Journal Entry 158

Week 12 Log:

1/3 – 173.2 lbs – 3300 calories – 8200 steps – 4.1 miles  (Refeed – 350 net carbs / 56g fat / 213 g of protein)

1/4 – 175.5 lbs – 3000 calories – 6800 steps – 3.4 miles (Refeed – 380 net carbs (80 fiber) / 44g of fat / 206g protein)

1/5 – 179.2lbs – 1450 calories – 18000 steps 8.4 miles

1/6 – 176lbs – 1400 calories – 12000 steps – 5.7 miles

1/7 – 175lbs – 2700 calories – 8500 steps – 4 miles (Refeed 320g of carbs)

1/8 – 177lbs – 1550 calories – 13000 steps – 6 miles

1/9 – 176lbs – 1550 calories – 12000 steps – 5.7 miles

Average Weight – 175.9lbs – 2100 calories

Alright so this was the first week of the cycling diet. There was good and bad. I liked the high calorie weekend portion and my main goal was to add in calories, but the weight spiked all the way to 179lbs from a low of 173lbs. I though the second refeed or high carb day was also excessive. I’m considering leaving calories high and eating a good amount of carbs, but not nearly as high as it was this past weekend. I plan to maybe leave carbs to a max of 270 grams and increase dietary fat to compensate. This will decrease water retention and bloat while giving me the calories I need to grow. Not to mention taste better. 🙂

I wasn’t big on the mid week spike in calories with the full body workout either. My main goal is still to get down to about 170lbs. I was making good progress on Monday and Tuesday, but then had to break the progress to refeed, even though I really didnt want to. I may adjust this so all the overfeeding occurs on the weekend. That will spike my weight on Saturday and Sunday and give me Monday – Friday to weight off and Friday night – Sunday night to feast and make muscle gains. This will work much better from a social standpoint as well. To me it makes better sense as well. Hit 4 – 5 fat burning days in a row with one goal of burning fat then shift gears on the weekend and refeed. The depletion workouts will also create a bigger carb sink, so I could eat more carbs without softening out.

I was also really in the mood to lift more during the week and I’m considering modifying the week to have two depletion workouts (for fat burning and so I can train more) and add in some exercises on the weekend to make up for Wednesday. This means I will have to do heavy bench and heavy shoulder press in the same workout, which I really dont like doing, but I like the setup better this way.

Basically the layout will be this:

Monday – Cardio – Low Day

Tuesday – Push Depletion Workout – Low Day

Wednesday – Cardio Low Day

Thursday – Pull Depletion Workout – Low Day

Friday – Cardio – Low Day (may begin high calories on Friday Night)

Saturday – Push Hypertrophy – High Calories

Sunday – Pull Hypertrophy – High Calories

Again this will allow me to keep the weight loss progress going and then increase calories on the weekend when activity is lower, I’m more social and calories are easier to eat.

As for my lifts, Bench was bad. 185lbs for 6,5,5,5 reps. Main reason is because I hadn’t really eaten carbs in two days before the workout, so I was relatively depleted. If I moved this to the weekend after 2 high carb meals and maybe a pre/intra workout drink then I my muscles hydration would have been much better and stronger. Considering carbs deplete water and a 23% drop in hydration can effect strength levels as much as 60% it makes perfect sense that my lifts weren’t great. I plan to fix this on Saturday.

Barbell Shoulder Press was very good though and got 115 for 6,5,5,5 reps. Trap-bar deadlift was 235×6,5 then 245×5 then back down to 235×5 reps. The rest of the workout went good as well.

A quick note – This routine above is what I plan to do next week. If I dont think its better than the original plan than I will go back to the original plan and overfeed on Wednesday and remove the depletion workouts. The overfeed will be less carbs but more or less the same calories. Its trial and error until I find the plan that I really get into and enjoy for a decent amount of time this year. I do think by tailoring down the excess carbs on the refeed day and just bump the calories up the results may be a bit better. But we will see.


