Journal Entry 160



1/17 – 173.4lbs – 2600 calories – 6500 steps – 3.2 miles

1/18 – 175.4lbs – 2600 calories – 6500 steps – 3.2 miles

1/19 – 175.4lbs – 1670 calories – 12800 steps – 6 miles

1/20 – 176lbs – 1680 calories – 12600 steps – 6 miles

1/21 – 175.2lbs – 1600 calories – 14200 steps – 6.75 miles

1/22 – 173lbs (168,172,175lbs) – 1600 calories – 10600 steps – 5.1 miles

1/23 – 172.5lbs – 2100 calories – 15000 steps – 7.2 miles

Average Weight 174.4lbs – Average Calorie Intake 1970 calories

My weigh-ins were very inconsistent this week, because my scale is broken. It still gives readings, but the reading are all over the place. On 1/22 it gave me 3 different readings, so I just took the average. I also weighed myself on 3 different scales and they all gave different readings, so the average is off this week. I haven’t decided what scale I’m going to get next.


Pretty good week of training though. No PRs were busted and my chest workout was pretty weak because my triceps were very sore. I’ll post pics below of each workout, to show the weight lifted for each exercise.

My back workout was off to a bad start because I had to do regular barbell deadlifts in place of trap bar deadlifts. The reason being because some lady was using it doing 20lbs on each side. My weight lifted decreased on the amount I was able to do. DB Rows and chinups were very good though.

Shoulders and triceps were up next and it was a very good workout. Did 3 sets of 6 reps with 55lbs in each hand for DB shoulder press and then did heavy dips for triceps with about 50lbs.

Legs and biceps was the last workout I did and I changed up the rep scheme slightly to a reverse pyramid. Instead of doing 3 sets of 6 reps like I did for every other muscle group, I changed it to 3 sets of 4-6 reps, 6-8 reps, then 8-10 reps. The first set is your all out set where you aim to bust plateaus and set a PR, then you drop 10% of the weight each time and aim for 2-3 more reps. Repeat this for however many sets you do. The beauty of this is your first sets recruits all muscle fibers, so that when your drop the weight on the next set, the weight feels much lighter than it usually would. I must admit, I really liked this scheme. It also added in a lot of volume to the muscles, which brought an awesome pump and fatigue response. Overall the weights were still very heavy and strength gain is still the goal, but dropping the weight allows for better form and more volume for more size.  I also added up the total weight lifted by doing this approach instead of just reps at 6 and I ended up lifting an additional 1000 total pounds each exercise.

I still may go back to the 5 day split though. This week I will rearrange it to allow for better recovery. It will be Chest day, Back Day, OFF, Shoulder Day, Arms Day, Legs Day, OFF. This will allow 2 days between arms and chest, so that my triceps are not sore on chest day. I may just keep it 4 though, because I was really eager to lift on each session this week. Either way it will still be the same overall volume, just spread out differently.

IMG_1679 IMG_1678 IMG_1677 IMG_1676


I may add in some calories this week to the low days. Been doing a lot of thinking and my strength is fine, but not really progressing. I still want to burn fat during the week, but I also want to increase my lifts way faster than they have been going up. I plan to add maybe 2-300 calories a day during the week mainly at dinner. The weekends will be at or slightly above maintenance.

Carbs will be kept the same around 100 grams or so maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less. I plan to increase mainly dietary fat. Dinner is usually 5-6 oz of lean meat, green vegetables (a lot) and some Firehook crackers. I plan to change that to 5-6 oz of lean meat cooked in 1 tbs of butter or just add some fatty cheese and 2-3 whole eggs on the side with a lot of veggies. Or I may do some steak and eggs each night. Mainly increasing dietary fat, while leaving protein and carbs the same. I eat most of my carbs on the weekend anyway.

Steak and eggs is an old school bodybuilder style diet aimed at increasing cholesterol and fat intake for better testosterone and hormones. My dinner is kind of boring and is too similar to lunch, so I feel like this will be a good change. Whole eggs also have a ton of benefits and I feel like I don’t eat enough of them. I also feel it will greatly help my taste buds. 😉

This will result in slower fat loss, but I feel like my leanness is right around where I want it and dont mind a slower pace of fat loss for the exchange of better performance in the gym and more food. The way I’m eating now is very similar to the Anabolic diet, which is a very popular diet that many still follow. Its similar, but not the same. The Anabolic diet is a very high fat intake and very low carb >30 grams. My carbs will be much higher around 100 grams during the week and fat and calories wont be over maintenance.

If my body responds well to the increased calories I may keep slowly bumping them up, by adding more fat on the low days. Again mainly increasing fat for the added Testosterone boost. Carbs will be replenished on the weekend. The more and more research I read, shows that carbs are pretty overrated for muscle gains and a lot of people are better served with a higher fat intake. Menno Henselmans has an awesome blog with current research proving this. Considering weight training doesnt deplete that much glycogen, it doesnt make sense to overeat carbs all the time. Although carbs should be high on at least 1-2 days to fill up glycogen stores for better gym performance and to upregulate certain fat burning hormones.  I also feel dietary fat has more to add in the way of added nutrients and hormone support, then carbs. Most carbs have very little if any nutrition, besides fruits and veggies of course, mainly referring to starches.

Most high carb approaches come from people on steroids. They eat high carbs because the steroids provides all the necessary hormones and testosterone. Meaning they dont need any dietary fat to make hormones because the drugs provide all they need. So they eat a ton of carbs to make up their energy balance. Adding fat works for me though. It tastes way better than most starch sources.

Pics from the week;

Bertuccis calzon with side salad
Bertuccis calzone with side salad
Dinner at Williamsville coworker together. Peruvian steak with sweet potato fries, roasted chicken and brusell sprouts.
Dinner at a Williamsville coworker party.
Peruvian steak with sweet potato fries, roasted chicken and brusell sprouts.
Left over Bertuccis
Left over Bertuccis
Lean Meat, Veggies, Firehook Crackers (Typical Dinner)
Lean Meat, Veggies, Firehook Crackers (Typical Dinner)
Shirataki noodles with low fat marinara sauce, lean meat, low fat pepperoni.
Shirataki noodles with low fat marinara sauce, lean meat, low fat pepperoni.
Garnacha Vino
Garnacha Vino
Protein Pudding and PB oatmeal balls with portion of a quest bar
Protein Pudding and PB oatmeal balls with portion of a quest bar

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 160

    • Michael Cocchiola


      Yeah generally fat intake ends up somewhere in this range. It largely depends on how many carbs you eat though.

      If you around 100 grams of carbs a day you want to aim towards the higher end of the fat intake and if your around 200 grams of carbs or greater the lower end usually works better.


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