Spring Cleaning Week 3 (JE – 122)

Morning Weight – 185 lbs

Bodyfat % – 10mm pinch (more or less the same from last week)

IMG_3559 IMG_3560


  • Su – Chest
  • M – Back
  • T- Cardio
  • W- Legs
  • R- Shoulders
  • F- Arms
  • Sa- Cardio

5th week of the Bro Split this week. I didnt break any records this week and was more or less a week of maintaining.

For lateral raises this week, I grabbed the cable machine and slighly leaned over and did shoulders one at a time. I actually felt it much better than doing both at the same time. For DB shrugs I squeezed my shoulder blades back and then did shrugs. Doing this before shrugging actually helps enhance you traps, because the traps are involved in the retraction of shoulders.

I also dropped cardio back slightly back down to a mile a day. 15 minutes was cutting into my strength a little bit, plus I really like just hoping on the treadmill for a mile and then going straight to lifting.


Meat  White Rice Vegetables
White Rice
Chipote bowl with chicken, double beans, salsa and corn
Chipote bowl with chicken, double beans, salsa and corn
Red Blend from Trader Joes
Red Blend from Trader Joes
5 oz chicken 6 oz sweet potato 4 pieces of sushi Crackers
5 oz chicken
6 oz sweet potato
4 pieces of sushi

Sunday- Thursday 1700-1900 calories Carbs 160-200 grams; Protein 160 grams; Fat 45grams

Fri – Sat 2500-2800 calories; Macros are always slightly higher in carbs and fat and lower in protein

This was the first week that I got pretty hungry toward the end of the week and I also noticed that I would hit a wall during my workout. I would feel fine going into the workout, but halfway through my energy and intensity would just fade out real fast. I remedied the problem with some fruit for a quick sugar boost, which helped a little, but didnt completely solve the problem either. This mainly happened toward the end of the week, so I may start throwing in a high carb refeed day around Tuesday to combat this low energy problem. So basically it would be Sunday and Monday as low days, Tuesday High day, Wednesday and Thursday low days and weekend right around maintenance. A little bit slower fat loss, but it may help keep the energy higher. Not sure yet though, what I may do is just bump up calories a little on the days I get low energy. So instead of 1800 calories just bump it up to 2000, which is still a deficit so no big deal.

An interesting thing I read about this week is how important the pH balance of the stomach is. The balance should be around 1-2 which is highly acidic. This is important from a standpoint of digesting food properly, but also to keep down harmful bacteria in the system. When people get low metabolisms from either disease or calorie restriction, their pH gets thrown off and becomes more basic. This means that certain foods stay in the stomach longer, dont get digested as well and the bacteria that should have gotten digested in the acids, actually begins to multiply and thrive in the less acidic environment. This creates intestinal problems, SIBO – small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, food intolerance’s and many other conditions. The best way to get the pH of the stomach back is to speed the metabolism back up and get your stomach to start churning those acids like it should. This is the main reason people with a fast metabolism can eat anything they want and dont have “food intolerance’s” that give them digestive upset. This is also the reason many people on restrictive diets, especially a Paleo diet, start to develop sensitivities to foods. Their metabolism is slowing down and their not eating correctly, especially if they restrict carbs for long periods of times. (Do more harm than good)

Another great example of this is when US soldiers gave the holocaust patients chocolate after they were rescued. Many holocaust victims got very sick or even died, because the metabolism and digestion was incredibly weak. Their bodies couldnt process the food. Eventually they could eat chocolate again, but it was after many months of raising their metabolic rate back to normal. Definitely some interesting stuff.

Learned an interesting fact about bodyfat percentage as well. The more muscle you have, you could look leaner at a higher bodyfat %. For example if you were 220 lbs of mostly muscle you could display very impressive leanness at 12% bodyfat. If you were around my size 185 lbs with 165lbs of lean mass, you may have to get to as low as 8% to get lean enough to display really impressive looking muscles.

Awesome weather this weekend and ended up getting a new tennis raquet. I have 3 already, but the strings are busted and I haven’t bought one in 4-5 years. I went with a Babalot to rep my boy Nadal. 😉

New Babolat tennis raquet


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