RPT, 6lbs down, Shoulder Revamp – Journal Entry 152




11/22 – 176.8lbs – Calories Eaten 3101 – 8000 steps – 3.9 miles

11/23 – 177.8lbs – Calories Eaten – 2350 – 6500 steps – 3.2 miles

11/24 – 179.4lbs – Calories Eaten –  1750 – 13200 steps – 6.23 miles

11/25 – 178.8lbs – Calories Eaten – 1850 – 12000 steps – 5.6 miles

11/26 – 177.7lbs – Calories Eaten – 1900 – 9900 steps – 4.69 miles

11/27 – 176.4lbs (Thanksgiving) – Calories Eaten 2300 – 9600 steps – 4.7 miles

11/28 – 177.8lbs – Calories Eaten – 1775 – 11200 steps – 5.38 miles

Average Weigh in – 177.8lbs – Average Calories – 2150

This is week 6 into my cut down from Dallas and I’m exactly 6lbs down from the trip which was around 6 weeks ago. I went through and averaged everything from my log, so here is a few stats:

  • Started at 183.5lbs
  • Currently at 177.5lbs
  • Average calorie intake eaten was 2000 calories a day
  • Meaning my average daily burn was around 2500 calories a day
  • My total calories burned is much higher during the week and less on the weekends. Ex – 2800 cals weekdays – 2400 weekends (not as much walking)
  • Some of these are estimations and nothing is exactly right, but I feel the averages are pretty close to accurate

I had a feeling my maintenance was less than calorie counters predicted. Either through my history of dieting, overestimation of calories burned or just my naturally slow metabolism through genes. This makes perfect sense to me though as when I usually hit 3000 calories through food, the results are usually not favorable (at least when done for consecutive days. a cheat day at this amount and I look fine the next day). I’m very glad I did this though. Its a very accurate way to get a good gauge of my individual metabolism, so you know what to work with.

So I’m going to keep the progress going, with a few changes. I want to increase my dietary fat to about 70 grams, which it has been around 55-60 grams and keep a light cycle of carbs going. On low days, I want to keep it around 100 grams, on medium days (days I want to lift, but still burn fat) I’m going to increase my carbs to 150-175 grams (200-300 extra cals) and high days (Saturday) I want to hit roughly maintenance of 25-2600 calories with around 1.5 x bw = 270 carbs. So its going to be two low days, one high day and 4 medium days with calories averaging around – 1970 calories over the course of the week.

  • High day – 25-2600 calories – 270/170/70 – Carbs, Protein, Fat
  • Medium Day – 1950 calories – 160/170/70 – Carbs, Protein, Fat
  • Low Day – 1750 calories – 100/170/70 – Carbs, Protein, Fat

Workout is still Push/Pull/OFF/Push/Pull/Legs/Off. I’m going to try a reverse pyramid scheme, which I think I’m really going to like. Basically you warmup and start off with the heaviest weight possible you can lift for about 4-6 reps. You then drop the weight 10% and do two less reps for 6-8 reps, then again for 8-10 reps and so on until you hit your desired number of sets. Its a good way to get strength gains because you start with the heaviest weight when your fresh and whenever you hit the heavy weight first, the subsequent sets feel much lighter. Its a good method for muscle size, because as you decrease the weight the reps also increase. On smaller muscles and isolation exercises, I plan to start at around 8 reps and decrease from there to about 15 reps.

I’m also trying something new with shoulders. After reading more about the muscle group, I think overhead pressing is both unnecessary, overrated and maybe injury prone. I always liked the overhead press, but I felt like it was an unnatural movement, especially with heavier weights. Bench press and incline bench press works the front delt hard and pullups and rowing movements work the posterior delts. Lateral raises hit the medium delts hard and they do so, by working with the proper way shoulders are meant to move (shoulder abduction). In other words, your shoulders will grow just fine with normal push/pull movements and some lateral raises for isolation and they may be much healthier as a result. This was good to read for me, because programming overhead press in my routines was always a pain. If you did them after bench press then they were weak, but if you did them on leg day or back day then they were tired from push day and if you did them on their own then the shoulders would just get worked too often. Its like they didnt fit in anywhere. Now I’m just going to put lateral raises on push day and rear delt raises and shrugs on pull day, problem solved. Also studies show that the overhead press stimulates A LOT of front delt activity with a small portion of medial delt and very small amount of rear delt. Front delts take a beating from Bench press, so again it just seems the overhead press doesnt offer anything else that other movements dont bring. Many lifters also have problems with shoulders down the road when they do too much overhead pressing like shoulder impingement. Not saying I’m not ever going to do the movement again, but for now I’m going to go without it and see what happens. One last thing is most lifters I see do the overhead press do it completely wrong. The bow their back out and shift a ton of the stress to their front delts and upper chest. At that point you might as well just do an incline press because the shoulders aren’t getting worked very hard.

