Spring Cleaning Week 5 (JE – 125)

Morning Weight – 182lbs


I’m going to change gears for at least the next month and change up my workout routine. I’ve been running the bro split for about 8 weeks now and while I like it, its starting to get old and repetitive. I’m going to switch to a 3 day upper / lower split and hit upper body on Monday and Friday and lower body on Wednesday. The split I’m doing is Lyle Mcdonald’s generic bulking routine. Pretty basic overall, but I want to give it a try.  The main reason I’m doing a 3 day split instead of 5 is because I’m also going to change the way I eat around workouts.

For the first 5 weeks of Spring Cleaning I have been on about 1800 calories a day with a slight bump on the weekends. I’m going to keep the deficit the same at around 1lb or 3500 calories per week, but I’m going to change the way I eat so they correlate with my workouts better. An author I trust named Jade Teta, stated that you should either eat more and exercise more or eat less and exercise less, but never exercise more and eat less. Basically it means if you lift weights you should eat plenty of calories and carbs to match it. Lifting in a deficit even if its somewhat small is probably not a great idea. On the other hand, if your doing nothing all day, you can get away with eating much less without negative repercussions. It makes perfect sense and severe problems can result with mismatched training and eating plans. The first half of plan wasn’t a big deficit and not enough to cause problems, but I think setting up this way is going to yield better results.

  1. On my 3 lifting days (M, W, F) I will take in around 2500 calories with about 350:160:45 (Carbs, Protein, Fat). These days will serve as “refeed” days that upregulate metabolic rate, hormones and fat burning. They also serve as muscle gain days, that allow me to build muscle while on a cutting diet.
  2. On 3 days of the week (Su, Tu, Tr) I will take in around 1400 calories with about 120:160:45 (Carbs, Protein, Fat). Some days it may be a bit lower, but these days have around 1000 calories deficit from total maintenance. Since these days are in between high days, they are very effective at burning fat. Obviously if I did these days too often, muscle loss and plateaus would result. The goal of this day is basically eat enough protein to preserve muscle, veggies to help fullness and let a big calorie deficit burn fat, which is made more effective by the high day. Exercise on this day will be walking on treadmill, stretching and some corrective exercises that I dont really have time for on the lifting days.
  3. On 1 day of the week (SA) I will take as an off day from training and eating and just eat maintenance without worrying about specific macros.

I’m also eating in accordance with the BioRhythm diet I wrote about in an article a while ago on this site:

Fast 12 hours a day (If I eat dinner at 8:00pm, then I dont eat again until 8:00am the next morning). This allows fat burning hormones to go longer without being interrupted. I also learned of a cortisol awakening response that happens in the morning. Basically it means cortisol is very high to wake you up in the morning. If you eat something at this time, you disrupt fat burning and not only that, but whatever you eat doesnt satisfy hunger. Its the one time of day where high cortisol is a good thing. Its better to wait a while until cortisol levels off to eat something. At least nothing with carbs in it, a protein and fat breakfast would be alright at this time, but I’m still going to wait a couple hours to left fat burning continue further. Go any longer than this and you risk shutting off hormones responsible for building muscle. No thanks.

Eat all of your carbs post workout and at dinner. This has nutrient partitioning effects, but the main reason I’m doing it is because the morning is not a great time to eat carbs. I’m keeping all my carbs from 2pm-9pm, because this is the time right after my workout until bed. Carbs are much better to consume at this time and its definitely wise to eat some carbs at night due to there effects on serotonin and relaxation.

Science also shows that your much better off balancing your routine like above. The low calorie days sensitize your body to the high calorie days and vice versa. One day I maximize gaining muscle, while the other I maximize fat burning. If you had all high days your body would stop responding to the signals its receiving and basically become numb to what your doing and vice versa. The same goes for stagnant dieting such as eating 1800 calories everyday. By keeping the body guessing and spiking up calories and metabolism one day, while eating low calories the next, then no stagnation results. This plan prevents that. Another sweet thing is that I basically get to feast 3 days a week with 350 carbs after my workout. Dont mind if do. 😉

Also, I read about how sitting too much can be really bad for health. Most people with desk jobs sit for 21 hours of the day and are active for 3 hours. If you think about it thats pretty bad. One way to prevent this is to stand at your desk instead of sit. I tried it last week and didn’t mind it all and barely even noticed. You also burn 40 more calories per hour while doing this. 40 calories x 8 hours of sitting = 320 calories a day and thats without going to the gym. Multiply this by a month or a year and you have some pretty “easy” fat burning going on. You dont have to stand the whole time, but even standing half the time or at least standing every hour can yield some pretty awesome benefits.

Some meals this week:

Red Meat Sweet Potato Veggies
Red Meat
Sweet Potato
Chicken White Rice Sweet Potato Broccoli and tomatoes
White Rice
Sweet Potato
Broccoli and tomatoes
Lean Meat 6oz Sweet Potato 6oz White Rice 1 cup Veggies
Lean Meat 6oz
Sweet Potato 6oz
White Rice 1 cup

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