P.H.D. Revisited – Journal Entry 161


Week 15

1/24 – 175lbs – 2800 calories – 9500 steps – 4.7 miles

1/25 – 176lbs – 2400 calories – 6200 steps – 3 miles

1/26 – 176.8lbs – 1650 calories – 12800 steps – 6 miles

1/27 – 176lbs – 1750 calories – 9200 steps – 4.4 miles

1/28 – 175lbs – 1900 calories – 7800 steps – 3.75 miles

1/29 – 174.2lbs – 1700 calories – 12100 steps – 5.7 miles

1/30 – 174.6lbs – 2550 caloires – 10516 steps – 5 miles

Average Calorie Intake – 2100 calories – Average Weight – 175.3lbs

Average calories and weight a bit higher than last week. This Friday night was kind of unplanned and higher than I anticipated, but a real fun night with a decent amount of drinks and food with friends. I actually woke up looking leaner than I have all week, but this is most likely due to the alcohol’s dehydrating effect. I’m thinking about taking 1-2 weeks off from dieting though. Its good to throw in these maintenance periods every so often to reset the metabolism. I’m happy with my leanness and I may try to get leaner in the future, but right now eating more sounds more enticing then getting leaner. Based on what I know from dieting, this means a short break is in order. The meal plan will stay more or less the same, but I’m just going to eat based on hunger and nothing is off limits.


Busy week at work. We went from 4 patients to 16 patients haha. Quite the jump in one week. As a result, this has decreased my time to train and I have been much busier. I may adjust my training slightly to compensate. What I was thinking is just doing 1 muscle group a day, so I can do a quick cardio warmup, hit that one muscle group with the reverse pyramid rep scheme and be done in hopefully 30-40 minutes. Its actually pretty similar to what I was doing, but instead of shoulders/triceps and legs/biceps, I’ll just do a shoulders/traps day, legs day and arms day. My overall steps may go down a bit as well.

Strength went up this week though. I hit 215 on squats for 6 reps, 60lb db’s on Shoulder Press, 255×6 on trap bar deads, and 190×6 on barbell bench press. I then dropped the weight by 10% on each subsequent set for a total of 3-4 sets. Really been liking this reverse pyramid scheme though. My off days just had some light incline walking.

Chest and Triceps
Chest and Triceps
Back and Biceps
Back and Biceps
Shoulders and Triceps
Shoulders and Triceps
Legs and Biceps
Legs and Biceps


Been reading and researching more on the perfect health diet in respect to the macros he recommends. I kind of moved away from his thinking, but the more I read his research I do think he is correct. He basically sets a max limit on protein and carbs and says that fat from healthy sources such as monounsaturated and saturated fat with a low polyunsaturated intake is the healthiest way to go. Protein and carbs in excess can stress the body and lead to toxicity. But on the other hand they are both critical for a healthy diet and not getting enough can trigger some very nasty deficiency symptoms. I have noticed this myself first hand. In the past I have done very high carb and protein diets, because I thought the extra insulin would have generated more muscle gain and less fat gain than the same approach with dietary fat. I was wrong and eating that way felt unnatural to me. I also definitely gained some fat eating that many carbs each day. Past a certain point protein just gets excessive as well and bloating and digestive distress is usually the outcome. For me anything over 200 grams of protein just seems like overkill. With carbs its probably around 250+ is definitely too much, especially everyday. Unless I’m very depleted of carbs I can go higher than that and look good, but once my glycogen is full anything beyond 200 grams is definitely too much. Paul Jaminet has research showing why that could be overkill for some people, even one as active as myself. He recommends keeping carbs around 100-200 grams or 30% of total calories. I really dislike percentages of the diet, because if you eat a very high calorie or very low calories diet than 30% is drastically different. For most people though he recommends between 100-150 grams. If your more active its probably closer to 200 grams or just a 100-200 gram range. This is the amount you use and can eat before it just becomes excessive. The rest of the diet should be filled with healthy fat. Fat has a plethora of benefits, the best being an increase in hormones, which are critical for optimal body composition. It also tastes good and doesn’t bloat you out like carbs do.