As for my lifts this week, hit 90 pounders on DB bench for 5,5,3 reps. Pullups 30 extra pounds for 6 reps. Trap-bar deadlift was 245×4 reps. Squats were really bad this week at 205 x 6 reps. Must have been running low on carbs at this point. Everything else was fine though.

Some pics from the week:

Post workout Bertuccis Calzone with a salad and banana.
Post workout Bertuccis Calzone with a salad and banana.
3lb weigh at golds gym. Might as well stay home and curl a can of soup. Not sure what this is ;)
3lb weigh at golds gym. Might as well stay home and curl a can of soup. Not sure what this is 😉
Chipotle for lunch on Sunday. Half chicken and steak, double beans, onions, corn, salsa. Also ate all the cheese and sour cream
Chipotle for lunch on Sunday. Half chicken and steak, double beans, onions, corn, salsa. Also ate all the cheese and sour cream
Lean meat, veggies, sweet potato, crab rangoon
Lean meat, veggies, sweet potato, crab rangoon
Lean meat with veggies
Lean meat with veggies
Seafood mix with lean red meat (6 oz) and veggies
Seafood mix with lean red meat (6 oz) and veggies
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving, healthy green bean casserole, healthy apple/ cranberry crisp,  and sweet potato casserole
Thanksgiving, healthy green bean casserole, healthy apple/ cranberry crisp, and sweet potato casserole
Thanksgiving plate
Thanksgiving plate
Thanksgiving Ice Cold post dinner walk
Thanksgiving Ice Cold post dinner walk
My dog bandit
My dog bandit
Thanksgiving dinner - Vanilla protein pudding with berries and peanute butter with apple crisp. Holy God this was good.
Thanksgiving dinner – Vanilla protein pudding with berries and peanute butter with apple crisp. Holy God this was good.

Doing What Works Best – Journal Entry 151



Week 5

11/15 – 178.4lbs – 2200 calories – 5100 steps – 2.5 miles – Chest

11/16 – 179.4lbs – 1750 calories – 7500 steps – 3.77 miles – Back

11/17 – 179.6lbs – 1850 calories – 11800 steps – 5.53 miles – Cardio

11/18 – 178.4lbs – 1950 calories – 9112 steps – 4.3 miles – Push

11//19 – 178.8lbs – 1750 calories – 10000 steps – 4.72 miles – Pull

11/20-178.6lbs – 1650 calories – 13070 steps – 6.16 miles – Cardio

11/21-177.6lbs  – 2500 calories (ALC) – 13500 steps – 6.47 miles – Legs

Been doing a lot of thinking this week on where I want to go with my training and diet. The diet is still working well and I hit around 176.8lbs his morning, which is the lowest I’ve been in awhile. But I wanted to add in some high days on the weekend and leave the weekdays pretty low to burn fat. As for training, one thing I really dislike about all heavy movements and only one body part a day is a massive CNS hit. I’m not sure if I need an adjusting period, but after doing Back on Sunday my back was sore for three days and it interfered with my shoulder workout. I like to feel soreness, but that felt like overkill to me. So I want to drop back to 1 heavy set per workout and focus on one move only. The rest of my sets will be around 8 reps and I’ll finish with some 12-15 reps sets. As for the layout, I plan to do Push, Pull, Legs again. This is old faithful and I never really like deviating from it, because every time I do I go right back to it and don’t enjoy the split I left it for.

My diet will intertwine with my workouts. I plan to have Saturday and Sunday as high days around 24-2700 calories (depending on how active I am) to build muscle and lower calories to around 1800 on the weekdays. I also plan to put some heavier lifting on the weekend with more strength and size reps (6-12) than I have during the week, since recovery is better. During the week I plan to increase the reps to 15-20 to get a higher rep fat burning effect going. Although I will start the weekday workouts with a strength movement to hit it when I’m fresh. I did a higher rep leg day on Friday and loved it. Same exercises I always do, but it was nice hitting a muscle endurance aspect and burning more calories, especially when the goal is to burn fat. High reps also burn a lot of glycogen, which accelerates fat burning and gives you favorable nutrient partitioning when you eat a bunch of carbs. I’m probably going need these going into Thanksgiving next Thursday. 🙂 High reps aren’t very good for muscle building though, which is why I go heavier on the weekends.

