Something New – Journal Entry 140



8/24 – 185 lbs – Cals 2000 – 2500 – 225×4.5 – Bench

8/25 – 185lbs – Cals 2400 – 2700 –  265×5 Squats

8/26 – 185.4 lbs – Cals 1900 – 2900 – OFF

8/27 – 184.6lbs – Cals 1800-2850 — Shoulders 60’s x x 7.5 reps

8/28 – 184.2lbs — 1800 calories — 2950 – 55x 4 reps pullups

8/29 – 185lbs — 2200 calories — 3061 calories – – Bench 225 x 2 – FELT WEAK / joint pain

8/30  no weigh in – 2400 – 2650 calories – NONE

Sunday’s Bench workout was awesome and set a new personal best. Same with squats. On Wednesday I did shoulders and dropped back to 60’s instead of 65’s.  I plan to stick with these until I rep at least 8 reps with ease and then I’ll jump back up to 65’s. Pullups were on par for the week, but Friday was a weird day. My joints felt terrible and my shoulders and triceps were still sore. I think this is because I just hit shoulders two days before and they weren’t rested yet. This always seems to be an issue when I start a 4 day cycle instead of having days of the weeks being specific workouts with a set period of time between muscle groups. I hate when I have workouts like I did on Friday, so I’m going back to old faithful of push, pull, legs, push, pull. A 5 day split with two rest days has always served me the best.

I added a few supplements to my stack after reading examine’s guide. I added Curcumin for a variety of reasons including decreased inflammation and improved insulin sensitivity. I added Ashwagnda for lowering stress and anxiety and increasing testosterone. I also added some zinc taken at night to help avoid deficiencies and increase testosterone. Another thing I bought, but dont take everyday is Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a natural fat burner that inhibits alpha receptors in stubborn fat deposits. It basically makes stubborn fat easier to mobilize and burn. You have to take this in fasted state for it to be effective and cardio also helps enhances its properties. I plan on taking this twice a week to coincide with a new diet plan I’m trying out.

I bought the book eat stop eat today after reading some of Brad Pilon’s blog. Brad reminded me of myself in some regards in that he’s read A LOT of nutritional books, articles, meal plans and timing of nutrients, etc… He basically recommends a lifestyle of approach of fasting for 24 hour periods for 1-2 times each week. He cites a lot of research to show that doing so ONLY once or twice a week is actually incredibly effective for not only burning fat, but building muscle. This plan requires you eat at maintenance on the other 5 days though. He states pretty clearly that you are NOT supposed to have a deficit on the other 5 days of the week unless its really small. The reason I really like this plan is that you get to way more on the 5 days of the week (most of the time) and only diet two days a week. The fasts take some getting used to, but the science behind it was incredible to say the least. He even states why longer fasts or more fasting more than twice a week is a dumb idea and will backfire. The important thing to note though is to make sure you are eating enough on the other 5 days. His plan is basically to strip the fat only two days a week and maintain / build muscle on the other 5. He also shows that by doing it this way you maintain the metabolic rate much better than cutting calories each day, due to adaptive thermogeneis. Essentially you maintain the metabolism, build muscle 5 days a week and lose fat two days a week.

To make the fast easier, I plan to have coffee and tea and also some soup and salad for lunch and dinner. I’m trying to stay under 500 calories total for the day to allow for a massive calorie deficit. The next day will be back to maintenance at around 26-2700 calories. I’m also spreading these days out to non – consecutive days on Monday and Thursday.

My plan will look like this:

SU – Pull workout – Normal day (2400-2800 calories)

M – Walking – Fast day (up to 500 calories)

T – Push workout – Normal day

W – Pull Workout – Normal day

R – Walking – Fast Day

F – Legs workout – Normal day

Sa- Push Workout – Normal Day

This plan still allows me to lift 5 days week with plenty of food and nutrition on my lifting days. On my fast days, I will do some light walking to burn extra fat and keep overall food to a minimum. The deficit should come in around 4000 – 4500 calories or 1.25 lbs of fat. By eating in this fashion, I should also be building muscle while stripping fat. Dont mind if I do. I expect the fast days to give me some trouble at first, but I expect them to get easier with time.


Lean Meat, whole egg, broccoli Sweet Potato
Lean Meat, whole egg, broccoli
Sweet Potato
Lean meat  10oz of white potato with green beans Sweet potato crackers
Lean meat
10oz of white potato with green beans
Sweet potato crackers
Same as above
Same as above
Rice stirfry
Rice stirfry
Some old vino
Some old vino
Buffalo Wild Wings naked tenders with fries (ordered buffalo and teriyaki sauce on side)
Buffalo Wild Wings naked tenders with fries
(ordered buffalo and teriyaki sauce on side)
Monster. Love this drink.
2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites broccoli and onions Flour tortilla and butterbread on side
2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites
broccoli and onions
Flour tortilla and butter bread on side

For next week, I plan to diet in ranges on my normal days to be around 2400-2800 calories – Protein 160-180 grams / Fat 50-60 grams / Carbs 300-350 carbs. I’m not really too concerned with hitting exact numbers to be honest. I plan to hit around this calorie range and the macros will fall into place.

Here is some food pics:


Weekend was good and I went to Virginia Tech for the football game. Michael Brewer (QB) looks like a beast and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does in the future. For the first time in awhile I’m really confident in our ability to win and play against the best. It’s about time. It was also good seeing old friends at VT, always a fun time. The only problem is the drive up there, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Fantasy Football and NFL starts next week. To say I’m pumped would be an understatement.

Passed this guy on the road. True fan
Passed this guy on the road. True fan

2 thoughts on “Something New – Journal Entry 140

  1. Anonymous

    If you eat calories during the fast than you defeat beneficial effects particularly the fat burning muscle preserving ones…Human growth hormone and insulin are the 2 factors here. true effective fast requires no calories so that your hgh rises. If you have calories during the fast this benefit is not received.


    • Michael Cocchiola

      I agree that GH peaks when fasting, but when your cutting calories so low you still get a nice rise out of GH even if it doesnt hit peak levels all day. Also GH isnt the only benefit you get out of a very low calorie day / fast and some evidence shows that you only need 12 hours to reap a lot of the benefits. Basically 2 hours before bed, 8hours of sleep and 2 hours when you wake up.
      Check out this article on why 12 hours may be more effective than fasting too long:

      And one of the things I read, said that cutting calories by 50% may not be that much different in humans, but has very different effects in mice:

      Basically what I do is fast 12 hours on those low days and eat a PSMF for the rest of the day. As long as I stay under 1000 calories its fine. This week I actually ran these on my rest days and ate normally (2500+ cals) on my workout days. Strength was good and woke up looking very lean on my low calorie day. It may not be optimal, but I feel like its going to work pretty good. I’m also not a very patient person, so those very low days always appealed to me, because of the quick results they bring. I’m doing this 3 days a week, so not sure fasting 3 days a week is a great idea. Brad pilon states that 1-2 is good, but doing more than that may not be optimal, especially when trying to build muscle on the other days.

      Thanks for the comment.


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