Based on my average bodyweight of 175lbs this is what my Perfect Health diet macros would be:

  • Estimated Maintenance – BMR = 1800 calories + 200 (thermic effect of food) + 350 calories (Daily walking and movement on average) + 200 (weight workout and extra calories burned from soreness) = 2550 calories a day (may be slightly more or less than this)
  • Recommended Macros:
  • Protein – 150-200 grams – (he recommends lower than this, but as long as I dont eclipse 200 grams I’m fine)
  • Carbs – 100-200 grams – I’ll use 195 since its 30% of maintenance
  • Fat – 120 grams of fat

Pretty balanced diet overall. Testosterone would be sky high with a fat intake that large and fat gain should be minimal if calories are controlled and the balance of the diet is maintained.

On the opposite hand he recommends at least 500 calories worth of fat, 500 calories worth of carbs, and 300 calories worth of protein for a sedentary person to lose fat without comprising health. This is 125g carbs / 75g protein / 56g fat and 1300 calories. It wouldn’t be a fun diet, but it would rip you up nicely if you could stick to it. He also says that as long as enough nutrients are eaten hunger shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe if your sedentary, but I would be very hungry on a diet like this. Protein seems too low for me as well, but this is for sedentary people. My fat loss diet is similar to this as long as protein was basically doubled.

Pics from the week:

Lean meat 3 whole eggs Vegetables
Lean meat
3 whole eggs
2 whole eggs Lean meat  Veggies
2 whole eggs
Lean meat
Beans, lean meat and onions
Beans, lean meat and onions
Chicken, beans and onions
Chicken, beans and onions
Rockstar sugar free energy drink and tequila
Rockstar sugar free energy drink and tequila

Journal Entry 160



1/17 – 173.4lbs – 2600 calories – 6500 steps – 3.2 miles

1/18 – 175.4lbs – 2600 calories – 6500 steps – 3.2 miles

1/19 – 175.4lbs – 1670 calories – 12800 steps – 6 miles

1/20 – 176lbs – 1680 calories – 12600 steps – 6 miles

1/21 – 175.2lbs – 1600 calories – 14200 steps – 6.75 miles

1/22 – 173lbs (168,172,175lbs) – 1600 calories – 10600 steps – 5.1 miles

1/23 – 172.5lbs – 2100 calories – 15000 steps – 7.2 miles

Average Weight 174.4lbs – Average Calorie Intake 1970 calories

My weigh-ins were very inconsistent this week, because my scale is broken. It still gives readings, but the reading are all over the place. On 1/22 it gave me 3 different readings, so I just took the average. I also weighed myself on 3 different scales and they all gave different readings, so the average is off this week. I haven’t decided what scale I’m going to get next.


Pretty good week of training though. No PRs were busted and my chest workout was pretty weak because my triceps were very sore. I’ll post pics below of each workout, to show the weight lifted for each exercise.

My back workout was off to a bad start because I had to do regular barbell deadlifts in place of trap bar deadlifts. The reason being because some lady was using it doing 20lbs on each side. My weight lifted decreased on the amount I was able to do. DB Rows and chinups were very good though.

Shoulders and triceps were up next and it was a very good workout. Did 3 sets of 6 reps with 55lbs in each hand for DB shoulder press and then did heavy dips for triceps with about 50lbs.

Legs and biceps was the last workout I did and I changed up the rep scheme slightly to a reverse pyramid. Instead of doing 3 sets of 6 reps like I did for every other muscle group, I changed it to 3 sets of 4-6 reps, 6-8 reps, then 8-10 reps. The first set is your all out set where you aim to bust plateaus and set a PR, then you drop 10% of the weight each time and aim for 2-3 more reps. Repeat this for however many sets you do. The beauty of this is your first sets recruits all muscle fibers, so that when your drop the weight on the next set, the weight feels much lighter than it usually would. I must admit, I really liked this scheme. It also added in a lot of volume to the muscles, which brought an awesome pump and fatigue response. Overall the weights were still very heavy and strength gain is still the goal, but dropping the weight allows for better form and more volume for more size.  I also added up the total weight lifted by doing this approach instead of just reps at 6 and I ended up lifting an additional 1000 total pounds each exercise.

I still may go back to the 5 day split though. This week I will rearrange it to allow for better recovery. It will be Chest day, Back Day, OFF, Shoulder Day, Arms Day, Legs Day, OFF. This will allow 2 days between arms and chest, so that my triceps are not sore on chest day. I may just keep it 4 though, because I was really eager to lift on each session this week. Either way it will still be the same overall volume, just spread out differently.

