Journal Entry 176 – Adding in Pushups


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2/28 -174lbs – 2900 calories – 6600 steps – 3.3 miles

3/1 – 176.2lbs – 1950 calories – 6000 steps – 3 miles

3/2 – 176.2lbs – 1950 calories – 8700 steps – 4 miles

3/3 – 175.6lbs – 2100 calories – 12000 steps – 5.5 miles

3/4 – 175.8lbs – 2150 calories – 10700 steps – 5 miles

3/5 – 175.6lbs – 2000 calories – 9500 steps – 4.5 miles

3/6 – 175.8lbs – 2250 calories – 9000 steps – 4.3 miles

Average Weight – 175.6lbs – Average Calorie Intake 2185


  • Saturday – Push
  • Sunday – Pull
  • Monday – Legs
  • Tuesday – Push
  • Wednesday – Pull
  • Thursday – Off – 100 pushups
  • Friday – Chest/Back/Biceps – 1 move each – 100 pushups

I think my boredom with my routine has reached an all time high. I think I’m going to try something completely different this week. I like working out everyday, but traditional routines make this difficult without burning out. Traditional routines just really don’t appeal to me at the moment. I’m thinking of doing a high frequency routine, where you hit each muscle group 3 days a week at a greatly reduced volume each session. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, but I think it will bring in some much needed variation into my training. Basically one move for each body part each workout and the reps will be a pyramid scheme so all muscle fibers are taxed each day. Here is an example to illustrate what I’m talking about:

  • Day 1
    • Chest – BB bench press – 15, 10, 8, 6, 4, 15-20 reps
    • Back – BB Row – same reps
    • Biceps – BB Curl – Same reps
    • Abs – Cable Crunch – same reps
    • 15 pushups between sets – At least 100 a day
  • Day 2
    • Legs – BB Squats – 15, 10, 8, 6, 4, 15-20 reps
    • Shoulders – BB Press – same reps
    • Triceps – Dips or Close Grip Bench Press – same reps
    • Traps/Rear Delts/medial delts – Same reps
    • 15 pushups between sets – at least 100 reps
  • Day 3 – repeat Day 1 with different exercises for each body part
  • Day 4 – repeat Day 2 with different exercise for each muscles group
  • Day 5 – same as Day 3
  • Day 6 – Same as Day 4
  • Day 7 – OFF or start cycle over

An unorthodox split, but very interesting and fun. Muscle growth is still the priority and all rep ranges are hit with each exercise. Dont let this split fool you though. Its much harder than it looks. The good thing with this split is greatly reduced soreness after each session. I do like feeling sore, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to more muscle growth or indicate an awesome workout. The last set of 4 reps is where I will try and push for a PR on each exercise, while the other sets are meant to stimulate muscle size and blood flow. I’m also going to start adding pushups everyday. I plan to start with about 100 total spread through the day and add about 15 between each set. Pushups give me incredible energy and pump my muscles up very effectively, so I want to implement way more of them in my routine; not every now and then either, but every day.  The volume of this split is likely very similar to a traditional split, its just spread out differently over the week. Again this is more of a trial to prevent boredom. This could be a horrible failure, which sees a quick return to a normal routine haha. I’ll take my chances.


Same old, same old in my diet. I did hear a very interesting fact this week about how big of a role height plays in your overall lean body mass and metabolism. For every 1 inch of height, you have about 7 more lbs of lean body mass then someone shorter than you. So lets take two people, both at 5% bodyfat (about as low as it gets for males) and one guy is 5ft 8in and the other is 6ft 0in tall. The 5ft 8in guy would have 150lbs of lean body mass and the guy that is 6ft tall would have 178lbs of lean body mass, even with the same amount of body fat and muscle mass. The lean body mass in this case refers to bone size, muscle length, total body mass, etc.. Very interesting considering your total lean body mass is very important for a high powered, high calorie burning metabolism. This means that taller your are the easier time you have of losing weight and vice versa. This is why men lose weight far quicker than smaller females. Again its not overall weight than influences metabolism, but most likely the extra lean body mass due to increased height that plays the biggest role. You also burn more calories moving around a bigger body, so that’s also a factor.

Also read some interesting info on sodium intake in regards to boosting the metabolism and muscle growth. Sodium is very important for cellular hydration in regards to energy and muscle mass. When you go on low carb diets and especially on Ketogenic diets, sodium gets flushed much more readily and this can cause the body to dehydrate. Many people think that “low carb flu” of giving up carbs is due to a lack of carbs, but this is not the case. The biggest reason is because when you cut carbs, they are cutting out a lot of hydration from their diet. Every gram of carb holds 3 grams of water. Go from 300 grams of carbs down to 50 grams and a lot of the body’s water stores vanish. What the “low carb flu” really is, is dehydration. This brings on light headedness, foggy thinking, low energy levels, high cortisol and low T levels and other undesirable consequences. Even a sluggish thyroid if inadequate salt is consumed (thyroid needs iodine). You need about 3 times the amount of sodium on low carb diets as you do on high carb diets. Once the sodium issue is corrected, most people feel just fine. I think this is why some people hate “the switch” to a low carb diet, while others have no problems at all. If you use too many “health, clean foods” with no sodium as many have been told to do, you will feel the effects of dehydration. If you consume adequate sodium, your body will hold onto more water and you will feel just fine. So its not the carbs, its your hydration level. I feel like this is often overlooked when people say they hate low carb diets. There’s also some research showing that low carb diets reduce testosterone levels compared to high carb diets. But again when sodium is too low nasty things happen. Sodium has been show to retain hormone levels and adequate minerals (magnesium and zinc) in the blood, so it could have been the people in the study just weren’t hydrated enough, weren’t consuming enough sodium to compensate for the lack of carbs and were most likely losing precious minerals from the amount of water they were flushing out. Again you probably need at least double the recommended 2400 mg of sodium of a low carb diet and maybe triple if your on a Keto diet. So to sum this up, people really do feel bad on low carb diets, but this is due to cellular dehydration and not a lack of carbs. Consume more sodium to promote cellular hydration and your energy levels will be just fine. Sodium is often overlooked in the macro-nutrient war, but it is highly underestimated.

There’s also a recent study showing that ketogenic diets build just as much if not more muscle than high carb diets, when adequate protein is consumed on both diets. Although their results were pretty close. This goes to show that overall calories and protein are likely the most important, while the distribution of carbs and fat depend on the individual. Most people still do better with moderate amounts of each macro in their diet.

Some pics from the week:

Shrimp and Broccoli Crab Rangoon Steamed Dumpling Whole Egg
Shrimp and Broccoli
Crab Rangoon
Steamed Dumpling
Whole Egg
Potatoes, meat and veggies
Potatoes, meat and veggies
Potatoes, 2 whole eggs, meat and veggies
Potatoes, 2 whole eggs, meat and veggies
Meat, cheese, veggies, an egg
Meat, cheese, veggies, an egg
PB Oatmeal Balls - These are awesome
PB Oatmeal Balls – These are awesome
Meat and Veggies with Alfredo Sauce
Meat and Veggies with Alfredo Sauce

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