Spring Cleaning Week 10 – JE 130

Morning Weight – 185lbs

IMG_0092 IMG_0080

Weekly Schedule:

  • Su – Off
  • M- Push
  • T- Pull
  • W- Bodyweight Circuit
  • Tr- Push
  • F- Pull
  • Sa- Off

Another good week of training, but not many PR’ set. On Thursday and Friday, I did more of a hypertrophy routine with way more reps and lighter weights than I usually use. Its honestly sometimes hard to judge the correct weight to use to hit the adequate number of reps, but I did enjoy mixing it up. The rest periods went down and the pump felt really good, especially in the shoulders. I was reading Layne Norton’s PHAT split and modified it more to my liking. It combines two days with heavy weights to build strength and 2-3 days of hypertrophy work with short rest periods and high reps to pump the muscles and build more size. For the most part, I have stuck to what he recommended, but I tweak certain things to my liking.

MC power and hypertrophy split: – I will start the week with hypertrophy workout and do the power workout toward the end of the week. Legs will be combined to include both ranges, like my typical workouts usually do.  I’m not a huge fan of doing Legs twice a week, because I dont recover well from it. Having sore legs all the time just doesn’t work well for me and makes me more lazy. I like to hit legs, but feeling sore at all times isn’t necessary and also interferes with cardio and tennis, which I have been doing more of recently.

I also bought a Fitbit this week. Started using it on Sunday and wore it all week. I actually like it a lot so far. It tracks your steps, miles, calories burned, intense activity (although its more cardio related because it didnt track weight lifting very good), and sleep quality. My average weekly burn was around 2700 calories on average with some days going about 2800. I think this is a little off. On Sunday I was in a car all day, didn’t workout at all and went for one walk when I got home. Calories burned showed 2500. I thought this was a little high. Then later in the week I literally was on my feet all day and worked out and my burn was 2700 calories. Something isn’t adding up here. Another complaint I have is that it doesnt track activities besides cardio very well at all. It seems to only track your calories when your wrist moves. So lets say Im cleaning the house of lifting weights and my calorie burning is going pretty strong, the fitbit may miss a lot of that activity. It does tracking walking well, but I didnt get it for that reason.

Overall its addicting to check and it does make me want to walk around more so I make sure I hit 10000 steps or 5 miles a day, but besides cardio it seems to be very inaccruate on calorie burning and tracking activity. I will say the sleep tracking is awesome though. It tells you how long you were in bed, but also tells you how much of that time was spent sleeping vs being awake or restless in bed.


4 whole eggs 3oz red meat Veggies (Tried this for breakfast one day and greatly wasnt feeling it)
4 whole eggs
3oz red meat
(Tried this for breakfast one day and greatly wasnt feeling it)
Refeed Meal Lean Meat 1 slice of Toast 12oz of Low-Fat French Fries
Refeed Meal
Lean Meat
1 slice of Toast
12oz of Low-Fat French Fries
Lean Meat (6oz) with veggie Asiago Cheese Toast from Panera (2 oz)
Lean Meat (6oz) with veggie
Asiago Cheese Toast from Panera (2 oz)
Protein Pudding with PB
Protein Pudding with PB
Protein Pudding with PB and a Quest Bar
Protein Pudding with PB and a Quest Bar

Hit a plateau in terms of fat loss this week. My weight more or less stayed the same. I think this may be my Fitbit’s fault. I tried to diet in accordance to what my fitbit showed and in my opioion the fitness tracker is just off and too high most days. So I may have to down regulate the calories a bit to get after my fat stores again. I also did one refeed day last week and that may have stalled me a bit.

Going to adjust my numbers to this: 2000-2100 calories a day; 200 carbs; 175 protein; 60 fat. I may include one low day at 1600 calories on a rest day and one high refeed day on a traning day with lots of carbs, but haven’t decided yet. May just stick with the old fashioned small deficit this week.

The only changes I make to my diet are through carbs. Protein and Fat are always right around 175 grams and 60 fat. Carbs either go to >100 on low days, 200 on normal days or over 300 on high days. Nice and easy and the main meal template stays the same with the addition or subtraction of starches. Makes eating and meal planning really easy.


Going to be moving to a townhouse soon with 3 friends. Its much closer to things and not in the middle of nowhere like where I”m living now. There is a YMCA which I toured yesterday, which I will most likely join because its 2 minutes away from my new place and I can join for a bout $20 a month. Dont mind if I do. Probably use this on Saturday and Sunday and workout one less day during the week. Definitely looking forward to it.

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