IMG_1679 IMG_1678 IMG_1677 IMG_1676


I may add in some calories this week to the low days. Been doing a lot of thinking and my strength is fine, but not really progressing. I still want to burn fat during the week, but I also want to increase my lifts way faster than they have been going up. I plan to add maybe 2-300 calories a day during the week mainly at dinner. The weekends will be at or slightly above maintenance.

Carbs will be kept the same around 100 grams or so maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less. I plan to increase mainly dietary fat. Dinner is usually 5-6 oz of lean meat, green vegetables (a lot) and some Firehook crackers. I plan to change that to 5-6 oz of lean meat cooked in 1 tbs of butter or just add some fatty cheese and 2-3 whole eggs on the side with a lot of veggies. Or I may do some steak and eggs each night. Mainly increasing dietary fat, while leaving protein and carbs the same. I eat most of my carbs on the weekend anyway.

Steak and eggs is an old school bodybuilder style diet aimed at increasing cholesterol and fat intake for better testosterone and hormones. My dinner is kind of boring and is too similar to lunch, so I feel like this will be a good change. Whole eggs also have a ton of benefits and I feel like I don’t eat enough of them. I also feel it will greatly help my taste buds. 😉

This will result in slower fat loss, but I feel like my leanness is right around where I want it and dont mind a slower pace of fat loss for the exchange of better performance in the gym and more food. The way I’m eating now is very similar to the Anabolic diet, which is a very popular diet that many still follow. Its similar, but not the same. The Anabolic diet is a very high fat intake and very low carb >30 grams. My carbs will be much higher around 100 grams during the week and fat and calories wont be over maintenance.

If my body responds well to the increased calories I may keep slowly bumping them up, by adding more fat on the low days. Again mainly increasing fat for the added Testosterone boost. Carbs will be replenished on the weekend. The more and more research I read, shows that carbs are pretty overrated for muscle gains and a lot of people are better served with a higher fat intake. Menno Henselmans has an awesome blog with current research proving this. Considering weight training doesnt deplete that much glycogen, it doesnt make sense to overeat carbs all the time. Although carbs should be high on at least 1-2 days to fill up glycogen stores for better gym performance and to upregulate certain fat burning hormones.  I also feel dietary fat has more to add in the way of added nutrients and hormone support, then carbs. Most carbs have very little if any nutrition, besides fruits and veggies of course, mainly referring to starches.

Most high carb approaches come from people on steroids. They eat high carbs because the steroids provides all the necessary hormones and testosterone. Meaning they dont need any dietary fat to make hormones because the drugs provide all they need. So they eat a ton of carbs to make up their energy balance. Adding fat works for me though. It tastes way better than most starch sources.

Pics from the week;

Bertuccis calzon with side salad
Bertuccis calzone with side salad
Dinner at Williamsville coworker together. Peruvian steak with sweet potato fries, roasted chicken and brusell sprouts.
Dinner at a Williamsville coworker party.
Peruvian steak with sweet potato fries, roasted chicken and brusell sprouts.
Left over Bertuccis
Left over Bertuccis
Lean Meat, Veggies, Firehook Crackers (Typical Dinner)
Lean Meat, Veggies, Firehook Crackers (Typical Dinner)
Shirataki noodles with low fat marinara sauce, lean meat, low fat pepperoni.
Shirataki noodles with low fat marinara sauce, lean meat, low fat pepperoni.
Garnacha Vino
Garnacha Vino
Protein Pudding and PB oatmeal balls with portion of a quest bar
Protein Pudding and PB oatmeal balls with portion of a quest bar

Back to Strength Training – Journal Entry 159



Week 13:

