Journal Entry 182 – Making Adjustments


Week 26

4/11 – Missed – 2900 calories – 16500 steps – 8 miles

4/12 – 176.4lbs – 2550 calories – 5300 steps – 3 miles

4/13 – Missed – 2000 calories – 15000 steps – 7 miles

4/14 – 176.6lbs – 1800 calories – 11200 steps – 5.3 miles

4/15 – 175.6lbs – 2000 calories – 12000 steps – 5.3 miles

4/16 – 175.2lbs – 2300 calories – 12800 steps – 6 miles

4/17 – 176.6lbs – 2550 calories – 17500 steps – 8.4miles

Average Weight 176lbs – Average Calorie Intake 2300 calories


Changed up my workouts a bit this week. I had some extra time to workout, so I split my workouts up into Chest/Tri, Back/Bis, Shoulders/Traps/Abs, Legs, rest/repeat. Ideally this would be followed by a rest day, but if I feel good then I’m just going to keep it going. This allows you to hit each body part roughly every 4-5 days, which is probably the best in terms of overall rest and recovery. 2-3 days usually isnt enough and 7 days is just too long. I’m keeping the same rep scheme for the main move on each day (3 sets of 5,6,8 reps with 3 warmup sets) then on everything else I pretty much do 3 sets of 8-10. Simple and effective. I used to like doing 4 sets, but noticed if I do 4 sets of too many exercises I start to get tired to quick and I usually end up doing less variation of exercises. One thing I really like about this split though is the shoulders/traps day. Mainly because I dont have to hit shoulders on Chest and Back day anymore and this saves me a lot of time and allows me to do more exercises that I dont normally do. I usually knock these workouts at in under 40 minutes or so. The beauty of this though is that I can “squeeze” these workouts into my day instead of going over and hour like the others one took. Also Abs are done randomly during the week. I usually add them to shoulder day though because shoulder day is usually much easier and quicker than the others.

These workouts have one strength move and the rest are hypertrophy based. I enjoy training in the hypertrophy range more, because of the better pump and less rest times. That being said I really do like aiming for a PR on the first exercise, but any more heavy moves after that just starts to drain me a little. This split also allows me to workout much more frequently, while still giving the muscles about the same rest time. Except maybe for shoulders, but they tend to tolerate higher volume anyway.

Only PR’s set this week were Chinups with 55 lbs added for 5 reps. The rest were basically the same.


Did a good amount of research this week and decided to change up my approach a little. Due to my high volume of exercise, my maintenance is probably closer to 27-2800 calories on most days and a bit less on the weekend. Maintenance is a moving target though and some days I go well beyond 2800 and hit 3000 or more calories. In order to properly fuel this while burning fat, I decided to adjust my nutrition on a daily basis and aim for around 500 less calories each day and no more than 750 calories. This level of a deficit, I got from Anthony Colpo who wrote the Fat Loss Bible, which basically dispels every myth ever created. He’s very interesting to read and has a good sense of humor in his writing. He’s also done every diet and sure as hell does his research. So I based my diet around his numbers and recommendations. He states that once you get leaner (either under 15% bodyfat OR under 80kg – 176lbs) then you have to be careful with your deficit. He recommends cutting 300-500 a day at this level, which well net you .5-1lb a week of fat loss. He also says that going beyond this amount (no more than 750 calories a day) you tend to lose more muscle and retain more fat. You also get a host of other nasty symptoms that I’ve talked about before such as lack of motivation, decreased metabolic rate, lower hormonal status and so on. Since I burn a different amount everyday, I will adjust my nutrition accordingly. For example if I burn 2000 calories (not likely, but an example) then I will eat 1500 calories. If I burn 3300 calories, then I will shoot for 2800 calories. It just depends on my needs. I also plan to stay in a deficit each day for more overall consistency. So no more really low intakes on some weekdays, coupled with a calorie excess on the weekends. Basically I just want to burn a lot of calories everyday and eat way more while losing fat. My metabolism should benefit greatly.