So I plan to stick with this until I hit my goal of weighing in the low 170’s, which should take a few more weeks. Although with holidays coming up, this may be slowed considerably. 😉

Here is a better layout of what I just said, because I like to be organized:

  • Saturday (always consider this the first day of my split) – Push – Heavy – High Calorie
  • Sunday – Pull Heavy – High Calorie
  • Monday – Legs- Light (high rep) – low calorie
  • Tuesday – Push – Light – low calorie
  • Wednesday – Pull – Light – low calories
  • Thursday – Cardio only
  • Friday – Legs – Light – Low calorie (social drinking night)

Legs are light both days because I do cardio everyday and I dont want sore legs from heavy lifting. I also do trap bar deadlifts on Sunday, which heavily involves the legs during heavy lifting.

Main lifts to improve strength on will be:

  • DB Bench Press
  • Trap bar Deadlift
  • DB Shoulder Press
  • Pullups
  • These are done for 3 sets of 6 reps. 4 sets is too much and limits my strength for the rest of the movements. I may do one of these movements on the high rep day to hit it when I’m fresh, then the rest of the workout will be higher in reps.


Diet again is going to be low Monday – Friday and higher in calories Saturday – Sunday. With my lifestyle it is far more enjoyable to eat this way and train this way to get results.

The low days will be around – 1800 calories – 180 protein / 120 carbs / 67 fat

The high days will be – 2600 – 215 protein / 215 carbs / 95 fat (estimated) Isocaloric macros

I may have underestimated dietary fat in building muscle and also enhancing fat burning. Been listening to some interesting podcasts about fats effects, so I think I’m going to boost my amounts on low and high days to take advantage. I plan to get some coconut butter and goat cheese (favorite cheese) to boost my amounts.

Meals for the week:

Meat, Rice, Veggie stirfy
Meat, Rice, Veggie stirfy
Meat, rice and veggies stirfry and crackers
Meat, rice and veggies stirfry and crackers
Weight Control Oatmeal with pumpkin and berries
Weight Control Oatmeal with pumpkin and berries
6oz of lean meat, 1 cup of rice, 6oz of vegetables and Firehook Crackers
6oz of lean meat, 1 cup of rice, 6oz of vegetables and Firehook Crackers
6 oz of lean meat 6oz of veggies
6 oz of lean meat
6oz of veggies
4 oz chicken, 1 low fat chicken sausage, 8 oz of veggies
4 oz chicken, 1 low fat chicken sausage, 8 oz of veggies
Red Blend on Friday Night
Red Blend on Friday Night


I saw Interstellar last weekend and it was incredible. Matthew Mcconaughey was the best I’ve ever seen him and really drew you into the movie. The plot was very good as was the soundtrack and scenery. I definitely recommend it and it was probably one of my favorite movies. Since I see a lot of movies, very rarely does a new movie enter my favorites. 🙂

As for football, Giants suck. I see some fans that are blaming Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, which is usually who takes the blame when we lose. I don’t think its solely any ones fault. Maybe Coughlin’s, but the more I look at the team I think its just a massive lack of talent. Bottom line. We just don’t have good enough players overall to match up this year. I think this is way more true on the interior (Dline and Oline). I really cant stand the hate towards Eli though. Eli’s my favorite player and is always first to just get absolutely bashed by everyone. I don’t know why people hate him so much when he brought this team 2 Superbowls in 5 years. Its like no matter what he does for the team its never enough. Dont get me wrong he had a bad game Sunday, but one bad game doesn’t define a career, so why do people act like it does? Pretty frustrating, but you just cant win with some people, so you might as well not even try.

