Spring Cleaning Week 8 – JE 128

Morning Weight – 184lbs


  • Sun – Pull
  • Mon- Push
  • Tues- Legs, Back and Biceps
  • Wed – Push
  • Thursday – Off
  • Friday – Push
  • Sat – Off

Been very busy at work this week, so my training schedule was somewhat off. I tried to vary the rep ranges each day, so one day would be high reps of 15, the next would be 8-12 and the last would be strength oriented 4-8, but I wasn’t feeling it. I’m definitely in the process of experimenting with a bunch of different ideas right now, but the more I stray from the basics and what I like doing, the more I feel like I’m wasting time. My favorite rep scheme by far it to basically just do all rep ranges in the same workout starting with a heavy movement. Push, Pull, Legs scheme and Bro splits are definitely my favorites.

No records set this week, but strength was maintained on all lifts.


Calories averaged around 2100 calories Carbs about 180 grams, Protein around 160 grams and fat was about 55 grams.

Read a very interesting article on Bodybuilding.com about lean bulking macros that this bodybuilder uses to put on muscle fast and minimize fat gain. Essentially he ate a very high protein diet, moderate carbs and moderate fats. His macros were around 1.5 grams per pound for protein, 1.25 grams per pound for carbs and .3 grams per pound for dietary fat. The ratio was 45/35/20 (P/C/F). At first I looked at it and just thought it was protein overkill, because there isn’t much benefit to going over 1 gram per pound, or at least you don’t NEED any more than that. But that got me thinking a little bit. Technically you only need 120 grams of carbs to maintain thyroid and only NEED about 40-60 grams of fat for health and hormones, but that would end up being a very low calorie diet. Past a certain point after hitting your “minimums” you have to add in calories from one of the macros to meet your calorie needs. I asked the bodybuilder why he ate so much protein and he responded by saying he noticed less fat gain and more muscle by increasing protein vs increasing carbs or fat. Makes perfect sense considering protein is very rarely stored as fat and as long as you maintain your health by eating enough carbs and fat, it really doesnt matter where you get the rest of your calories from. I think the reason high protein diets negatively effect some peoples health is because they are eating only protein and not enough carbs and fat to support hormones and the endocrine system. The article definitely influenced me, because I’m a huge fan of meat and protein powder and if there is a more efficient way of putting on muscle without fat gain and bloat then I’m all for it. So I may attempt to bump up my protein and reduce carbs a little and see what the effects are. I’m also going to bump fat up a little by eating at least 3 whole eggs a day. Lift days will probably be around 250 protein; 220 carbs; fat 65 grams; a little more balanced this way. Rest days which will be around 2-3 days a week for me and I will lower the calories on that day.

Unfortunately my phone got water damage on Saturday, so there will be no pictures in this post. I luckily had an upgrade available through Verizon, so I was able to get a new phone. I also bought a $90 lifeproof case to protect this one. Case is pretty thin as well so it doesn’t bulk up your pockets. My water damaged phone is currently sitting in uncooked rice, so hopefully in a few days it drys out and I can add the pictures I’m missing at a later date.

I also went to see X-men this weekend and it was by far the best one yet. Hugh Jackman gained noticeable size from the previous movie and he was huge in that one. He’s literally so jacked his veins are bulging out even when he’s at rest. I looked up his routine and it looked insanely high volume with heavy loads, but considering he ate over 5000 calories a day, I’d say he could handle it. Definitely one my favorite actors though, mainly because all of his movies are usually good and hes a jacked beast.

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