Also going to be increase my carbs a decent amount. I’m eating pretty similar to the Biorhythm diet, which I wrote and article about earlier. This way of eating has some really interesting effects and should allow me to eat more carbs without worrying about all the negatives. So all day until dinner you basically eat protein/fat/fiber/some fruit and then dinner you eat the vast majority of your carbs. You actually want way more carbs then protein (example – 120 grams of carbs to 30 grams of protein) to induce serotonin and most importantly leptin. Too much protein in balance with carbs can block serotonin and at night you dont want this. Its fine for earlier parts of the day, but not at night. Also I learned that high insulin = high leptin and not necessarily glucose levels like I previously thought. This means that 400 grams of carbs of rolled slow releasing oatmeal or low gi carbs is not good for leptin, because it doesnt release insulin high enough. Your much better off not eating carbs around the clock and eating a big feast of pasta, potatoes (white), white rice or any other high GI carb at night. My theory is that its the amount of carbs at once that counts. Meaning if you wanted to use oatmeal of sweet potates at night then just eat a really large serving all at once, but not spread out during the day. Again the higher the insulin release, the higher the leptin levels and you want high leptin in order to burn fat. If your leptin is chronically low (as it is in lean individuals) then your fat burning through the day will be greatly reduced, even eating fat burning foods all day.

Also learned a few other interesting facts this week. Johnathan Bailor talks about some interesting points about body weight set point and low calorie diets. Basically he said that trying to starve yourself or chronically undereat to lose fat is basically like stretching a rubber band. You can force weight off by undereating (pulling the rubberband), but due to the physiological changes and the body’s metabolism shutting down due to lack of adequate energy its only a matter of time before the rubberband goes shooting in the other direction. In other words, if you want to reduce fat then you need to change you body weight set point. This is not done by starving yourself. He states that eating less forces the body to burn less calories NOT fat stores. I couldnt agree more and I think this point is ignored frequently. So to change your set point you still need a calorie deficit in order to burn fat, but you have to do this by not forcing the fat off and eating a healthier diet that helps you achieve a better hormonal state. Hormones are a big player in body composition and manipulating calories to achieve a certain hormonal status may be the best way to change your body.

Another really interesting article was written by Nate Winkler. He wrote some really interesting articles in the past, but hasn’t written in over 2 years for some reason. Anyway he was talking about the Central Nervous System and recovery and said it needs 3 major things to function optimally, which are choline, tyrosine and serotonin. Whole eggs are by far the best sources of both choline and tyrosine and carbs are what release serotonin the best. He didnt state amounts, but his diet is very similar to the Biorythm diet that I like to stick to. By eating certain foods at certain times, you really can reap the hormonal benefits and get much better results than just winging it like a lot of people do.

I’ve been eating 3-4 whole eggs a day here recently and increasing my carbs at night. I should also mention that my dietary fat is kept somewhat low in the last meal. Not too low though probably 20 grams or so, but you dont want too much fat with too many carbs, because too much fat can impair glucose tolerance and prevent your muscles from soaking up the glucose.

So my Macros for the next few weeks will likely be close to the following: 2200 calories 165 grams of protein; 73 grams of fat and 220 grams of carbs. Protein and fat eaten during the day and protein and the vast majority of my carbs , probably 150 grams or so all eaten at dinner. If I’m very active, I’ll throw in some red wine occasionally in moderation.

Pics from the week:

Junk Food Sunday Bertuccis Pizza, Half Chickfila Sandwhich Veggies
Junk Food Sunday
Bertuccis Pizza, Half Chickfila Sandwhich
Lean Meat  Potato Veggies
Lean Meat
Lean Meat, Potatoes, veggies, whole egg
Lean Meat, Potatoes, veggies, whole egg
Same as above
Same as above
Trader Joes Breaded Chicken Strips Potatoes Veggies
Trader Joes Breaded Chicken Strips
Breaded Chicken Strips, fat free pringles and broccoli
Breaded Chicken Strips, fat free pringles and broccoli
Protein Pudding with Blueberries and PB and a whole egg with broccoli
Protein Pudding with Blueberries and PB and a whole egg with broccoli

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