Fresh Cut, 24th Birthday and Return of Fitbit – Journal Entry 150


IMG_1047 IMG_1051

Week 4

11/8 – 179.8lbs – Upper Body Power (Refeed Day) – 2800 calories eaten

11/9 – 181.6lbs – Depletion Full Body – 1650 calories eaten

11/10 – 180.4lbs – Walking – 1800 calories eaten

11/11 – 179.8 llbs – Shoulders and Traps – 1850 calories eaten

11/12 – 179.2lbs – Arms and Abs – 1700 calories eaten

11/13 – 179.4 lbs – Walking – 1730 calories eaten

11/14 – 179.6 lbs – Birthday- Cardio only 2 mile and pushups/pullups – 3000 total calories with some drinks included

Strange week in training. I really liked the upper body power workout, but it had three major downfalls in order to consistently keep doing it: one was it took too long, two was towards the end my strength was not great for the later movements and three it only allows me to lift heavy twice a week. The third reason is the major reason and why my mentality just wont allow it. Even if I kept 4 lifting days, I would have to lift “heavy” (4-8 reps) on more than just two days a week. To me it felt I was just cramming in way too much volume into one day, when I could have easily just distributed it throughout the week. So on Tuesday, I switched back to the 5 day split with one body part a day.

My routine looks like this:


Changed this up a bit, but currently dropping volume and focusing on progressive overload in the 4-6 rep range.

9 working sets of 4-6 reps (3 per exercise for major muscles)

6 working sets of 4-6 reps (2 exercises for minor muscles)

The flush set at the end doesnt really count towards volume and its mainly just for some blood flow and pump.

Almost all lifting days are done at 5pm or later, except for Sunday, which is done around 11-12 AM

Sun – Back

Deadlift 3 sets of 4-6 reps for all

Pullups or Pulldowns



Rear Delt Pull – 3 sets of 15 reps

Mon – Off

Tues – Shoulder and Traps

DB Shoulder Press 3 sets of 4-6 reps for all

Lateral Raise

Face Pull


Front, lateral, rear delt circuit – 3 sets of 15 reps

Wednesday – Arms and Abs

BB curl 3 sets of 4-6 reps all

Close Grip Bench

Alt DB Curl

Skull Crusher

Rope Hammer Curl 3 sets of 15 reps

Rope Pushdown 3 sets of 15 reps

Thursday – Legs

Squats – 3 sets of 4-6 reps for all

DB Lunges

Leg Press

Leg Press – 3 sets of 15 reps

Friday – Off

Saturday – Chest

DB Bench – 3 sets of 4-6 reps for all

INC DB Bench –

Dips –

Chest Flys – 3 sets of 15 reps (flush set)

Walking is also done every day. Monday – Friday is usually an hour walk on a small incline at 3.3 mph from 1-2pm.

Saturday and Sunday is less walking, but is done for around 45 minutes outside. Also Thursday and Friday are interchangeable. Friday is usually my social drinking night, so Ill take a rest day then and do legs on Thursday when better nutrition can be given. The only thing I know that will be consistent is the reps and total weekly volume. I may tweak the split a bit, but this looks good for now.

Pretty simple, but I feel much more effective. Strength is much better when only 1-2 muscles worked a day, less time is spent in the gym and I can focus all my attention on one major movement each workout to get stronger on, instead of my whole body at once. Saturday was my birthday and went to the gym around 5:30pm on a Friday. This is probably the worst time to go the gym, because its packed. I attempted some squats, but it felt really heavy for some reason and my head just wasn’t in the game. I decided to skip legs and just do some cardio instead.

Weight is decreasing and was consistently around 179 and hit 178.4 this morning. I figure another 4-6 weeks is going to be needed. It may take a bit longer than planned, because the weekends have been slowing me down. Not that there out of control bad, but their close to maintenance or over, so it definitely decrease the weekly deficit. I dont mind it though, because it gives me a break and allows me to eat more then I do during the week.

24th Birthday was good though and got two new pairs of shoes: one for work and going out and one for the gym, polo socks, 3 boxes of Quest bars, got the Audi washed at Carpool and $100 cash. Also went to Maggianos and going to Texas de Brazil today with my parents. Not too bad. 🙂

I got my Fitbit chargers back today, probably been at least 3 weeks without it and I actually really miss it. I dont think its the most accurate thing in the world, but I do thing the step count is good to track overall activity levels and enjoy watching it increase through the day. Ordered two chargers in case they break again. Also not sure why it took so long to come, but whatever.

New Fit Bit Chargers
New Fit Bit Chargers

I also cut my hair on Thursday night. It was look long and some days it would look good and others it would just get on my nerves. It was also getting in my way at the gym. I also think short hair looks better from a clothes and professional “maintaining appearances” standpoint, so it was time. I actually cut it myself with the razor and left it over an inch on top and 1/4 in on the sides and back. Took me a while, but I like the way it came out. Saves me a lot of money from haircuts too.

