I remember fiber menace book went over this quite a bit. Low carb(like 50grams aday) also has bad effects as well.

    Take home message is that going to extremes wether low carb or low fat just doesn’t work, must have balance.


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