Refeed Time – Journal Entry 149


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Week 3 of Cut

11/1 – 179.6lbs – Push –  calories eaten – 2000

11/2 – 182lbs (post alc rebound water retention) – Pull – Calories eaten – 2000

11/3 – 183.2lbs – Pull – Calories eaten – 1750

11/4 – 180.8 lbs – Push – Calories eaten – 1800

11/5 – 180.0lbs – Arms and Abs – Calories eaten – 1850

11/6 – 179.8 lbs – Legs – Calories eaten – 1950

11/7 = 180.6 lbs – Walking – 2400 (drinks)

After another week of dieting, I feel and look much leaner. The scale hasn’t dropped as much as it did the first two weeks, but my overall fat level has definitely decreased through measurements, the mirror and clothes. I think its time to add in a couple of refeed days though. Nick Mitchell recommended a medium / low / high / medium / low  … repeat carb cycle. I set this up in detail, but yesterday I decided to make it more simple to suit my style. I want to do 2 high refeed days a week and 5 low days. I decided to do this because medium days make no sense to me. Whats the goal of a medium day? Its too high in calories to burn much fat, but too low to build any real muscle. To me it seems like a decent way to stay the same. You do get to eat more on those days, but other than that I don’t see the point.

So a high day of 27-2800 calories with body weight x 2 in carbs (360 grams) on Saturday and Tuesday with a big upper body workout. On low days, carbs right around 100-120 grams with either walking or depletion style high rep workouts. The low days increase insulin sensitivity and make me very receptive to carbs on the high days. After reading more details on the specifics of cyclical diets, I plan to diet this way indefinitely. The body is incredibly adaptive and both underfeeding and overfeeding both have unique benefits that can you can only get when you combine them together. Considering Leptin and other fat burning hormones drop by 50% after less than a week of dieting, it makes sense to have at least one big refeed day when trying to drop body fat quickly. The only thing that would change is the number of high or low days depending on the goal.

I decided to change up training for the next phase (3-4 weeks) to coincide with my diet:

The high calorie refeed days will be heavy weight training in the 3-4 sets of 4-6 rep range. These will happen on Saturday and Tuesday or Wednesday (2-3 days apart). This training is a littler heavier than what I was doing, but the goal is to generate a lot of tension and stimulate type II fast twitch fibers and not deplete much muscle glycogen. I want more of the carbs going to build muscle and not restocking my muscle glycogen. Refilling muscle glycogen as good as it sounds, has nothing to do with the actual synthesis of muscle tissue.

On the low days, I will have two depletion workouts of 4 sets of 15 reps on every exercise with short rest periods. These are not meant to build muscle and serve only to promote muscle endurance, blood pump, burn off excess carbs consumed on refeed days and a few other hormonal factors. Definitely not going heavy on this day and this day serves only as cardio style workout. The other 3 low days will be walking days to restore the CNS and allow me to burn more fat.

On the refeed days, I plan to have my normal high protein, low carb breakfast and start eating carbs around lunch (which is technically pre-workout). I would ideally like to eat them all after lifting and night time to avoid drowsiness, but I changed this up for two reasons. One is after 2-3 low days, muscle glycogen is pretty low. When muscle glycogen is low it sends a lot of catabolic signals to the brain and that’s not very good for muscle building. The second is because I have about 360 grams of carbs to get in for the day and doing this with whole foods is not an easy task, when you eating them all at dinner or dessert.

Routine should be as follows:

  • Sat – Upper Body Workout – High Day
  • Sun – Depletion Workout – Low Day
  • Mon – Walking – Low Day
  • Tuesday – Upper Body Workout – High Day
  • Wednesday – Walking – Low Day
  • Thursday – Depletion – Low Day
  • Friday – Walking – Low Day

My overall weekly volume for this plan is 6-9 sets of 40-80 heavy reps per muscle group spread over two workouts. 9 sets for big muscle groups and 6 for small muscles. For the big muscles it should be around 54 HEAVY reps. The depletion days don’t count toward weekly volume, because its used on a different day for a different reason. Definitely looking forward to starting this plan. Since the first phase lasted 3 weeks, this once will be roughly the same. I strongly considered a 5 day split with one muscle group a day, but felt the above plan tailored better to the diet. I may use the 5 day split in the next phase (3 weeks from now).

Here’s a few of my lifts for the week:

IMG_1034 IMG_1035

And some food pics:

Monogolian Grill
Monogolian Grill
Chicken 5-6oz Simply potatoes steakhouse flavor and broccoli
Chicken 5-6oz
Simply potatoes steakhouse flavor and broccoli
6oz of chicken breast 1 bag of steam fresh mixed veggies 1 crab rangoon
6oz of chicken breast
1 bag of steam fresh mixed veggies
1 crab rangoon
6oz of chicken and red meat mixed 1 whole egg Mixed Vegetables 1/2 serving of Firehook Crackers
6oz of chicken and red meat mixed
1 whole egg
Mixed Vegetables
1/2 serving of Firehook Crackers
Chicken, pasta, veggies
Chicken, pasta, veggies
Uncle Bens spanish rice with chicken and black beans with a corn torilla (2) on the side
Uncle Bens spanish rice with chicken and black beans with a corn torilla (2) on the side



Fall is in full effect in Virginia and it looks awesome outside. The temperature is right around 50-70 depending on the day, but its perfect for me. Definitely my favorite time of year. Also had to endure another week of the Hokies and Giants getting beat. Giants are all over the place. The team is quite literally bipolar, because you never know what your going to get. I would say their going to look terrible this Sunday, but they make come out looking like Superbowl Champs. I really dont like this inconsistency though and think that the solution is the same for both teams: get better players and get new head coaches. I respect both coaches, but its time to go. Both guys are too old and the game has changed too much, leaving their archaic ideas in the past. I feel like Eli Manning on the right team could be a top 5 QB, but is being held back by an outdated coaching staff and scheme and a terrible supporting cast. Everyone says Peyton is so much better, but when you compare their receivers, I would like to see what would happen to their stats if they switched teams. Eli would benefit greatly and Peyton would drop big time.

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