Fresh Cut
Fresh Cut

Nutrition – 

Calories were a little low on some days, but I got very busy and lacked a big appetite. I still dont go below 1650 (LBM x 10 in calories), but as long as I get that, I dont add in calories when I’m not hungry. I figured it would save me some room on the weekend.

I listened to a podcast by Menno Henslemans this week and it was very interesting. He recommends for bulking, that people increase the dietary fat in the diet to 40% of your BMR. My BMR is right around 1800 calories so 1800 X .4 = 80 grams of fat. He said fat is very underrated for building muscle when that is the goal and has a lot of anabolic properties that most people don’t know about. Most people cut fat lower when they bulk and raise fat more when they cut, but this seems backward to me. If you want to lose fat than cut dietary fat down as low as you can go without negatively effecting hormones. Same for carbs and protein. When you want to build muscle than raise everything up to the maximum amount you can eat without storing fat. I also heard another stat where once you hit 3-5 grams of carbs per kilogram, that any further just turns to fat. So basically some people should drop the extremely high carb intake and increase fats to replace it. Here’s a better looking summary:

When losing fat, cut the macros down to what you need to maintain hormonal status and metabolism without affecting health.

This would be:

  • Protein – 1 gram per pound or 1 gram per pound of lean body mass
  • Carbs – 120 grams a day to maintain thyroid and liver and brain glucose. I have also seen 150 grams as a cut off point to maintain proper intestinal mucus to promote healthy digestion and maintain proper cellular hydration.
  • Fat – No lower than 15-20% of BMR

Once these needs are met than you probably don’t need anymore to safely lose fat, while maintaining health. You can lose fat on more calories than this for sure, but you may not need anymore.

When gaining muscle raise everything up to the maximum amount before it becomes too much and can start working against you. (the point of diminishing returns)

  • Protein – Up to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight or Lean Body Mass (can go lower but some very well respected authorities say going this high might have benefit) A good range would be .8-1.5 grams per pound.
  • Carbs – 3-5 grams per kilogram depending on how well you tolerate carbs and volume of training (based on a bodyweight on 180lbs or 82kg this would be 250 – 410 grams)
  • Fat – 40% of BMR or around half of your LBM (LBM x .5)
  • I would personally raise protein and fat as high as possible and start with carbs around 3 grams per kilogram and work my way up.

I really love podcasts though, because theirs always something good that you never heard before.

Here are some food pics for the week:

8oz of pasta with veggies and 5oz of lean red meat on refeed day.
8oz of pasta with veggies and 5oz of lean red meat on refeed day.
Steamed Shrimp and Broccoli from Chinese takeout.
Steamed Shrimp and Broccoli from Chinese takeout.
Made some lean orange chicken and some veggies on the side.
Made some lean orange chicken and some veggies on the side.
Meat with some Firehook crackers and veggies
Meat with some Firehook crackers and veggies
Frozen banana with cocoa mixed in
Frozen banana with cocoa mixed in
Rice, lean meat, veggies and seasoning
Rice, lean meat, veggies and seasoning
Lean meat, veggies, butter bread
Lean meat, veggies, butter bread
1 whole egg, 6 egg white potatoes and veggies
1 whole egg, 6 egg white
potatoes and veggies
Quest Bar gift from parents
Quest Bar gift from parents
Shrimp Diavolo from Maggianos
Shrimp Diavolo from Maggianos
Skinny Peppermint mocha from Starbucks
Skinny Peppermint mocha from Starbucks
Patron Tequila - Gift from one my friends
Patron Tequila – Gift from one my friends

Refeed Time – Journal Entry 149


IMG_1008 - Copy

Week 3 of Cut

11/1 – 179.6lbs – Push –  calories eaten – 2000

11/2 – 182lbs (post alc rebound water retention) – Pull – Calories eaten – 2000

11/3 – 183.2lbs – Pull – Calories eaten – 1750

11/4 – 180.8 lbs – Push – Calories eaten – 1800

11/5 – 180.0lbs – Arms and Abs – Calories eaten – 1850

11/6 – 179.8 lbs – Legs – Calories eaten – 1950

11/7 = 180.6 lbs – Walking – 2400 (drinks)

After another week of dieting, I feel and look much leaner. The scale hasn’t dropped as much as it did the first two weeks, but my overall fat level has definitely decreased through measurements, the mirror and clothes. I think its time to add in a couple of refeed days though. Nick Mitchell recommended a medium / low / high / medium / low  … repeat carb cycle. I set this up in detail, but yesterday I decided to make it more simple to suit my style. I want to do 2 high refeed days a week and 5 low days. I decided to do this because medium days make no sense to me. Whats the goal of a medium day? Its too high in calories to burn much fat, but too low to build any real muscle. To me it seems like a decent way to stay the same. You do get to eat more on those days, but other than that I don’t see the point.

