Journal Entry 142



9/07 – 181.6 – Incline Walk – 800 calories – 3100 – Walking

9/08 – 180.6 – Pull Day – 2700 calories eaten –  2750 calories burned -Heavy LAT Pulldowns – 220×5

9/09 – 182lbs Complex Day – 1150 calories – 2770 calories –

9/10 – 181lbs – Push Day – 2700 calories – 2744 calories – INC DB PRESS – 160lbs x 6 (80lbs DBS)

9/11 – 182.8lbs – Incline Walk/ Short Complex (feeling sore all over) –

9/12 – 182 lbs – Pull Day – 3100 calories – 2900 calories – Cable Row – 180×8 / BB curl 95×5 (PR)

9/13 – 182lbs – Push Day – 3500 calories – 2800 calories – Bench 205×4 (Yikes)

Well here’s the deal. My pullups and bench have GREATLY dropped down in terms of strength. Since starting this modified fasting my Bench has dropped off 20lbs and pullups just feel really heavy. This is unacceptable to me and I feel like this plan is not nearly as good as it looks on paper. If something isnt broken then dont change it. If something is broken, then fix it. Really kind of annoys me, because its setup nicely and should be working, but when the bench felt that heavy it means strength was lost. When strength is lost there is a good chance of muscle loss. I may have not lost any muscle, but it sure feels like I did. So the low calorie days need to go. Im trying to hit my goal of 225×8 reps at the end of the year and that isnt going to happen with this plan.

As for my diet, I’m not sure where I’m going with it. I really dont like fasting that much. The first few times I did it, I welcomed it as a challenge, but its only a good as a once in a while thing. Fasting twice a week may work for some, but I started to dread it as soon as it arrived. Besides some potent appetite suppression (up to a point) and some quick weight loss on the scale, I didn’t notice any magical benefits from it. I only did one this past week on Sunday. I also noticed when I skip breakfast and lunch, I would be ravenous at night. I felt like a bottomless pit. So the fast to me was bordering on bad nutrition. This must be what people feel like that skip the first two meals everyday and blow their diet when they get home in the evening. (night time eating disorder) It makes perfect sense now. If they had just ate more, but not excessively early in the day, they wouldn’t get these massive hunger signals at night. Once I had my normal meals, which included a high protein breakfast (about 40 grams) my appetite was nil. I’m not sure if it was a psychological effect, but once I had a high protein (not high calorie) breakfast and a similar lunch, those massive hunger signals didnt strike at night. Honestly I could have almost skipped dinner with the latter approach, but definitely not the former.

Going forward I think I’m going to do the following:

  • Push/Pull/Legs and Abs/ repeat with one day off each week
    • Legs will not be done for very heavy reps, but more in the 8 rep range
  • Eating will be close to maintenance – 2400-2700 calories each day.
    • most likely smaller breakfast and lunch and dinner will be a bit bigger
  • Main goal is to get bench back up to 225 x 4 and beyond (I have got to break this barrier. Really frustrating plateaus with this)
    • I’m going to hit Bench twice a week. I’ve been doing it once a week and I wouldnt say its boosted my results.
  • Hit cardio for 5-10 minutes each day before lifting.
    • I love this warmup. Gives me a ton of energy and sets me up for some great lifting. Mainly due to the cardio heating up my body temperature.

Some food pics:

Been Making a lot of pasta recently. 2-4 oz pasta (dry) so 4-8oz cooked 5-6 oz meat veggies Prego sauce (1/2-3/4 cup)
Been Making a lot of pasta recently.
2-4 oz pasta (dry) so 4-8oz cooked
5-6 oz meat
Prego sauce (1/2-3/4 cup)
Pumpkin Greeek Yogurt
Pumpkin Greeek Yogurt
1 cup of rice lean meat Veggies  Egg Roll and Crab rangoon
1 cup of rice
lean meat
Egg Roll and Crab rangoon
Pistachio Greek Yogurt (mixed it with SS/FF jello mix)
Pistachio Greek Yogurt (mixed it with SS/FF jello mix)
1 whole egg and 5 egg whites spinach, onions, green beas 1 oz beef
1 whole egg and 5 egg whites
spinach, onions, green beas
1 oz beef
Pasta with Egg roll and crab rangoon
Pasta with Egg roll and crab rangoon
Mac and Cheese after my WEAK bench day.
Mac and Cheese after my WEAK bench day.

Giants looked TERRIBLE on Monday night. It was pretty embarrassing and it looked like that was the first time they have ever run the offense. Of course Eli Manning got blamed for everything, like he always does. There was even a video of one guy that burned his Eli jersey after ONE game. What a pathetic loser. He has no respect at all for a QB that has won 2 Superbowls in 10 seasons. The Giants have only won 4 Superbowls in 90 years and Eli has TWO of them in the past 10 years. What more do you want man? Anyway I’ll try not to waste too much time on people like that. I have a strong feeling if they change the offense and simplify it down a little and give more targets to Victor Cruz and Ruben Randle and less targets to the unproven TE and Jerrigan (4th string wide out) we will have more success. I was trying to figure out why the Giants were trying to target those players so often. It was definitely part of the reason we looked bad. Also the O line needs to learn how to block. Half the time it didnt even look like they were trying.

Also VT lose to ECU this weekend. Looked terrible in the first quarter and it took up 3 quarters to tie the game. We then let them drive down the field in under a minute at the very end of the game to win. Hate to say it, but thats typical Virginia Tech. I wasn’t surprised at all, because it happens every season. It sucks to, beause we could have easily gone undefeated this season and gotten into a really good bowl games.

Eli Champ Status
Eli Champ Status

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