Spring Cleaning Week 9 – JE 129

Morning Weight – 184lbs




  • Sun – Off
  • Mon-Pull
  • Tues -Push
  • Wed – Incline Walk
  • Thurs- Pull
  • Fri- Push
  • Sat – Off

Easy 4 day split this week. I set a new PR on BB standing press at 110×5. Standing BB press has always been a weak point of mine, but has recently been going up. Every other day I have also been doing some very high volume cable crunches and I really feel increase core strength as a result. I used to do planks for 2 minutes or longer and it never really transferred over to my lifts. Not the case with cable crunches. I was supposed to do legs today, but I felt Wednesday was better served with light cardio, because the desire to lift was really there. A 2 on 1 off scheme works really well with me. Also busted out some BB rows for the first time in a long time. I got around 165lbs for 5-6 reps and it lit my back up. In the past I bascially stopped doing them, because I never really “felt” it in my back that great, but it was quite the opposite this week. I’m defintely planning on keeping those a fixture in my workout.

I modified my workout a bit to the following: MC Push Pull Legs. Bascially a heavy movment in the beginning, followed by hypertrophy compound exercises and finishing off with some isolation exercises in the hypertrophy- endurance range. After a lot of different schemes, this is by far my favorite. It includes all rep ranges in the workout, which in my books make it a complete workout.


Chicken Fried Rice (made with two whole eggs)
Chicken Fried Rice (made with two whole eggs)
Lean red meat 3 whole eggs Sweet Potato  Veggies
Lean red meat
3 whole eggs
Sweet Potato
Rice Omelet (4 whole eggs)
Rice Omelet (4 whole eggs)
Vanilla Oatmeal with Berries and 1 Tbs of Pb
Vanilla Oatmeal with Berries and 1 Tbs of Pb
Chocolate oats with 1 Tbs of PB
Chocolate oats with 1 Tbs of PB
Protein Scoop with PB, berries and Quest bar
Protein Scoop with PB, berries and Quest bar
Same as above
Same as above
1 cup of oats  1 scoop of protein  Berries Tbs of PB
1 cup of oats
1 scoop of protein
Tbs of PB

Calories around 2400 Carbs 250g, Protein 170 grams, Fat 75 grams

Calories are more or less the same. Dietary Fat has been increased to right around .4 multiplied by body weight. My dietary fat was getting kind of low on most days usually around 40-50 grams and it just didnt feel enough to me. I’m upping the whole eggs, nut butter and cheese. All have been shown to boost testosterone levels. Wrote an article on T levels earlier this week. I also like adding whole food fats to my diet. I find oil incredibly unsatisfying and would much rather just eat the natural fat from foods. The recommended range is around .3-.5 grams per pound of body weight in fat, so since I’m a fan of the middle, I’m right around .4 grams.

Carbs are more or less the same. I keep breakfast low carb, because I have better energy in the morning by doing this. Lunch which is my post workout meal is going to be a big bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and fruit. I usually have a quest bar and maybe an apple on the drive home and a bigger dinner with whatever I have left to fill my macros. Usually a stirfry of some kind with rice. Carbs fill in the rest of my calories after my protein and fat have been set.

Protein is always around my body weight. On my article about T levels, I wrote that too much protein is not desirable to the body’s hormones. Never the less, I like getting protein in with each meal, so since it always comes in around this amount, I’m not going to worry about it too much. I may be able to get away with a quaint 120 grams, but it just seems unnaturally low to me. I feel right around body weight will work better.

I’m a also a huge fan on experimenting with my diet and workout. If there is something that give me an advantage I didnt have before I’m all for it. By trying things out, you can test what works for your body and what doesn’t. This past year I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting and I hope by the end of the year I will have my diet nailed down for the most part. As I stated before my diet is more balanced than ever before. More fat in meals, carbs moderate to high, and protein adequate. Its important to eat in a way that feels natural to you.

Food Finds: Been eating a lot of Egglands Best Omega 3 whole eggs; JIF peanut butter (dear god this is good); Cholula Hot sauce on eggs and salad (adds a lot of flavor); Sargento shredded cheese and cheese slices (I prefer goat or blue cheese though, tastes better to me)

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