So a high day of 27-2800 calories with body weight x 2 in carbs (360 grams) on Saturday and Tuesday with a big upper body workout. On low days, carbs right around 100-120 grams with either walking or depletion style high rep workouts. The low days increase insulin sensitivity and make me very receptive to carbs on the high days. After reading more details on the specifics of cyclical diets, I plan to diet this way indefinitely. The body is incredibly adaptive and both underfeeding and overfeeding both have unique benefits that can you can only get when you combine them together. Considering Leptin and other fat burning hormones drop by 50% after less than a week of dieting, it makes sense to have at least one big refeed day when trying to drop body fat quickly. The only thing that would change is the number of high or low days depending on the goal.

I decided to change up training for the next phase (3-4 weeks) to coincide with my diet:

The high calorie refeed days will be heavy weight training in the 3-4 sets of 4-6 rep range. These will happen on Saturday and Tuesday or Wednesday (2-3 days apart). This training is a littler heavier than what I was doing, but the goal is to generate a lot of tension and stimulate type II fast twitch fibers and not deplete much muscle glycogen. I want more of the carbs going to build muscle and not restocking my muscle glycogen. Refilling muscle glycogen as good as it sounds, has nothing to do with the actual synthesis of muscle tissue.

On the low days, I will have two depletion workouts of 4 sets of 15 reps on every exercise with short rest periods. These are not meant to build muscle and serve only to promote muscle endurance, blood pump, burn off excess carbs consumed on refeed days and a few other hormonal factors. Definitely not going heavy on this day and this day serves only as cardio style workout. The other 3 low days will be walking days to restore the CNS and allow me to burn more fat.

On the refeed days, I plan to have my normal high protein, low carb breakfast and start eating carbs around lunch (which is technically pre-workout). I would ideally like to eat them all after lifting and night time to avoid drowsiness, but I changed this up for two reasons. One is after 2-3 low days, muscle glycogen is pretty low. When muscle glycogen is low it sends a lot of catabolic signals to the brain and that’s not very good for muscle building. The second is because I have about 360 grams of carbs to get in for the day and doing this with whole foods is not an easy task, when you eating them all at dinner or dessert.

Routine should be as follows:

  • Sat – Upper Body Workout – High Day
  • Sun – Depletion Workout – Low Day
  • Mon – Walking – Low Day
  • Tuesday – Upper Body Workout – High Day
  • Wednesday – Walking – Low Day
  • Thursday – Depletion – Low Day
  • Friday – Walking – Low Day

My overall weekly volume for this plan is 6-9 sets of 40-80 heavy reps per muscle group spread over two workouts. 9 sets for big muscle groups and 6 for small muscles. For the big muscles it should be around 54 HEAVY reps. The depletion days don’t count toward weekly volume, because its used on a different day for a different reason. Definitely looking forward to starting this plan. Since the first phase lasted 3 weeks, this once will be roughly the same. I strongly considered a 5 day split with one muscle group a day, but felt the above plan tailored better to the diet. I may use the 5 day split in the next phase (3 weeks from now).

Here’s a few of my lifts for the week:

IMG_1034 IMG_1035

And some food pics:

Monogolian Grill
Monogolian Grill
Chicken 5-6oz Simply potatoes steakhouse flavor and broccoli
Chicken 5-6oz
Simply potatoes steakhouse flavor and broccoli
6oz of chicken breast 1 bag of steam fresh mixed veggies 1 crab rangoon
6oz of chicken breast
1 bag of steam fresh mixed veggies
1 crab rangoon
6oz of chicken and red meat mixed 1 whole egg Mixed Vegetables 1/2 serving of Firehook Crackers
6oz of chicken and red meat mixed
1 whole egg
Mixed Vegetables
1/2 serving of Firehook Crackers
Chicken, pasta, veggies
Chicken, pasta, veggies
Uncle Bens spanish rice with chicken and black beans with a corn torilla (2) on the side
Uncle Bens spanish rice with chicken and black beans with a corn torilla (2) on the side