As I stated above I’m going to manipulate nutrition a little. I played around with my calories and food choices during the low days and I found that if I had hit 100-120 grams of carbs (enough to keep the liver full) my energy and cravings were non- existent. Unless your on a ketogenic diet, not giving your liver adequate nutrition is a very bad idea. When the liver is empty it sends a lot of negative catabolic signals throughout the body and you tend to get stressed more due to the bodies lack of glucose. You definitely want to avoid this when trying to recomp and maintain healthy energy levels. If I went down to 50 grams my energy wasn’t nearly as good.

Low Day macros – Carbs 120 grams / Protein 165 grams / Fat 40-50grams (Roughly 15-1600 calories)

High Day macros – Carbs 270 grams / Protein 190 grams / Fat 60-90 grams – a few alcoholic drinks 😉 (Roughly 2700+ calories)

I also really want to start drinking an intra workout shake of high glycemic carbs. I feel like the worst that could happen is I perform the exact same way. I dont think this would hurt my gym performance and hopefully greatly enhances it instead.

Also found a really good addition to my diet on low days: beans. Beans are too fibrous to be a starch, but a little high in calories to be considered a vegetable. But they make a really good addition to stirfrys and really help fill you up in a high protein, high vegetable meal. Beans also help you easily stay around 120 grams instead of going too low or too high. I may start making more meals with beans instead of vegetables only. Basically homemade Chipotle style with onions, chicken or beef, beans, lettuce and salsa.

Some pics from the week:

Sunday Refeed Meal 2 low fat egg rolls 6oz chicken Firehook Crackers Butter bread Baked Beans
Sunday Refeed Meal
2 low fat egg rolls
6oz chicken
Firehook Crackers
Butter bread
Baked Beans
6oz of lean meat Large amount of Veggies
6oz of lean meat
Large amount of Veggies
Same as Above
Same as Above
Refeed Meal 6oz of meat Veggies French Fries (low fat) Butter bread Crackers
Refeed Meal
6oz of meat
French Fries (low fat)
Butter bread
New Shoes - I really like plain white shoes for some reason. Kswiss are also extremely comfortable too.
New Shoes – I really like plain white shoes for some reason. Kswiss are also extremely comfortable too.
5 oz of chicken, peppers and onions, 1/2 cup black beans Side of crackers
5 oz of chicken, peppers and onions, 1/2 cup black beans
Side of crackers

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 158

  1. Carson

    Another good article Michael.

    Sorry to bug ya again ha.
    Im a huge fan of the bodybuilding days of the 70’s (golden era) when it was more about look and asthetics (V Taper) rather than mass size Coleman etc…Arnold/zane/ferrigno. Ive been doing a lot of research on there diet and nutrition.
    It seems a majority of them followed plans similar to those set forth my legendary Vince Gironda(who also you need to research the guy was ahead of time and a pioneer in every aspect so much to learn).

    I was just saying you should check some of that stuff out you would find it interesting im sure. Heres a good link to a video you should watch too. Rick Drasin trained with most of those guys*


    • Michael Cocchiola


      Yeah man, there is a lot of research coming out that shows carbs arent all that important at all for muscle growth or health. Some of the negative consequences of carb cutting tends to come from not eating enough calories and not carbs themselves. I do however recommend something like this guy did, where he didn’t eat many carbs during the week, but would have a loading day or two on the weekend. This serves to fill the muscles back up and keeps you training. If you look at the glucose requirements for pure weight lifting, its actually not high at all. Especially if your doing lower rep heavy strength training. If you do very high reps then you deplete a fair amount. But if your doing 5-8 reps, which I plan to do, you definitely do not need that many carbs at all. Kinda funny you posted it, because I’m doing something similar with my diet right now. 5 days around 100-120 grams of carbs and then eat more carbs/calories over the weekend. Probably between 170-270 grams or so each weekend day.

      Check out: – He writes about a lot of interesting research on his site.


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