1/10 – 174lbs – 3300 calories (Eaten) – 6900 steps – 3.5 miles

1/11 – 174.8lbs – 2500 calories – 12700 steps – 6.12 miles

1/12 – 177.4lbs – 1700 calories – 12900 steps – 6 miles

1/13- 176.4lbs – 1727 calories – 8900 steps – 4.33 miles

1/14- 175.6lbs – 1600 calories – 6100 steps – 2.9 miles

1/15- 174.6lbs – 1600 calories – 12200 steps – 5.9 miles

1/16- 174.6lbs – 1700 calories  14000 steps – 6.61 miles

Average Weight 175.3lbs – Average Calories – 2000


Decided this week to go back to strength training. I noticed after returning to certain lifts, my strength has dropped off and this really annoys me. The primary driver or muscle growth is progressive overload, not hammering out reps in the “hypertrophy rep range.” I noticed my lifts in this rep range are plateauing and not really getting any higher. After emailing my plan for 2015 to a friend (who is really into training, but not a personal trainer by profession) to get his thoughts, he recommended that I ditch the full body workout and depletion workouts. He then said to focus each move on the 4-6 rep range. Meaning a weight that you can get no more than 6 reps, but no less than 4 reps. I took his advice, but adjusted it slightly.

This week I did a 5 day split doing one body part per workout. When you lift heavy in all exercises, this is usually all you can handle. I really enjoyed the workouts and felt very good and sore after each workout. This to me means I was getting distracted by worthless crap in the gym that I didn’t need to focus on. However I moved the reps up to the 5-8 range instead of 4-6. This is more comfortable for me and helps keep my form better. By staying in this range, I expect to see constant strength gains throughout the year. Plus research show most myofiblliar growth (the growing of the actual muscle fibers) and not sacroplasmic muscle growth (the growing of fluid retention in the muscle) takes place in the 5-8 rep range or 80-85% of your one rep max. I liked outsourcing my training for once though because it gets me out of my own way when designing a routine. I can design programs for others no problem, but when constructing my own I tend to overthink it.

The 5 day split was good, but I think I can it make it slightly better by moving to a 4 day split and adhering to the same principles. My friend agreed this plan may be superior due to the extra rest. Here it is below:

  • Day 1 – Saturday
    • Chest and Triceps
      • BB Bench – Warm up – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • INC DB Bench – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Dips – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Skull Crushers 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • * Optional – Chest Flys 3 sets of 8-10 reps
      • Abs – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
    • Day 2 Back and Biceps – Sunday
      • Trap bar Deadlift – Warmup – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Shrugs – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • DB Row – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Pullups – 3 sets of AMAP
      • DB Curl – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Abs – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
    • Day 3 – Off
    • Day 4- Shoulders/Triceps – Tuesday
      • Db Shoulder press – warmup – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Lateral Raise – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Rear Delt Raise – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Shrugs 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Dips – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Rope Pushdown – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • *optional – Cuban press 3 sets of 8-10 reps
      • Abs – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
    • Day 5 – Off
    • Day 6 – Thursday Legs and Biceps
      • BB Squats warmup – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • DB Lunges – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Leg Press – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • Chinups – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
      • EZ bar curl – 3 set of 5-8 reps
      • * Optional – Hammer curl 2 sets of 8-10 reps
      • Abs – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
    • Day 7 – Off – Friday

Should be good times. I’m slightly sore from arms day going into chest day today, which is why I modified the routine to be only 4 days for some more rest. This style of lifting is very intense. It may look simple on paper, but its not. Especially when you do heavy sets for ALL of the exercises and not just the first. Arms are done twice a week (smaller muscles recover faster) and Abs maybe done after each workout. I may skip them on shoulders day as this is a longer workout. Added a few optional exercises to the workouts, which is basically just 1-2 isolation movements in the 8-10 range to satisfy my ego. Also the off days are all walking days on the treadmill.

Workout Logs:

IMG_1623 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626


Had a really easy time with the diet this week. Kept carbs down to right around 100-120 grams a day only going below that on a few days. Basically just incidentals, vegetables, some berries and Firehook crackers made up the carb intake. The rest of the diet was some added fat from peanut butter, whole eggs and some low fat cheese. Meat and protein powder made up the protein intake. Hunger was very minimal all week until Friday. I was pretty hungry, especially at night and started to crave some pizza hut haha (large stuffed crust, chicken supreme with extra cheese ;)). There wasn’t going on much socially so I figured I would just use it to my advantage to get in an extra fat burning day. Today however will see an increase in the calories to refill my muscles, taste buds and enhance workouts. Using the weekends to bump calories and take a break from your normal diet, makes it much easier to come back during the week. If I had to stay on that diet 7 days a week forever, there would be no way I could do it, even though I really do enjoy eating those meals.

