Rolling Along (JE – 120)

Average weight – 185lbs

IMG_3446 IMG_3453


  • Su – Off
  • M – Chest
  • T – Back
  • W- Legs
  • T- Shoulders
  • F- Arms
  • Sa- Cardio and Abs

I believe this my 3rd week of the Bro split and only hitting muscles once a week and I’m still loving it. I do have the urge to bench press twice a week, because I really love the movement, but for now I’m sticking with one day. All my lifts went up this week except for bench press. I’m on one of the worst plateaus I have ever been on with bench press and I dont know why. How can all lifts go up, but bench press get worse or stay the same? – Really frustrating, but I’m hoping its just a temporary phase that I snap out of real quick.

As for everything else its going good. Pullups went up and I attached a 25lb Db around my waist for 6 reps at a bodyweight of 185lbs; Dips were 75lbs for 6 reps; standing barbell press was 105lbs for 6 reps, which is up from 95lbs last week. Standing barbell press is actually a weak link for me and I could do much more sitting down, but to get good at something you have to work your weaknesses.

My Arms workout this week was insane and my arms felt like they were going to explode from the blood flow. Always a good feeling. 😉

Really like this split though and I can see myself running it for a long time.


Honey bunches of oats with almond milk and 2 tbs of protein powder
Honey bunches of oats with almond milk and 2 tbs of protein powder
Sour Patch Kids gum (epic)
Sour Patch Kids gum (epic)
Cabernet Sauvignon from Trader Joes
Cabernet Sauvignon from Trader Joes

I ran an interesting experiment this week to prove a point. I wanted to lose a pound of body fat in 5 days, while eating as many carbs as possible. I was able to achieve this easily by eating 1800 calories a day and around 200 grams of carbs. At the end of the week (Friday) I woke up weighing 186lbs, which was the most I weighed all week (according to the scale). On Friday night I went out for a few drinks and weighed 183lbs the next morning. The point I was trying to prove is just how worthless the scale actually is. Drink a bottle of olive oil and nothing else for a week and the scale will shoot down by about 10 lbs since your not eating carbs. But your calorie intake will skyrocket and you will put on fat even though the scale tells you differently.

I measured my body fat with caliper and took my waist size and while the difference was small it still proves those are superior ways to track progress and scale weight is so largely irrelevant. The main reason I still weight myself every morning is out of pure habit. I dont live and die by the scale anymore though, so I have a “healthy” relationship with it and dont let it get to me, as many people do.

Anyway I liked the way I looked at the end of the week with a little less fat. My nutrition has been pretty lax for the past few months and I’ve mainly been focusing on eating enough while loosley tracking intake. I think I’m going to run an 8 week cut to lose some goo. I always maintain a lean physique, but I may try to get back to 10% body fat or under and I now currently sit at 11.5% . Not overweight by any means, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more definition.

My plan is to eat around 1800 calories on Sunday – Thursday and maintain at 2500 on Friday and Saturday. It may take an extra week to get results, because the weekends are maintenance, but its much easier this way. I’m going to nickname this cut “Spring Cleaning”. Fitting name as its nothing drastic, just trying to sharpen up and get leaner. I’m also eating enough to the point where my strength may increase of at the very least stay the same across all lifts.

I did a lot of research this week on protein intake, by studying people I trust and also by vegan bodybuilders. (some of these guys are huge) I came to the conclusion that I was really overdoing it and most other people are as well. Research basically proves that 1 gram per pound is basically an insurance policy, but is not needed to make progress. 1 gram per pound is more of an upper limit. Research shows that .7 grams per pound is all that is needed to make awesome results, even as low as 120 grams a day according to some sources. It makes perfect sense too when you read the research. Protein is a building block, not an energy source. That being said you dont want to take in minimal amounts and compromise results, so I’m going to stick to the .7-.8 x Body weight. That should be plenty and prevents me from overdoing it on a very expensive food. (Protein aint cheap, especially compared to carbs). For me its an easy switch, drop 50 grams of protein and add in 50 grams of carbs. This is better from a metabolism standpoint, a monetary standpoint and maybe from a health standpoint as overdoing it on protein can actually have some nasty metabolic waste products when consumed in excess.

Spring Cleaning Macros –

  • Sunday throough Thursday = Calories 1800 Carbs 225 grams/ Protein 135 grams / Fat 40 grams
  • Friday and Saturday = Calories at 2500

I plan to run this for 8 weeks to lean up. If after 4-5 weeks, I start to plateau, I plan on implementing a refeed day on Tuesday with a ton of carbs and boosting my calories to slightly over maintenance at around 25-2600. Since i’ll be dropping only 1 lbs of fat per week and I’m keeping a high ratio of carbs in my diet, I plan to track my progress through body fat calipers and waist size like I stated earlier. The scale is too unreliable and is not an accurate portryal of progress. I wouldn’t be shocked if my the scale went up by the end of the 8 weeks, while my fat mass would have dropped by 8lbs. We will see. 😉

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