Fall is in full effect in Virginia and it looks awesome outside. The temperature is right around 50-70 depending on the day, but its perfect for me. Definitely my favorite time of year. Also had to endure another week of the Hokies and Giants getting beat. Giants are all over the place. The team is quite literally bipolar, because you never know what your going to get. I would say their going to look terrible this Sunday, but they make come out looking like Superbowl Champs. I really dont like this inconsistency though and think that the solution is the same for both teams: get better players and get new head coaches. I respect both coaches, but its time to go. Both guys are too old and the game has changed too much, leaving their archaic ideas in the past. I feel like Eli Manning on the right team could be a top 5 QB, but is being held back by an outdated coaching staff and scheme and a terrible supporting cast. Everyone says Peyton is so much better, but when you compare their receivers, I would like to see what would happen to their stats if they switched teams. Eli would benefit greatly and Peyton would drop big time.

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Leaning Out – Journal Entry 148

10/26 – 179.8lbs  – Legs Day – 1800 calories eaten – 2850 calories burned – (5.7 miles – 11700 steps)

10/27 – 180.8 lbs – Rest Day – 1700 calories eaten – 2650 calories burned (5.8 miles – 12200 steps)

10/28 – 180.6lbs – Push Day – 1900 calories eaten – 2800 calories burned (5 miles – 10000 steps)

10/29 – 180.4 lbs – Pull day – 1850 calories eaten – Human tracker 116 active minutes – 2700 calories

10/30 – 180.0 lbs – Off – 1800 calories eaten – 100 active minutes – 2700 calories

10/31 – 179.8lbs- Legs  – 2500 calories eaten – 132 active minutes – 2900 calories

Switched to human fitness tracker on Wednesday because my Fitbit charger doesnt work so I cant wear my fitbit until I get a new charger. Since no one sells the chargers in isolation, I ordered one online and for some reason is going to take almost 3 weeks to get here. Not sure why its so slow, but I’m just estimating 2700 calories maintenance each day and using an alternative program to measure my activity.

Been leaning out quickly this week and seeing really good progress. I lost most of my water weight already, so the fat loss is slowing down greatly. But towards the end of the week it started to drop .2lbs each day. This means I’m right on target for my estimated 1.5lbs of fat loss per week. So my estimated daily burn is right around 2700 calories and my daily intake has been a consistent 1800 calories, except for last night which I went out for Halloween with some friends.

The way I’m eating makes it very easy to cut calories even further. I could easily drop lower, but obviously lower isn’t always better. I’m still trying to maintain performance and keep appetite from getting too high and this requires at least my LBM in calories x 10 = 1650 calories. At the moment I’m still shooting for body weight x 10 in calories, even if I’m not hungry at the end of the day. “If it aint broke, dont fix it.”

Meal plan is this almost every day:

  • Meal 1 – Two scoops of protein powder with berries and almond milk (this is protein pudding, not a shake though)
  • Meal 2- 6 ounces of lean meat, 8-10 ounces of vegetables, 1 whole egg, 1 cheese wedge, low calorie sauce
  • Meal 3 – Quest Bar and sometimes and apple when working out
  • Meal 4 – 5 ounces of lean meat, 6 ounces of vegetables, 1 whole egg, 1 – 1.5 servings of potato or Firehook Crackers
  • Meal 5 – Dessert – usually a frozen banana with Jello SF/FF pudding mix or a small protein shake with the same ingredients
  • Total Macros – 1700-1900 calories / Protein 160-180 grams / Carbs 100-150 grams / Fat 45-55 grams
  • Supplements – (all in the morning ) – 3 fish oils, 5000 IU Vitamin D, 400mg of magnesium, 50mg of Zinc (thats it)

Easy diet to stick to and I look forward to each meal. The sauce I use is low sugar ketchup and Bolthouse Ranch. Also I usually spread my quest bar throughout the day starting in the morning and ending at night. I keep the carbs pretty low during the day at right around 50 grams or lower and have most of them at night. I’m training after work now, so night time is technically my postworkout window. Also carbs are best eaten at night anyway due to their serotonin / sleep inducing effects when eaten in sufficient quantities. My energy has actually been awesome all day and night on this diet and when I do add calories back in to start some carb cycling, I will most likely keep the day the same as above and add a ton of carbs in at meal 4 and 5 (dinner and dessert). That way my energy will remain steady and consistent throughout the day and my dinner will be a postworkout / nighttime feast that will build muscle and help me sleep throughout the night. Not sure if I mentioned on this blog before, but nighttime is a very bad time to cut your calorie intake. Food helps optimize sleep and hormones and skipping meals at night can interrupt this crucial time period and leave you with some bad results.

