Doing What Works Best – Journal Entry 151



Week 5

11/15 – 178.4lbs – 2200 calories – 5100 steps – 2.5 miles – Chest

11/16 – 179.4lbs – 1750 calories – 7500 steps – 3.77 miles – Back

11/17 – 179.6lbs – 1850 calories – 11800 steps – 5.53 miles – Cardio

11/18 – 178.4lbs – 1950 calories – 9112 steps – 4.3 miles – Push

11//19 – 178.8lbs – 1750 calories – 10000 steps – 4.72 miles – Pull

11/20-178.6lbs – 1650 calories – 13070 steps – 6.16 miles – Cardio

11/21-177.6lbs  – 2500 calories (ALC) – 13500 steps – 6.47 miles – Legs

Been doing a lot of thinking this week on where I want to go with my training and diet. The diet is still working well and I hit around 176.8lbs his morning, which is the lowest I’ve been in awhile. But I wanted to add in some high days on the weekend and leave the weekdays pretty low to burn fat. As for training, one thing I really dislike about all heavy movements and only one body part a day is a massive CNS hit. I’m not sure if I need an adjusting period, but after doing Back on Sunday my back was sore for three days and it interfered with my shoulder workout. I like to feel soreness, but that felt like overkill to me. So I want to drop back to 1 heavy set per workout and focus on one move only. The rest of my sets will be around 8 reps and I’ll finish with some 12-15 reps sets. As for the layout, I plan to do Push, Pull, Legs again. This is old faithful and I never really like deviating from it, because every time I do I go right back to it and don’t enjoy the split I left it for.

My diet will intertwine with my workouts. I plan to have Saturday and Sunday as high days around 24-2700 calories (depending on how active I am) to build muscle and lower calories to around 1800 on the weekdays. I also plan to put some heavier lifting on the weekend with more strength and size reps (6-12) than I have during the week, since recovery is better. During the week I plan to increase the reps to 15-20 to get a higher rep fat burning effect going. Although I will start the weekday workouts with a strength movement to hit it when I’m fresh. I did a higher rep leg day on Friday and loved it. Same exercises I always do, but it was nice hitting a muscle endurance aspect and burning more calories, especially when the goal is to burn fat. High reps also burn a lot of glycogen, which accelerates fat burning and gives you favorable nutrient partitioning when you eat a bunch of carbs. I’m probably going need these going into Thanksgiving next Thursday. 🙂 High reps aren’t very good for muscle building though, which is why I go heavier on the weekends.

So I plan to stick with this until I hit my goal of weighing in the low 170’s, which should take a few more weeks. Although with holidays coming up, this may be slowed considerably. 😉

Here is a better layout of what I just said, because I like to be organized:

  • Saturday (always consider this the first day of my split) – Push – Heavy – High Calorie
  • Sunday – Pull Heavy – High Calorie
  • Monday – Legs- Light (high rep) – low calorie
  • Tuesday – Push – Light – low calorie
  • Wednesday – Pull – Light – low calories
  • Thursday – Cardio only
  • Friday – Legs – Light – Low calorie (social drinking night)

Legs are light both days because I do cardio everyday and I dont want sore legs from heavy lifting. I also do trap bar deadlifts on Sunday, which heavily involves the legs during heavy lifting.

Main lifts to improve strength on will be:

  • DB Bench Press
  • Trap bar Deadlift
  • DB Shoulder Press
  • Pullups
  • These are done for 3 sets of 6 reps. 4 sets is too much and limits my strength for the rest of the movements. I may do one of these movements on the high rep day to hit it when I’m fresh, then the rest of the workout will be higher in reps.


Diet again is going to be low Monday – Friday and higher in calories Saturday – Sunday. With my lifestyle it is far more enjoyable to eat this way and train this way to get results.

The low days will be around – 1800 calories – 180 protein / 120 carbs / 67 fat

The high days will be – 2600 – 215 protein / 215 carbs / 95 fat (estimated) Isocaloric macros

I may have underestimated dietary fat in building muscle and also enhancing fat burning. Been listening to some interesting podcasts about fats effects, so I think I’m going to boost my amounts on low and high days to take advantage. I plan to get some coconut butter and goat cheese (favorite cheese) to boost my amounts.

Meals for the week:

Meat, Rice, Veggie stirfy
Meat, Rice, Veggie stirfy
Meat, rice and veggies stirfry and crackers
Meat, rice and veggies stirfry and crackers
Weight Control Oatmeal with pumpkin and berries
Weight Control Oatmeal with pumpkin and berries
6oz of lean meat, 1 cup of rice, 6oz of vegetables and Firehook Crackers
6oz of lean meat, 1 cup of rice, 6oz of vegetables and Firehook Crackers
6 oz of lean meat 6oz of veggies
6 oz of lean meat
6oz of veggies
4 oz chicken, 1 low fat chicken sausage, 8 oz of veggies
4 oz chicken, 1 low fat chicken sausage, 8 oz of veggies
Red Blend on Friday Night
Red Blend on Friday Night


I saw Interstellar last weekend and it was incredible. Matthew Mcconaughey was the best I’ve ever seen him and really drew you into the movie. The plot was very good as was the soundtrack and scenery. I definitely recommend it and it was probably one of my favorite movies. Since I see a lot of movies, very rarely does a new movie enter my favorites. 🙂

As for football, Giants suck. I see some fans that are blaming Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, which is usually who takes the blame when we lose. I don’t think its solely any ones fault. Maybe Coughlin’s, but the more I look at the team I think its just a massive lack of talent. Bottom line. We just don’t have good enough players overall to match up this year. I think this is way more true on the interior (Dline and Oline). I really cant stand the hate towards Eli though. Eli’s my favorite player and is always first to just get absolutely bashed by everyone. I don’t know why people hate him so much when he brought this team 2 Superbowls in 5 years. Its like no matter what he does for the team its never enough. Dont get me wrong he had a bad game Sunday, but one bad game doesn’t define a career, so why do people act like it does? Pretty frustrating, but you just cant win with some people, so you might as well not even try.

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