My plan is built so its 4-5 days of low calories during the week and 2 high days on the weekend. I keep carbs pretty low during the week as this helps with hunger and calorie control. The weekends will see a bump of carbs up to about 180-270 grams. Dietary fat will also make a good portion of calories on the weekends, because its not like dietary fat is that high during the week anyway (usually 40-50 grams). Carb refeeds can be necessary, but I feel like past a certain point they lose their importance. As long as you give a nice bump to carbs, I dont think you need to eat an insanely high amount. Usually when I do this it takes days to clear the bloat. I find my its much easier for me to just add calories from food I enjoy, which ends up being a mix of the macros. Since calories and protein intake is the most important factor in muscle growth it seems to make sense. I also enjoy the weekends more, because I can eat more foods I enjoy without worrying about keeping fat low and carbs sky high. My goal is to eat enough to carbs to fill out glycogen stores and enough calories to build muscle and strength.

I also plan to try some coconut water during my workout. Its right around 100 calories and 20 grams of sugar, but interested to see if gives the workout a boost. I much prefer drinking this over something cheap like Gatorade, which is cheap sugar in water. Also been eating a ton of spinach here recently. Not cooking it but more on the side, but very potent for decreasing appetite. If i get hungry I ll just grab some spinach.

As for my measurments, bodyfat is getting lower and lower each week. Weight around 174 almost every day and skin caliper pinch looks like its down a few more millimeters. Not sure of the exact body fat, but its trending in the right direction.


Chicken, Beans, Onions, pico de gallo
Chicken, Beans, Onions, pico de gallo
Lean meat, whole egg, firehook crackers
Lean meat, whole egg, firehook crackers
Bean and Meat stirfry
Bean and Meat stirfry
Lean meat, veggies and Crackers
Lean meat, veggies and Crackers
1 whole egg, 6 egg whites, 2 ounces of chicken and ton of veggies with crackers
1 whole egg, 6 egg whites, 2 ounces of chicken and ton of veggies with crackers

Journal Entry 158

Week 12 Log:

1/3 – 173.2 lbs – 3300 calories – 8200 steps – 4.1 miles  (Refeed – 350 net carbs / 56g fat / 213 g of protein)

1/4 – 175.5 lbs – 3000 calories – 6800 steps – 3.4 miles (Refeed – 380 net carbs (80 fiber) / 44g of fat / 206g protein)

1/5 – 179.2lbs – 1450 calories – 18000 steps 8.4 miles

1/6 – 176lbs – 1400 calories – 12000 steps – 5.7 miles

1/7 – 175lbs – 2700 calories – 8500 steps – 4 miles (Refeed 320g of carbs)

1/8 – 177lbs – 1550 calories – 13000 steps – 6 miles

1/9 – 176lbs – 1550 calories – 12000 steps – 5.7 miles

Average Weight – 175.9lbs – 2100 calories

Alright so this was the first week of the cycling diet. There was good and bad. I liked the high calorie weekend portion and my main goal was to add in calories, but the weight spiked all the way to 179lbs from a low of 173lbs. I though the second refeed or high carb day was also excessive. I’m considering leaving calories high and eating a good amount of carbs, but not nearly as high as it was this past weekend. I plan to maybe leave carbs to a max of 270 grams and increase dietary fat to compensate. This will decrease water retention and bloat while giving me the calories I need to grow. Not to mention taste better. 🙂

I wasn’t big on the mid week spike in calories with the full body workout either. My main goal is still to get down to about 170lbs. I was making good progress on Monday and Tuesday, but then had to break the progress to refeed, even though I really didnt want to. I may adjust this so all the overfeeding occurs on the weekend. That will spike my weight on Saturday and Sunday and give me Monday – Friday to weight off and Friday night – Sunday night to feast and make muscle gains. This will work much better from a social standpoint as well. To me it makes better sense as well. Hit 4 – 5 fat burning days in a row with one goal of burning fat then shift gears on the weekend and refeed. The depletion workouts will also create a bigger carb sink, so I could eat more carbs without softening out.