Been reading a lot of the articles and advice from UP Fitness trainer Nick Mitchell here recently. Nick has been a personal trainer and very successful for a long time. I learned a lot from reading his articles on how to properly transition from cutting to maintaining to putting on muscle size. He’s a fan of carb cycling for both fat loss and muscle gain. He usually gets his clients very lean until they are under 10% bodyfat and then has them carb cycle to start enhancing performance and putting on muscle mass. I dont agree with everything he does though, as I’ve seem some articles recommend 4 grams per kilo of body weight in protein. That’s way too much in my opinion and your much better off eating some properly timed carbs to spare the protein and enhance results.

Also been reading a lot from Menno Henslemens work as well. He really impresses with this articles and is a genuinely smart guy. He has some really good info on training certain muscles and really goes into depth on everything he talks about.

Anyway, I plan to stay on this calorie deficit for at least two more weeks and maybe up to 6 weeks and then start to carb cycle after I get under 10% bodyfat. I noticed that in these past few months, I’ve put on a bit of fat from not tracking closely enough and being too loose with my nutrition. (more fat than I thought) But once I get down to where I want to be, I’ll carb cycle in the two following ways to maintain insulin sensitivity and put on muscle without fat.

First Carb Cycle after deficit: (Nick Mitchell Recommended this setup for enhance fat loss after leaning out)

  • Medium / Low / High / low / Medium / Medium / Low
    • Low Days are 120 grams of carbs
    • Medium Day are 240 grams of carbs
    • High Days are 360 grams of carbs
  • Basically just adding 120 grams of carbs each day or 500 calories or so from pure carbs.

Second Carb Cycle to maintain and put on muscle. Although if the above is working I may just stick with that:

  • Two Low days / Three Medium Days / Two High Days
    • Basically drop a low day and add in a high day (I may have to play around with this phase)

I may throw in a refeed sometime soon, but Im still losing like I want to right now, so I dont think its a good idea. I do feel like my muscles could use a boost though and sometimes my joints feel much weaker due to less body fat.

This has been the easiest cut to follow I have ever done and the results are coming in nicely. I respond well to basing my diet around protein and vegetables with minimal carbs, but where I failed in the past is eating those meals all the time. I think the reason this cut is so good is because I’m adding in the nighttime carbs, even on low days. These carbs keep my muscles fuller and stronger, keeps the liver healthy so it doesnt break down too much protein and reduces catabolic activity and cortisol that always eating low carb would not do.

Some food pics for the week. Kind of boring this week:

6 ounces of lean meat, broccoli and 1 whole egg
6 ounces of lean meat, broccoli and 1 whole egg
6 ounces of lean meat, 6oz sweet potato, 5 ounces of broccoli, 1 whole egg
6 ounces of lean meat, 6oz sweet potato, 5 ounces of broccoli, 1 whole egg
Banana Ice cream (homemade ingredietns are just a banana, small amount of almond milk, then blend) with sugar free syrup on top
Banana Ice cream (homemade ingredietns are just a banana, small amount of almond milk, then blend) with sugar free syrup on top
My Lunch everyday this week: 6oz of lean meat, 1 whole egg (hardboiled), 8oz of vegetables, 1 cheese wedge and low calorie sauce
My Lunch everyday this week:
6oz of lean meat, 1 whole egg (hardboiled), 8oz of vegetables, 1 cheese wedge and low calorie sauce
Eggs (1 whole and 5 white) veggies and 8oz of potatoes
Eggs (1 whole and 5 white) veggies and 8oz of potatoes
Protein shake with 4oz of frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 packet of Swissmiss diet hot chocolate, 5 ice cubes blended
Protein shake with 4oz of frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 packet of Swissmiss diet hot chocolate, 5 ice cubes blended
4oz of chicken with onions, sauce and sweet potato rounds with 1 tbs of Jello SF/FF cheesecake mix
4oz of chicken with onions, sauce and sweet potato rounds with 1 tbs of Jello SF/FF cheesecake mix
Fall at my old house
Fall at my old house