Spring Cleaning Week 7 – JE 127

Morning Weight – 184 lbs


Workout Schedule:

  • Sun – Off
  • M – Push
  • T- Pull
  • W – Legs
  • R – Push
  • F – Pull
  • Sa- Cardio

Back to my old push, pull, legs split. I plan on running this scheme above or maybe add in another leg day for about 6-8 weeks. I actually wrote up the entire plan on this document right here: MC Push, Pull, Legs

The reps are periodized into four different workouts as shown in the document. I have hit a huge plateau with strength gains, so I was doing some research and cycling reps in this fashion may boost my results favorably. I think I’m going to enjoy laying off the really heavy weights for awhile, lightening the load and getting in more reps.

I was thinking about ditching barbells for know and just switching to dumbbells for most exercises. I was listening to a podcast on training and the trainer said that for some people, especially with longer arms, the arms have a tendency to overpower the movement and chest receives less stimulation. On dumbbells due to the position of the load, the torso gets more action, so I may change everything over for the duration of this program. Only problem with doing this is that I want to get good at BB bench to get good at something you need to do it. But still I’ve been doing it both once and twice a week a no change, so maybe ditching it for awhile could actually help boost it.

Also looking forward to the 15-20 rep day. This has the potential to be one of the hardest days on the schedule. On the heavy day, which there is only one, I increased the weights from 4-6 to 6-8.


Spanish Rice Lean Meat 6oz Broccoli Crab Rangoon
Spanish Rice
Lean Meat 6oz
Crab Rangoon
1 cup of white rice 1.5 cups of Broccoli 6 oz lean meat
1 cup of white rice
1.5 cups of Broccoli
6 oz lean meat
Mongolian Grill
Mongolian Grill

Bumping up the calories to 2200 this week. Still slowly losing fat, but I want to increase the calories to help with strength gains.

Macros – Carbs 230 grams, Fat 60 grams, Protein 180 grams




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