I was also really in the mood to lift more during the week and I’m considering modifying the week to have two depletion workouts (for fat burning and so I can train more) and add in some exercises on the weekend to make up for Wednesday. This means I will have to do heavy bench and heavy shoulder press in the same workout, which I really dont like doing, but I like the setup better this way.

Basically the layout will be this:

Monday – Cardio – Low Day

Tuesday – Push Depletion Workout – Low Day

Wednesday – Cardio Low Day

Thursday – Pull Depletion Workout – Low Day

Friday – Cardio – Low Day (may begin high calories on Friday Night)

Saturday – Push Hypertrophy – High Calories

Sunday – Pull Hypertrophy – High Calories

Again this will allow me to keep the weight loss progress going and then increase calories on the weekend when activity is lower, I’m more social and calories are easier to eat.

As for my lifts, Bench was bad. 185lbs for 6,5,5,5 reps. Main reason is because I hadn’t really eaten carbs in two days before the workout, so I was relatively depleted. If I moved this to the weekend after 2 high carb meals and maybe a pre/intra workout drink then I my muscles hydration would have been much better and stronger. Considering carbs deplete water and a 23% drop in hydration can effect strength levels as much as 60% it makes perfect sense that my lifts weren’t great. I plan to fix this on Saturday.

Barbell Shoulder Press was very good though and got 115 for 6,5,5,5 reps. Trap-bar deadlift was 235×6,5 then 245×5 then back down to 235×5 reps. The rest of the workout went good as well.

A quick note – This routine above is what I plan to do next week. If I dont think its better than the original plan than I will go back to the original plan and overfeed on Wednesday and remove the depletion workouts. The overfeed will be less carbs but more or less the same calories. Its trial and error until I find the plan that I really get into and enjoy for a decent amount of time this year. I do think by tailoring down the excess carbs on the refeed day and just bump the calories up the results may be a bit better. But we will see.


As I stated above I’m going to manipulate nutrition a little. I played around with my calories and food choices during the low days and I found that if I had hit 100-120 grams of carbs (enough to keep the liver full) my energy and cravings were non- existent. Unless your on a ketogenic diet, not giving your liver adequate nutrition is a very bad idea. When the liver is empty it sends a lot of negative catabolic signals throughout the body and you tend to get stressed more due to the bodies lack of glucose. You definitely want to avoid this when trying to recomp and maintain healthy energy levels. If I went down to 50 grams my energy wasn’t nearly as good.

Low Day macros – Carbs 120 grams / Protein 165 grams / Fat 40-50grams (Roughly 15-1600 calories)

High Day macros – Carbs 270 grams / Protein 190 grams / Fat 60-90 grams – a few alcoholic drinks 😉 (Roughly 2700+ calories)

I also really want to start drinking an intra workout shake of high glycemic carbs. I feel like the worst that could happen is I perform the exact same way. I dont think this would hurt my gym performance and hopefully greatly enhances it instead.

Also found a really good addition to my diet on low days: beans. Beans are too fibrous to be a starch, but a little high in calories to be considered a vegetable. But they make a really good addition to stirfrys and really help fill you up in a high protein, high vegetable meal. Beans also help you easily stay around 120 grams instead of going too low or too high. I may start making more meals with beans instead of vegetables only. Basically homemade Chipotle style with onions, chicken or beef, beans, lettuce and salsa.

Some pics from the week:

Sunday Refeed Meal 2 low fat egg rolls 6oz chicken Firehook Crackers Butter bread Baked Beans
Sunday Refeed Meal
2 low fat egg rolls
6oz chicken
Firehook Crackers
Butter bread
Baked Beans
6oz of lean meat Large amount of Veggies
6oz of lean meat
Large amount of Veggies
Same as Above
Same as Above
Refeed Meal 6oz of meat Veggies French Fries (low fat) Butter bread Crackers
Refeed Meal
6oz of meat
French Fries (low fat)
Butter bread
New Shoes - I really like plain white shoes for some reason. Kswiss are also extremely comfortable too.
New Shoes – I really like plain white shoes for some reason. Kswiss are also extremely comfortable too.
5 oz of chicken, peppers and onions, 1/2 cup black beans Side of crackers
5 oz of chicken, peppers and onions, 1/2 cup black beans
Side of crackers

