Spring Cleaning Week 2 (JE- 121)

Weekly Stats

Average Weight – 185lbs;

Bodyfat % – 11.5% (down .5-1mm from last week);

Waist Measurement – 32 inches

I’ve added a few more measurements at the top, since as you know I’m not a big fan of relying only on scale weight for anyone that wants to accurately track improved body composition progress. Weighing yourself is fine, relying on it soley is a mistake. Anyway I’ve added a skinfold body caliper measurement, which decreased from last week (even when measured on a day I weighted 187lbs my most all week) about .5-1mm. It’s right at about 10 – 10.5, down from 11 last week. Waist is about 31-32 inches.

FYI – I predict the bodyfat to go down to about 8%, which is around 7-8 mm pinch at the end of the 12 weeks. (still have 3-4 mm to go)

IMG_3475 IMG_3486 IMG_3491


  • Su – Off
  • M- Chest
  • T- Back
  • W- Legs-
  • R- Shoulders
  • F- Arms
  • Sa- 5 mile run and Abs

Personal Bests set this week – Squats 255lbs x 3 reps; Chin-ups 185 + 30 lbs = 215lbs for 4 reps; Standing BB press 110 x 6 reps; Close Grip Bench Press 145 x 6 reps; Ez- bar curl 85 x 5 reps

Lot of record setting this week and I’ve actually been losing fat these past two weeks. Pretty awesome to be getting strength gains while fat loss occurs.

This my fourth week of the bro split and still loving it. 5 days a week and no deadlifts seems to suit me pretty well. Again I cut out deadlifts due to the massive amount of fatigue I experienced the day after doing them. So I cut those out and never experience it anymore.

Learned an awesome tip for traps this week. Basically squeeze your shoulder blades together then shrug the weight up to your ears. This annihilates the upper traps from two different angles. I usually do traps on Back and Shoulders day.


Mongolian Grill
Mongolian Grill
Chocolate Oatmeal with bananas, berries and pancake toppings
Chocolate Oatmeal with bananas, berries and pancake toppings
3 oz red meat 3 oz chicken White Rice Vegetables Eat this for dinner almost every single night
3 oz red meat
3 oz chicken
White Rice
Eat this for dinner almost every single night

Sunday – Thursday – Calories 1800; Carbs 200; Protein 150; Fat 40

Friday – Saturday – Calories 2400 – Same macros with a slight bump to carbs and a few drinks

My weight fluctuates during the week, usually going down to about 182lbs and up to 187lbs on the weekends.

Since I’m running a 600 calorie deficit on the weekdays and more or less maintaining on the weekends, my total weekly deficit is: 3200 calories a week. This means I’ve roughly cut about 1.5-2lbs of fat so far in my spring cleaning. I’m giving myself a good 12 weeks to lose all the fat and at least 6 weeks to notice major changes in the mirror. I’m also going slow enough so that I can eat more food, maintain and gain strength and still take the weekends off.

This has been the most enjoyable cut of my life though. In the past I always made the mistake of rushing things too fast with calorie cuts and especially carb cuts. Now that I’m smarter I eat much more calories, way more carbs that help with increased strength and especially overall energy and find myself looking forward to the end of the cut in 12 weeks (I used to dread every minute) and looking my best ever. Some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past really make me shake my head in disbelief of how naive I really was. Never again.

So far as for visual improvement I look my best on Thursday after 5 days of cutting and then the weekend comes and blurs some definition. As for major improvements so far, not incredible from a definition standpoint, but again I’m taking it slow and expect these to show up around week 6 after roughly 5-6lbs of fat have been lost.

Food Finds this week:

Had some tuna cado roll this weekend, which was awesome. Took out the avocado and avoided the sauce, to keep the fat down, but it still tasted incredible. I’m becoming a huge fan of white rice, especially with my normal dinners of meat and vegetables. Mixes perfectly into the meal, much more so than potatoes.

Also found some silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joes. Little fork sized pancakes that I chop up and put on my oatmeal and they are really good. Not dry like a lot of pancakes turn out.

Summary of the week:

  • Strength and muscles are getting stronger
  • Scale weight is either up or staying the same and bodyfat is going down
  • Carbs are amazing not only for increased fat loss, but gaining/maintaining strength while losing fat
Williamsville Spring Time
Williamsville Spring Time


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