Journal Entry 181



Week 25

4/4 – 173.8lbs – Calories Eaten 2700 – Steps – 10000 – 4.8 miles – Push Workout

4/5 – Missed – Calories Eaten – 2200 – Steps – 7400 – 3.5 miles –

4/6 – 177lbs Calories Eaten – 1550 calories Steps – 22500 – 10.6 miles

4/7 – 177lbs- CE – 1470 calories – Steps – 13392 – 6.3 miles – Pull Workout

4/8 – 175.8lbs – CE – 1523 calories Steps – 17387 – 8.2 miles –

4/9 – 174.5lbs – CE- 1519 calories – 12113 steps – 5.7 miles –

4/10 – 174.4lbs – CE – 1850 calories – 11472 steps – 5.4miles – Push Workout

Average Weight – 175.4lbs – Average Calorie Intake – 1830 Calories


Another very busy week at Williamsville. Since the weather is nice I can take residents for walks instead of staying in the gym all the time. This allows me to get my step count very high during the day, because I’m getting it done during working hours. Some residents dont like to lift and I also do a nutrition session before working out with a certain resident. This allows the steps to add up, because the driveway we walk down is 1/2 a mile down and 1/2 mile back. The steps this week were definitely much higher than normal, but not necessarily a bad thing. I racked up 10 miles one day and over 22000 steps. I actually stayed after to get an extra walking just to get over 10 miles. Milestone achievement, but probably not going to make that a habit. Once I hit 5 miles I’m satisfied.

Lifting wise was a little different this week. I missed Thursday because I was so busy all day I didnt eat anything until like 5pm. Not ideal for lifting weights, so I just moved it to Friday instead. I also played around with the reps a bit, going way higher on the 3rd set, but I’m going to go back to the way it was. I much prefer the simplicity of what I was doing. I did notice some strength loss by a few reps though. Nothing dramatic, but it may mean my deficit is too much during the work week.

Bench – 210 x 3 reps (down from 210×4.5 reps)

BB Standing Press 120×2 reps (down from 120×4 reps)

Squats and Lunges – Missed due to gym being close on Easter

Chinups 50×5 (1 rep higher than last time – 50×4 reps)

Also knocked at least 100 pushups a day.


Noticed I felt and looked a bit thin by the end of the week and not in a good way. Woke up early on Saturday for 3.2 mile walk of remembrance against drunk driving and didnt really eat anything besides a protein bar and coffee until 1:00pm. At this point my energy was WEAK. The walk was so early I didnt feel like eating anything big, but didnt know it was going to be that long before I could eat. My workout that day was not terrible, but I never got into it. It felt more like a chore than an enjoyment and it was my only 3rd workout of the week. So I should have been in a way better mindset and my strength should have been much better than it was. So obviously my calories are too low. We went to Longhorns for lunch on Saturday and I got Spinach Feta Chicken with a huge sweet potato. Unfortunately I didnt feel energized until about 6:00 oclock at night. Had another big meal at dinner and ended up at about 2900 calories with 300 carbs / 70 fat / 250 protein. Protein was way too high, but I just ate and that’s what it ended up at. I woke up this morning and looked I gained about 10lbs of muscle over night. My muscles look much fuller and feel stronger than any day this week. My stomach also looked flatter and my skin was tighter. I probably burned over 3000 calories yesterday easy, but still my body liked the extra calories.

I noticed my fat intake was really low too. Probably around 40 grams or so during the week. This fat intake is acceptable if you eat about 400g of carbs a day, but way too low if your at 120grams.

So basically I didnt have any trouble consuming low calories during the week from an appetite standpoint, but going that low just made me look skinny and feel out of it. Too low of an intake for me. This means that calories were pulled out of my muscles and not my fat stores. Not the look I’m going for.

I’m hoping the extra calories I ate today will allow me a really good Leg workout today. I plan on making some adjustments this week to compensate for the lack of energy I felt at the end of the week.

Some pics from the week:

Sunday Junkfood Mix
Sunday Junkfood Mix
Kabobs with lean meats veggies and white rice
Kabobs with lean meats veggies and white rice
Lean meats, potatoes, veggies
Lean meats, potatoes, veggies


Lean Meats, Veggies, Beans
Lean Meats, Veggies, Beans
Lean meats, onions and broccoli, Imitation crab meat
Lean meats, onions and broccoli, Imitation crab meat
Bean Stirfry with fat free pringles
Bean Stirfry with fat free pringles
Bertuccis Individual Pizza
Bertuccis Individual Pizza

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