New Year – New Approach – Journal Entry 157



12/27 – 176.2 lbs – 2600 calories – 8800 steps – 4.35 miles

12/28 – 178.4lbs – 1400 calories – 9900 steps – 4.7 miles

12/29 – 176lbs – 1400 calories – 16180 steps – 7.6 miles

12/30 – 175.4lbs – 1400 calories – 12000 steps 5.5 miles

12/31 – 174.4lbs – 2800 calories – 6800 steps – 3.25 miles – Refeed day 350 carbs / 41 fat / 188 protein with 3 alcohol drinks)

1/1 – 175.4lbs – 1500 calories – 11000 steps – 5.18 miles

1/2 – 175.2 lbs – 1500 calories – 14000 steps – 6.62 miles

Average Weight – 175.8lbs – Average Calorie Intake 1800 calories

Been doing a lot of planning before 2015 to decide what I want to do with in the upcoming year. I’ve decided on a 3 day split to do on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The rationale is I have much more time to eat and lift on the weekends. I’m also not as active on the weekends and don’t have a treadmill nearby like I do when at work. This is the perfect time to create a calorie surplus to build more muscle. I also eat out much more frequently on the weekends, so I would be taking advantage of the extra calories. I actually wrote an entire guide yesterday for me and my roommate to get started on this. I also plan to give it people at Williamsville who are interested in trying it out.

Here’s a quick rundown:

3 weight training days a week on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I will overfeed my maintenance calories anywhere from 300-800 calories a day. (Research shows that going over 800 calories over maintenance just results in fat gain and no additional benefit is gained towards muscle mass) This will land somewhere around 28-3300 calories. Macros will be very high carb, moderate protein and low fat. This will help avoid fat gain, upregulate metabolism, fill my glycogen stores and due to the high insulin store everything I eat more efficiently. If I did this everyday I would become insulin resistant, but doing it a few times a week allows you stay insulin sensitive especially when combined with low carb days.

4 days of cardio each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Cardio will be incline walking for around 60 minutes up to 120 minutes a day. This also includes just moving around more and not just staying on the treadmill that long. These days are meant to be burn a lot of fat and not stress the body with too much cortisol and joint stress. Walking selectively burns more fat since its low intensity. I really don’t want to burn glucose (stored carbs) on this day, because I’m trying to leave my muscle glycogen intact for weight training days. The diet will be low calorie with low carbs (under 100 grams but more than 50 grams as 50 grams severely limits the use of protein for glucose), high protein (2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight) and moderate fat. Basically just lean meats, veggies and some added fat like peanut butter, eggs, cheese, and light butter.

The split will be full body workout on Wednesday, Push on Saturday and Pull on Sunday. This split I feel is one of the best I ever made. I noticed when lifting 3 days a week, I’m excited to hit the gym everyday. When lifting more often there would always be 1-2 workouts that were a drag and my head wasn’t in the game. No more with this split. Couple that with some high calories and it should be very good times in the gym. My weekend workouts usually last over an hour and the Full body may be longer than that, but its a pretty amazing feeling to have your entire body pumped up after one workout. That’s something split routines don’t accomplish, because they only work 1-2 muscle groups per day.

As for the diet its basically an extreme carb cycle going very high on weight training days and pretty low on rest days. Whats funny is I have an easy time doing this. On high days eat all the carbs you want with lean meats. Even candy, sweet frog, cereal, subway, olive garden its very easy to go to a restaurant and get something that fits under this guideline. The only meal I keep from being high carb is breakfast and that’s just more from an energy standpoint. (I get tired with high carb breakfasts) Fat is incidental to avoid storage, which is very efficient on high carbs. The low days are much easier than they sound. I’m shooting for around 8-10 x body weight to generate a huge calorie deficit. Lean meats, protein powder, eggs and tons of veggies make this very easy. I’m also very used to eating this way in the past anyway. I also noticed when I completely remove starches from my diet, my appetite goes to nil. Lyle McDonald has explained the science behind this, but I figured I would use it to my advantage going forward. It also helps with food variety. I tend to make the same meals over and over and with an approach like this has you mix it up a bit. Alcohol may be consumed in moderation as well. I also feel like this will help with metabolic rate. No matter what the average intake comes out to, I like the idea of “spiking” my metabolic rate and this isn’t possible to do with a more moderate approach. I also feel like I’m in purgatory with a moderate approach. Its like I’m not sure if the plan is working or not because you’re not generating a big calorie deficit to burn much fat and not eating enough to build real muscle. This plan avoids that.

Also an important thing to note is that after a certain point of overfeeding it doesn’t really matter what the macro composition of the diet is because the body becomes resistant to excess food and starts to store everything as fat. This may not effect people that are genetically gifted and young, but effects the vast majority of people not blessed with an incredible metabolism. In other words, even if your diet is very low in fat, high carb overfeeding will make you fat in the long term if done too frequently. That’s why this plan cycles carbs so the high carb days only occur 3 days a week for short periods of time then you drop back off in calories. This is the only way to really stay lean when building muscle. De novo lipogensis (carbs turning into fat) only occurs after days and days of high carb overfeeding. It doesnt occur at all if only done every now or is at least very inefficient. This supports the idea of doing it more frequently, but not for long periods of time, such as the way I’m doing it of 3 maybe 4 times a week. Most bodybuilders on month long bulks can gain around 20-30 pounds of extra body weight, before cutting it all off for months at a time. Not my style. Plus all diets are cyclical. If you bulk 6 months and cut 6 months that’s a cyclical diet whether you know it or not. In my opinion it’s better to work in shorter cycles or on a day by day basis to more easily monitor feedback from the body and see how it responds to certain stimuli. To me it works like this: lift heavy weights then eat a lot; do cardio only under eat and burn fat. That maximizes the effectiveness of each type of exercise. Since cardio (catabolic tears body down) and weight training (anabolic builds body up) both do different things to the body, it doesn’t make sense to do them on the same day.

I look at this plan as more of lifestyle plan going forward. It has muscle building days and fat burning days all rolled into one phase, so there is no need to change. Once I drop back down to 170lbs (still my goal) I will increase the low days by 2-400 calories all through dietary fat, while still keeping carbs down. I will still be in a good calorie deficit as well. This will help increase overall testosterone levels, which will help build muscle more quickly.

I have 4 key lifts I’m tracking:

Barbell Bench Press

Weighted Chinups

Barbell Shoulder Press

Trap-bar Deadlift

The first two will be done on Wednesday and the next two on Saturday and Sunday. All will be done with around 4 sets of 4-6 reps. Trap-bar Deadlift is the perfect combo between squats and deadlifts and safer for the lower back. I also can lift more weight with this move rather than doing squats or deadlifts on there own. Traps also get good stimulation from this lift. I felt it was the perfect move to add to this routine. The other move I do for legs is DB lunges on Full Body day. I debated whether to do DB bench press or Barbell, but I decided on barbell because its easier to add weight to. I also really want to get a 225lb bench press. Abs will be done each workout, but the focus is more on building mass and strength in the core. I will do cable woodchoppers, ab rollers and cable crunches with heavy weight all for around 4 sets of 10 reps. I’m not going to mess with traditional crunches, because I feel there a waste of time when better moves can be done.

Some Pics from the week:

Mongolian Grill
Mongolian Grill
Refeed day - Honey Bunches of Oats
Refeed day – Honey Bunches of Oats
Lean meats, veggies Butter Bread and crackers
Lean meats, veggies
Butter Bread and crackers
Omelet with greens
Omelet with greens
Lean meat stirfy with greens
Lean meat stirfy with greens
Oatmeal with berries and quest bar on top
Oatmeal with berries and quest bar on top
1.5 cups of rice with spinach and lean meat
1.5 cups of rice with spinach and lean meat
Kraken Milkshake with redi whip on top 1 to 1.5 shots of kraken Diet coke Fat Free Redi Whip Sugar free chocolate syrup Ice
Kraken Milkshake with redi whip on top
1 to 1.5 shots of kraken
Diet coke
Fat Free Redi Whip
Sugar free chocolate syrup
Longhorn Sierra Feta Chicken
Vegetable Sitrfy with lean meat
Vegetable Sitrfy with lean meat
Probably most walking I've done on Fitbit
Probably most walking I’ve done on Fitbit
2 whole egg, 3 egg white omelet with onion 3 oz of red meat and mixed veggies
2 whole egg, 3 egg white omelet with onion
3 oz of red meat and mixed veggies